Vacancy Announcement for Various Positions

Community Development Centre (CDC)

CDC Doti is a Provincial non-profit organization, NGO working for the social and economic empowerment of people under the vulnerable zone and community. It was established on 16/09/2049 B.S and has been serving since 30 years for the same cause for social empowerment, inclusive and quality access to education, Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Response. Over the period since its inception, CDC has had long experience working with government, international non-government agencies, community based organization in various sectors of social and economic development. In addition, CDC supports community capacity strengthening for rural development, community groups and people on advocacy development in various sectors. CDC believes in human potentials and strives to empower social well-being, community-led development, accountability to community, donors and stakeholders, government and non-government agencies. In this period CDC Doti has developed strong networking, professional relationship among various organizations, networks and structures in the district and province . CDC has hands-on experience on social development, capacity strengthening of local level government, community based organization in Nepal.

Details / requirements:

Vacancy Announcement for Various Position

First time published: 14th June 2024

Community Development center (CDC), Doti

Community Development Center (CDC), Doti is a Nonprofit, non-government, and nonpolitical Humanitarian development organization of Sudurpaschim Province. The core working sectors of the organization are inclusive and quality education, Health and Nutrition, DRR and livelihood, governance and advocacy, and child right and protection. The organization's target groups are Women, Dalits, marginalized group people, adolescents and children. The organization works its development partners (I/NGOs), private partner and government.  Currently CDC is implementing the “Promotion of Positive Gender Norms, Prevention of Gender-based Violence and Increasing Access to Service”.

Thus, CDC Doti is looking for qualified, dynamic and self-motivated Nepali citizens for the following position to above mentioned project.

Advertised No: CDC-017-080/81

Position: Project Coordinator (PC) (Priority will be given to women)

Reports To: CDC board/funding agency/Executive director/Program Manager 

Duty Station: Dhangadhi office (40% field visit)

Number of Position: 1

Key Responsibilities:

  • This position expects to have agile leadership to manage multiple priorities, adapt to change and incorporate learning in the programme and managerial scope. The incumbent is expected to maintain a good coordination and collaboration with internal and relevant external stakeholders to effectively manage programme. Along with this, there should be strong focus on programme sustainability efforts as envisioned by the given projects and programme. As well as maintain a strong professionalism and role modeling for the team and others to demonstrate integrity, accountability, passion, commitment and strong team spirit. The incumbent should be able to work independently and interdependently managing every kind of situation and contexts. The major responsibilities with relevant key capabilities stated below are envisioned to be able to lead the organization meeting the expected deliverables confidently.
  • The incumbent strives in empowering community groups, households and institutions to address and manage the issues to sustain. The local resources are managed well to effectively run the project interventions for a longer run.
  • This position requires to be innovative and problem-solving skills to adapt to changes and multiple priorities.
  • Coordination and Networking
  • Coordinate with provincial and local level stakeholders and other like-minded organization while planning, implementing and monitoring the project.
  • Coordinate and communicate with local government and funding agency for smooth and effective planning and implementing the project's intervention
  • Coordinate with provincial, district and local level stakeholders, and other like-minded organizations while organizing any events by organization
  • Coordinate local government authorities, consortium and other non-governmental organizations to create collaborative efforts through regular meetings, interactions, and initiating joint monitoring visits.
  • Represent organization in Provincial Cluster meetings and other events when necessary.
  • Program Planning and Implementation
  • Assist the staff, line manager, and funding agency in preparing and update detailed implementation plan & and tracker; ensure for implementation of the project's activities based on the plan.
  • Provide technical backstopping to Province, District, Palikas and assist in building their capacity to ensure quality control in project.
  • Support to delivery capacity development training to staffs and other stakeholders.
  • Work closely with different departments of organization for effective planning, designing and implementing project for effective results.
  • Ensure all sets of financial reports with enough supporting documents are produced and submitted on a timely manner to the funding agency.
  • Ensure that the expenses are approved as per the process.
  • Monitor income and expenditure regularly and identify and proactively mitigate potential risks.
  • Work closely with finance person in the organization to prepare budget, any amendments and forecasts as per project requirements and timeline in consultation with funding agency. 
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Ensure timely preparation of progress reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual)
  • Provide technical guidance to staff for preparing quality reports, analyses and submit to the funding agency Office as per the reporting timeline.
  • Provide information, progress data and other required information of project to organization and funding agency as suggested by thematic departments.
  • Regularly report to organization on field level programme progress.
  • Plan and execute joint monitoring visit in the project location ensuring the participation of stakeholders, beneficiaries and others.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and completion report and submit timely to funding agency. 
  • Ensure effective management of the project database with verified information and provide to respective authority as and when necessary. 
  • Initiate regular monitoring of project activities through field visits, data and information verification and meeting the donor compliance.
  • Prepare periodic project narrative reports and target versus achievement and submit to funding agency before the deadlines set for. 
  • Conduct regular field visit to backstop and monitoring the project's interventions.
  • Assist to collect case stories, best practices, lesson learn; and capture that information in timely reporting system.
  • Communication and Knowledge Management Skills:
  • S/he is able to deal with stakeholders/beneficiaries based on the knowledge
  • Consistently creates and shares knowledge products for different stakeholders
  • Excellent written and oral communication in Nepali and English.
  • Interpersonal and Organizational skills:
  • Collaborative within the team and stakeholders.
  • Problem solving and flexible.
  • Capacity to take initiative and work independently with minimum instructions and as a team member in diverse workforce.
  • Proactive with multitasking abilities.
  • Adapt at collecting, collating and curating data in the form of weekly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social science or related university degree from recognized University (Master’s degree preferable).
  • At least three (3) years of work experience; experience in project management level in GBV, women empowerment, adolescent capacity development, Rupantaran..  
  • Proven ability to manage risks and promote governance to contribute on strategic outcomes
  • Experience working with children protection & right, gender base violence, like skill training nutrition and health.

