Local Technical Expert on Private Sector Engagement (STTA)

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Scope of Work

USAID Tayar Nepal - Improved Disaster Risk Management Project

Local Technical Expert on Private Sector Engagement (STTA)

A.  Background

The USAID/Nepal Tayar Nepal – Improved Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Project, also known as Tayar Nepal Program, is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by DAI Global LLC (DAI). The Tayar Nepal Program’s goal is to strengthen Nepal’s ability to prepare for and respond to disasters. In a country prone to a myriad of natural disasters, at the national level Tayar Nepal aims to build the capacity of national institutions.  build the capacity of disaster risk reduction & management (DRRM) institutions, including the newly created National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Authority (NDRRMA).  Locally, Tayar Nepal supports urban municipalities (Bhimeshwor, Neelakantha, Birendranagar, Dullu, Tulsipur, Rajapur, Lamkichuaha and Godawari) to develop risk-sensitive land use plans and support the prioritization and implementation of a set of technical assistance packages to improve strengthen disaster preparedness and resilience. Tayar Nepal employs two-pronged Stronger Systems + Safer Settlements approach that strengthens institutions and capacities at the national, provincial, and local levels to strengthen Nepal’s resilience to natural & non-natural disasters. This will be accomplished through working on three key components: 1) Improving National Level Systems and Institutions; 2) Building Capacity Municipal Levels and 3) Strengthening disaster response and recovery and supporting activities. 

The Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Action Plan 2018-2030 has four key priorities, out of which one is focused on private sector engagement i.e. Priority 3: Risk Informed Public and Private Investments for Resilience, with the following key focus.

  • Encourage private sector to prepare and implement a business continuity plan (BCP) by business and industries.
  • Encourage the tax rebating as an incentive to promote private sector resource mobilization in DRRM activities
  • Develop and promote alternative and Innovative Financial Instruments, for DRRM
  • Establish an arrangement of Microfinance, interest free loan, conditional cash transfer etc. for disaster affected individual and community
  • Increase private investment in Post Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction through the program of CSR

Tayar Nepal’s Political Economic Analysis from Year 2 and 3 highlighted that the private sector faced sudden changes and weakened noticeably due to COVID-19, lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and market closures. The unprecedented disruptions brought because of the pandemic and subsequent disasters like floods and landslides have induced a shift in mindsets regarding the linkages between business operations and disasters. As results, the conditions have helped businesses realize the importance of preparedness for disasters of any kind. Similarly, USAID Nepal’s 2018 DRM private sector landscape analysis revealed that company managers are eager to learn more about business continuity, preparedness, and resiliency for internal systems. 

In line with these findings and priorities, Tayar Nepal developed its four-pronged private sector engagement (PSE) approach that includes: 

  1. Promote entrepreneurial opportunities in the DRRM landscape
  2. Foster partnerships and collaboration 
  3. Promote disaster risk financing
  4. Enhance private sector’s resilience

Thus, Tayar Nepal wishes to onboard a PSE expert (consultant) to augment its PSE efforts. The PSE expert is expected to support in implementation of PSE related activities, with primary focus on engaging the federal and municipal business associations, larger organizations and media and encourage them to mobilize their resources (in kind and in case) for DRRM resulting into enhanced business and community resiliency. The expert is also expected to provide technical support in completing the BCPs of the organizations trained by Tayar Nepal on BCM and lead some PSE and BCM related trainings.

B.   Objectives 

The overall objective of this assignment is to enhance the resilience of businesses at the Federal and local levels by building the capacity of the businesses on DRRM, BCM approaches and plans and encouraging them to integrate these into their regular business management approaches as well as mobilizing resources for DRRM. 

C.  Scope of Work

  • Review Tayar Nepal’s planned PSE interventions and provide inputs and support to effectively implement those interventions.
  • Support Tayar Nepal in maintaining its engagement with business associations at federal and local level and with large corporations. Assess areas of possible collaborations with them to contribute to Tayar Nepal’s PSE interventions including leveraging private sector resources for DRRM.
  • Work with Tayar Nepal’s communications team to engage with media to develop outreach materials on DRRM and PSE in DRRM in collaboration with wide range of private sector actors including media houses.
  • Work with Tayar Nepal team to develop various DRRM, PSE and BCM related training/ workshop plan for the private sector. Lead the sessions on business management linking with BCM approaches during the training/ workshop plan.
  • Work closely with Tayar Nepal’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Specialist and the BCM trainers’ team when supporting businesses in conducting BCP implementation simulation exercises.

D.   Management and reporting

The consultant will work under the overall guidance of Private Sector and Integration Director of Tayar Nepal. The consultant will work closely with Communications Team, Curriculum Design and Training Specialist, Disaster Preparedness and Response Specialist and other members of the Tayar Nepal team (Component Leads and Field Team) including other personnel as required.  

All reports and documents will be prepared in English and submitted to the Private Sector and Integration Director. All products and reports developed under this SOW belong to Tayar Nepal project and the consultants will not have any right to publish them all or in part in any form/print material. In principle, the consultants will be responsible for arranging their own workspace. Workspace may be provided in the Tayar Nepal office upon request and subject to availability.

E.  Deliverables

Deliverable #1 Assessment report highlighting possible areas of collaborations with identified business associations at federal and local level, large corporations and media houses based on review of Tayar Nepal’s Year 4 annual work plan. (Consultation meetings to conduct the assessment with the business associations and corporations together with Tayar Nepal’s Private Sector and Integration Director and Communications team, and preparing report) – 10 days

By Dec 2022
Deliverable #2 Training/workshop/orientation report (Co-design and co-facilitate series of DRRM, PSE and BCM training together with Tayar Nepal’s team and prepare training report) – 10 days
By March 2023
Deliverable #3 Brief report on BCP finalization and simulation implementation (Provide technical assistance for the finalization and implementation of BCP exercise/ simulation to at least 15 organizations together with Tayar Nepal’s team, and report preparation) – 20 days
By Jun 2023
Deliverable #4 Final Report of DRRM and BCM integration by private sector including value of resources mobilized by the private sector partners identified in Deliverable#1 for DRRM with recommendations for Year 5 PSE efforts (Regular meetings and engagements with identified private sector partners, documentation of resources mobilized, support with PSE related events, and report preparation) – 30 days
By Aug 2023

F.  Level of Effort: 

The Consultant will implement the scope of work with total of 70 days level of effort from November 2022 to September 2023, on an average dedicating 6-7 days per month.

Qualifications and Experience

  • At least 15 years of experience, including relevant work in private sector engagement and development in humanitarian sectors including DRRM.
  • Basic knowledge of DRRM and extensive knowledge of private sector landscape in DRRM and BCM approach.
  • Work experience with government, development partners, and private sector actors, with good working relationship with business associations and large corporations.
  • Master’s degree or higher in business, management, and other relevant fields.
  • Cross cultural awareness and ability to work amongst a diverse group of staff, and partners
  • Required computer proficiencies: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Excellent English proficiency in oral and written communication, including a demonstrated track record in training design. Fluency in the Nepali language is required. 
  • Certified trainer in business management/ plan, preferably in BCM as well. 
  • Ability to work with diverse team and under pressure.

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants should submit an updated CV to TayarRecruitment@dai.com  by October 14, 2022

Women, persons with disabilities, and those from marginalized and disadvantaged communities are encouraged to apply.

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