Terms of Reference For Development of Video on Screening of Child Functioning Through Washington Group of Questions

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Detailed Job description / requirements:

Terms of Reference

Development of Video on Screening of Child Functioning Through Washington Group of Questions 

ENGAGE Project

1. Background

VSO began its operations in Nepal in 1964. Using its unique Volunteering for Development approach VSO has brought thousands of people together over the years to generate insights, ideas and, above all, action on eliminating poverty and different forms of exclusion. Through our unique Relational Volunteering approach, VSO projects integrate the expertise and passion of national, international and community volunteers to deliver lasting impacts in development with specific focus on marginalised communities.

The proposed development of Video on screening of child functioning through Washington Group of Questions (WGQs) targets Empowering a New Generation of Adolescent Girls with Education in Nepal (ENGAGE) project to scale up the WGQs to other schools and find the functional limitations of children aged 2-17 years. The ENGAGE project aims to help improve learning opportunities and outcomes for thousands of highly marginalised out of school marginalised (OOSM) girls and children with disability. The project has bolstered 2,525 girls with new skills for learning and employability, experience new-found confidence and self-esteem, and become able to influence and control their own sexual and reproductive health, entrepreneurship, protection and safeguarding. Till date, the project has

  • Empowered the out of school (OOS) 10-19 years marginalized girls and children with disabilities through literacy, numeracy, formal education and entrepreneurship.
  • Supported to increase the parental support and engagement to promote children’s learning
  • Promoted gender responsive and child friendly learning through  teachers’ capacity development and mentoring and coaching support to the teachers and primary actors by mobilizing international and national volunteers.
  • Supported primary actors in developing life skills through Personalized Social Support (PSS) scheme.
  • Supported different levels of government on policy, planning, programming and data base management to enable them to develop and implement evidence-based plans and programme to mainstream inclusive education. 

2. Objective

  • To prepare video on screening of child functioning through WGQs to develop the skills on WGQs and scale up WGQs in other schools.
  • To inform audience (teachers, parents, community members, learners and other stakeholders) about the effectiveness of WGQs to promote inclusive education for all

3. Deliverables:

  • Inception report which includes video scripts and work plan
  • Approval before preceding 
  • Develop the concept of WGQs- Screening video
  • Shot List – ie, planning of shoots including B roll footage (in conjunction with VSO team members; some travel may be required) 
  • Shooting raw digital video footage and still photos including purchased stock photography and b-roll according to the Shot List
  • Edit into two lengths of format with music (dual English/Nepali language subtitles and voiceovers where necessary)
  • Package and delivery 
    • Final formats: 1) HD, 2) non-HD versions, and 3) Web-ready versions
    • Design and print DVD jewel case cover and output 2 DVD copies
    • Archive package of all usable footage including production design files and B roll.

4. Production Process

  • Obtain briefing on the project from VSO
  • Review VSO brand guidelines and WGQs guideline and follow accordingly
  • Submit proposed project workplan and timeline for approval
  • Meet with organization of people with disability, NFDN and other relevant stakeholders
  • Deliver purposed video and plan to VSO for approval
  • Coordinate to shoot required footage and images and collect data/anecdotes as required
  • Deliver draft of all products for VSO for feedback and approval
  • Handover all assets including final files, raw footage, and layered production files (including music)

5. Reporting Line

The Consultant will report to VSO Nepal’s ENGAGE Project Consortium Manager.

6. Equipment for the Assignment 

All the equipment needed for this assignment will be provided by the contractor. No equipment to be purchased under this assignment. 

7. Required Qualifications and Experience

The consultant will be required to have.

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in learning documentation and video production both in production and post-production at national and international level standards 
  • Must have knowledge on WGQs – Child functioning and disability inclusion
  • Must have proven track record in all required areas of expertise including script writing, planning, cinematography, editing and mixing for videos
  • Ability to remain positive, upbeat, and hopeful in challenging development settings while also being respectful of the plight of those suffering
  • Well-equipped with updated software and hardware to ensure smooth and high-quality documentation and video production.  
  • Additional experience in development communication will be an added advantage.

8. Duration of Assignment

The consultant period will be for two months effective from contract signing date.   

Consultant will submit a detailed work plan schedule which will be approved by VSO. 

9. Remuneration and Payment Procedures

The consultant payment will be based on the financial proposal developed for this consultancy. 

The estimated budget for this work is inclusive of taxes as per VSO rules and covers the inception, video/data collection, documentation and reporting for the products development. This budget is inclusive of all costs covering resource, travel, study costs and any other costs associated in the completion of the work including where required costs for reasonable adjustment. Consultant are required to organize and fund their own duty of care arrangements as required. Please provide a fully costed proposal in the form of a price schedule that as a minimum should include: 

  • Sub-total of fees for the delivery of any task or deliverable; 
  • Sub-total for number of days per partner organization (as applicable); 
  • Expenses and overheads broken down by the project cost categories [Recipient to provide]; 
  • Reasonable adjustment costs; and 
  • Total costs before and after any taxes that are applicable. 

Payment will be made in three instalments:

  • 1st instalment of 30% payment will be made upon signing the contract and completion of Inception Workshop
  • 2nd instalment of 30% will be made after submission of all draft of specified deliverables.
  • Final installment of 40% will be made after successful delivery of the final approved product to VSO. 

10. Intellectual Property 

The contract will be work for hire. Therefore, all planning and work products and all final outputs of this project will be the property of VSO. Except for purposes of this assignment, no information about the planning or production of the videos may be disclosed or used by the consultant without the written permission of the VSO’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Communications Manager in Nepal. 

11. Application Procedure

Consultant are required to submit the following: 

  • Letter of interest 
  • Technical proposal which includes objectives and method with detailed timeline.
  • CVs
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses. 
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate
  • Copy of Tax clearance certificate of FY 2077/78
  • 3-5 sample of previous productions in line with the technical and creative requirements of the project. 

Interested and eligible Firms are requested to submit their letter of interest along with required documents as mentioned above on point no.  7 and 11 to email ID: procurement.nepal@vsoint.org by 18th August, 2022 no later than 5:00 pm.

Job Overview

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Posted Date 08 Aug, 2022
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