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Circus Kathmandu has pioneered an effective social change outreach programme within Nepal. The programme harnesses the magic of circus and film and the power of story-telling to directly connect with community audiences. From this connection, CK works alongside NGOs as advocates and workshop leaders to facilitate discussion on, and community driven solutions for, social and human rights issues. CK’s unique form of engagement grabs people’s attention and facilitates thinking about social change in a different, solution-focused way. We work at grassroots level with people who can make change happen within a community. These are the same people who are most adversely affected by issues such as trafficking, women’s health and equality and who stand to gain the most by positive change: the targeted families and communities themselves. CK has identified the need to link with partners who are also engaged with or have a desire to promote positive social change within Nepal and we need a manager to find new partners and broker these stakeholder relationships.

Current Opening Positions at Circus Kathmandu