Advertised No: CDC-018-080/81

Position: Admin and Finance Officer

Reports To: Project Coordinator/Program Manager/Executive Director 

Duty Station: Dhangadhi office/Silgadhi Office

Number of Position: 1

Position Description: This position will be responsible for providing overall Finance support to the organization and ensure that all the financial truncations adhere to the required financial compliance of the organization, donor and governmental compliances, which includes payment and disbursements; financial analysis and reporting for the achievement of overall organisation and project goal.

Major responsibilities

1. Financial Management of the Project/Program – 40%

  • General financial recording and book keeping 
  • Support and ensure all the payments are made following proper financial procedures.
  • Ensure proper supporting documents for expense verification
  • Preparation and administration of payroll adhering the required compliance.
  • Issuance and settlement of of employee advance.
  • Reconciliation of payable and receivable ledger.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation.
  • Keep the scan copy of voucher and submit to donor.

2. Budgeting and Reporting – 30%

  • Support the project/program team in preparation of monthly and annual budget.
  • Analysis of administrative cost preparation and it’s sharing to each project on a fair share basis.
  • Provide financial analysis to the project/Program lead including the board
  • Preparation of donor financial report 
  • Orient non-financial employee on financial requirement of the project/program and organization.
  • Preparation and analysis of fund/cash flow forecast 

3. Financial Monitoring – 20%

  • Ensure each and every expense are valid and meets minimum financial requirements.
  • Field monitoring from financial point of view.
  • Provide financial analysis and monitoring during procurement Report any potential fraud and misusage identified during project implementation.
  • Interlink the project/program finance with the overall organization financial management system.

4. Compliance and Others – 10%

  • Ensure internal control measures are in place and are followed appropriately.
  • Assist in all type of audit (Internal, donor, external)
  • Any task as assigned by the supervisor and board.


A. Academic Qualification and Experience: 

  • Bachelor Degree of Commerce, Business Studies or Equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in independently handling budgeting, financial accounting, planning and analysis in I/NGO 
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of MS office Package (Word/Excel/PowerPoint etc.) & Internet
  • Experience of working in a computerized accounting environment like FAMAS.
  • Ability to lead financial management of the project/program and make the linkage of this with overall financial management of the organization

B. Sector Knowledge: 

  • Good command of English & Nepali languages (written & spoken)
  • Practical knowledge of project budgeting, accounting & reporting
  • Able to articulate and communicate ideas well verbally and in writing
  • Knowledge of tax and compliance
  • Demonstrated Mentoring, Orientation & Training Skill
  • Good interpersonal, problem-solving & time management skills
  • Willingness to work under pressure with tight deadlines and to travel across the project areas.

Advertised No: CDC-019-080/81

Position: Gender Base Violence (GBV) Officer

Reports To: Project Coordinator/Program Manager/Executive Director 

Duty Station: Dhangadhi office/Silgadhi Office

Number of Position: 1

Position Description: GBV officer is S/he will responsible with particularly experience in GBV programming, child protection and Rupantaran Package. The position is mainly responsible for ensuring the quality of activity at community level as well as provided to support the field staffs, program coordinators. 

