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Rural Development Tuki Association (RDTA), is a pioneering community based developmental organization established in 1991 in Dolakha. RDTA gained its legal status with registration under Government of Nepal, District Administrative Office, Dolakha in 1991. It is registered in Social Welfare Council and affiliated with NGO Federation of Nepal as well. RDTA is a union of Tukis spread throughout the Dolakha district. Tuki is a community based model leader farmer who is empowered on various social developmental phenomenons and can disseminate what s/he has learned in the community. So, Tukis are agencies for pioneering knowledge dissemination and community development.There are Tukis in almost every village of the district. RDTA aims to uplift the living standard of poor and marginalized peoples. It is determined to give momentum to sustainable community development initiative through good governance, community empowerment, sustainable resource mobilization and institutional development.

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