Key Responsibilities:

Planning and Implementation 

  • Ensuring that standards and procedures are followed by the GBV team by offering daily technical guidance and specialized interventions.
  • Assure that GBV initiatives are implemented effectively and in accordance with the work plan and project objectives, working closely with the project team and PC.
  • Ensure the Participatory Planning and effective implementation of GBV initiatives in close coordination with PC and project team as per the work plan and project objectives.
  • Under the guidance of PC, work closely with RM officials, Gender focal person and other GBV related Networks at rural municipalities and schools while implementing project activities. 
  • Work closely with school head teachers and gender focal teachers to conduct project activities.
  • Plan to undertake training and engagement while collaborating closely with community-based groups, such as the Community Learning Center. 
  • Support in developing training plan, support professionally and technically in facilitating training sessions to the teachers, students, and other stakeholders.
  • Support GBV champions and school authorities in the process of conducting the Rupantaran session.
  • Assist GBV Champions in organizing, carrying out, and documenting the results of fieldwork.
  • Delivering instruction to school teachers. leaders in the community and students should develop their skills and take an active part in GBV-related issues. 
  • Awareness raising on GBV at community level and developed the GBV related IEC materials 
  • Ensure timely completion of planned project activities.
  • Assist the PC and the implementation team in creating and applying uniform standards for identifying project beneficiaries. 
  • Work in close collaboration with the team: Project coordinator, finance officer and MEAL officer to achieve the set goals.

Collaboration, Coordination and communication

  • In close collaboration and coordination with Municipality level focal point (education, women and child section and social development section) roll out the planned project activities.
  • Establish, preserve, and strengthen favorable connections with important stakeholders by communicating often, coordinating regularly, and advocating for programming that takes gender equality into consideration.
  • Encourage community conversations around gender inclusive and gender-appropriate budgeting, with an emphasis on child rights and gender-based violence.
  • GBV champions should receive ongoing support and follow-up through interactions, conversations, and meetings.
  • Conduct the training to targeted beneficiaries and GBV approach, rupantarant

Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting

  • Assistance in gathering proof, best practices, and true tales to share and apply project learning in a larger setting. 
  • Keep a close monitor on the GBV champions' activities and promptly provide them feedback regarding their corrective actions.
  • Support on while conducting the baseline, mid line and end line assessment. 
  • Ensure that every fieldwork is properly documented, and that verifications are uploaded on time for each activity.
  • Conduct routine follow-up visits to keep an eye on how the project's implementation is going.

Qualification and other requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in social science, studies of development, studies of gender and women, or related fields.
  • Having at least two years of experience GBV, child protection, Rupantaran 
  • Good in English and Nepali both. 
  • Good handling skill of Microsoft office package.

Other Skills:

  • The capacity to work quickly on a variety of projects. 
  • Excellent people and management abilities.
  • Outstanding capacity to collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders across disciplines, time zones, and cultural barriers.

Advertised No: CDC-020-080/81

Position: MEAL Officer 

Reports To: Program Coordinator  

Duty Station: Dhangadhi office (50% field visit)

Number of Position: 1

Position Description

Under direct supervision of the Programme Coordinator the purpose of the position will be responsible to collect, compile, verify, analyse and update information of all the programme, collected from community in a way that provides accurate and valid information and database. 

Major Responsibilities


  • Support to update beneficiary’s information regularly in beneficiaries recording system 
  • Monitor project activities, and produce and submit monthly report
  • Facilitate corrective actions based on the monitoring findings and update in the system
  • Maintain project database including relevant documents and reports  
  • Compile, analyzes and present the key findings of monitoring in regular meetings
  • Provide necessary guidance to volunteers/enumerators for accurate data collection
  • Follow up project teams to implement recommendations and follow up actions provided after the monitoring
  • Monitor the community level activities and RUPANTARAN classes 
  • Monitor the community cases registration system 


  • Collect and collate secondary data from various sources in working districts and municipalities for the purpose of assessments, baseline survey and evaluations- as per requirement of finding agency and organization. 
  • Take lead role for coordination, communication and getting necessary approval from local government authorities regarding baseline surveys, evaluations and special researches/studies 
  • Provide necessary field support including communication to the respondents, arranging meetings, interviews and focus groups discussions for monitoring visits and evaluations/ field studies 
  • Provide necessary information to project team during the time of DPAC (district project advisory committee) meeting.
  • Support project teams to draw key learning, good practices and significant case stories 
  • Coordination and collaboration adolescent and women group 
  • Keep record of adolescent from target community 


Support to ensure the beneficiary selection criteria 

Establish and operate information provision system on key aspects of the project (such as sharing key message on Technical Program to communities and stakeholders, message on community feedback and response mechanism, beneficiary selection process and criteria etc)

Establish and operate community feedback mechanism ensuring response and appropriate actions on the feedback and complaints raised from community that are under the responsibilities of PNGO as per prescribed feedback handling guidelines


Academic Qualification and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in social science or development studies in the field relevant to M&E At least 2 years of experience working with I/NGO in the field of monitoring, evaluation and accountability sector 

Sector Knowledge, Skills & competency:

  • Data collection méthodologies – qualitative and quantitative
  • Effective written and oral communications skills including presentation and reporting skills
  • Computer and Technology literacy; Good computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Develop tools to collect the information against indicator
  • Demonstrate collaboration & team building skills
  • Confidence to represent in district; government and other like-minded organization
  • Programme logic, indicators, M&E plan

Ability & Behaviour (Values in practice)

  • Achieving quality results and service
  • Communicating information effectively
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Practicing gender and cultural diversity
  • Practicing accountability and integrity

Child and adult safe guarding and sponsorship business

  • Manage all the working environment in the office and working areas are child and adult sensitive
  • Guide the team and organization in managing protection related matters appropriately 
  • Support the organization in complying with all child and adult safe guarding policies, requirements and audits
  • Manage all the sponsorship businesses as per the protocols and guidance of organization 

Advertised No: CDC-021-080/81

Position: Social Mobilizer (SM)

Reports To: Project Coordinator/GBV Officer

Duty Station: Project Palika

Number of Position: 3

Role and Responsibilities

The Social mobilizer (CM) will play a vital role in social mobilization for the implementation of activities in the field to achieve the objectives stated in the project document making a major contribution to the development and articulation of organization’s objectives. The SM will report to the GBV Officer/MEAL Officer and works in close coordination with the GBV officer. The SM will be responsible for carrying out the activity implementation with the highest degree of targeted community engagement and building relationships with like-minded stakeholders for the smooth implementation of project interventions.

Implementation of the project

  • Support to implementation of the project activities in the field as per activity implementation guideline,
  • Support to formation and activation of the child rights committee, adolescents club and mobilize them regularly, and provide necessary support to them with the coordination of program officer.
  • Support to conduct community-level awareness on GBV, Child protection and gender base violence
  • Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the community mobilization for carrying out the project activities in a timely manner and behavior change communication.
  • Ensure quality delivery of the project activities as planned way and perfumed regular field visit to ensure the effective implementation of the planned activities.
  • Participate and manage the workshop, training and support program officer for facilitation to establish and activate Child Rights Committee, Child clubs and other network.
  • Work closely maintaining the professional relationship with the local government, especially in the R/M and ward level
  • Finanlize field level document, collect data, involve in survey, finalize minutes, attendance, report, case/ success story and submit to field officer.
  • Facilitate the active participation of community members in project activities through effective communication and awareness raising campaign.


  • Prepare the monthly basic field report including the quantitative data report, case story, photos and videos of project.
  • Support to program officer during the reporting period as well as project coordinator too.

Coordination and Collaboration

  • Establish and maintain close collaboration with local government of working district as well as community level target group the EWPN program and entire organization team, 
  • Work closely with the GBV Officer and Project Coordinator to ensure the successful implementation of the envisioned Girls Matter project.

Required Qualification

  • A secondary level education from reputed institution with the knowledge in Gender Base Violence, child protection, GEDSI and rights 

Experience and Skills

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in the Social Mobilization and work experience Gender Base Violence (GBV), child protection and rights 
  • Good Understanding and experience in Social Mobilization skill
  • Knowledge of RUPANTARAN package/Sessions
  • Practical experience in facilitation and interaction with community leaders and community networks.                                                                                              Benefits:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As per Organization’s rules and regulation.

Applying Procedure:

Interested candidates who have meet the above-mentioned required qualifications and experiences can apply by sending the application letter, updated CV, copy of academic certificates, copy of PAN Certificate and copy of citizenship to or applicants can also submit hardcopy at Community Development Center (CDC) Doti, Contact office Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality-6, Silgadhi, Doti no later than 20th June, 2024 on office time 5:00 PM. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further selection process. No telephone inquiries will be entertained and any inappropriate recommendation might automatically disqualify the candidate from further processing. CDC, Doti respects child rights and strictly follows the child protection policy of the organization.

CDC Doti is an equal opportunity employer and strictly follows the merit-based selection. Qualified female, Dalit, candidates those from disadvantaged communities are strongly encouraged to apply. 

@CDC, Doti reserves right to qualify/disqualify applications in any case.

Recruitment Committee

Community Development Center (CDC) 


Category Accounting and Finance, Development and Project, Finance & Administration, NGO/INGO/Social work
Openings 7
Position Type Full Time
Experience Please check vacancy details.
Education Please check vacancy details
Posted Date 14 Jun, 2024
Apply Before 20 Jun, 2024
City Dhangadhi