Terms of Reference for Self-defense training for girls and boys at school

Rastriya Rojgar Prawardhan Kendra (RRPK)- Malangwa

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Terms of Reference


Self-defense training for girls and boys at school

1. Organization Background

RRPK is non-governmental, nonprofit making social development organization, established in 2061 BS (2004 AD) by a team of active professionals with long experience in the field of integrated community development, health, disability, community forestry, micro-finance, gender empowerment, good governance, child rights, livelihood, safe migration, DRR and WASH. RRPK is registered under Society Registration Act, 2034, at the District Administration Office of Sarlahi. It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) Nepal and member of NGOCC and Federation Sarlahi. RRPK started its social development program in Sarlahi district from 2005. 

RRPK has been implementing Sponsorship Program in Balara & Godaita Municipality since July 2017 with the partnership of Save the Children to improve the lives of children in Sarlahi district through education, health & nutrition, livelihood, and adolescent development. 

2. Objectives

Self-defense training is essential in empowering Adolescents with the skills and confidence needed to protect themselves in various situations. This program aims to provide Adolescents the necessary techniques and awareness to enhance their personal safety.

  1. To educate the enhance understanding of safety and self-defense techniques of child club members (both girls and boy) collaboration with police, school, Municipality LCRC/WCRC about the different types of violence Including online safety from harassment, violence and cyber bullying.
  2. To provide knowledge about the different tips of self-protection to keep in mind in different situations. 
  3. To show case and give demo on different self-defense techniques.
  4. To equip students with practical self-defense skills.
  5. To raise awareness about personal safety, online harassment and preventive measures.
  6. To build confidence and assertiveness among students.
  7. To promote physical fitness and discipline.
  8. To increase knowledge on online and cyber safety linking with self-defense tips

3. Scope of Work

The facilitator/expert is expected to:

  • Conduct self-defense training sessions for Adolescent (Both Girls and Boy).
  • Trained on a comprehensive curriculum covering basic self-defense techniques.
  • Include awareness sessions on safety, risk assessment, online safety and prevention strategies.
  • Provide practical demonstrations Physical, Vocal, Psychosocial and Online safety.
  • Should follow safeguarding measures during training.

4. Expected Deliverables

The selected institute should provide the training as per the Tor and deliver the following tasks:

  • The trainer shall provide full package of training as agreed. 
  • The training will be provided to two groups of 30 adolescent girls and boys each, one group from Godaita and one group from Balara.
  • The trainer shall conduct the training at location provided by the organization, Basic 3 days training or 18 hours. 
  • The trainer shall provide final report within 1 week of training completion.
  • The certificate will be provided to all participants at the end of the training day.
  • Developed action plan in collaboration with LG, LCRC, CC, Parents and Teachers making them accountable in a support role to continue the practice and awareness on violence against children in the community.

5. Implementation Plan

The training will be conducted in a non-residential basis as the participants will be from the same municipality or adjoining municipality. The trainer needs to manage essential basic equipment/instruments as per the need of training. The tentative start date and end date will be as follows: 

1st lot

  • Start Date: Tentative from 20th July 2024
  • End Date: Tentative 22nd July 2024

2nd lot

  • Start Date: Tentative from 23rd July 2024
  • End Date: Tentative 25th July 2024


  • Interactive Sessions: Use engaging and interactive teaching methods to keep participants motivated.
  • Practical Exercises: Emphasize hands-on practice through simulations and role-playing.
  • Continuous Assessment: Implement continuous assessment methods to monitor participants' progress.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Establish a system for collecting feedback from participants to improve the program.

Supervision Arrangements:

The consultant(s) will closely work with Field Officer/Field Supervisor of RRPK.

6. General Qualification of the Training Institute/Trainers:

  • The training institute/trainers need to have the following qualifications:
  • Have experience of conducting training /orientation on Self-Defense Training.
  • Comprehensive understanding and practice on opportunities on effective technique.
  • Good communication and facilitation skills with effective deliverables towards children (Both Girls & Boy). 
  • Have experience of TOT training or working experiences with related areas.
  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor's degree or any relevant with at least 2-3 years of work experience with related areas.

Detail Request for Proposal (RFP) and Proposal Form can be downloaded from the following link:

Link: Request for Proposal (RFP) and Proposal Form

7. Required Documents:

  • PAN Card or VAT, PAN registered documents and latest tax clearance certificate in the case of institutes/organizations.
  • CV
  • Citizenship
  • Other related documents
  • If any documents/information are not available or not applicable, the reason(s) must be clarified in the quotation form. RRPK will have the right to disqualify the quotation from the selection process if the proposal submission guideline has not been followed.

8. Budget

The Facilitator/trainer should submit a total budget along with a detailed breakdown including all applicable taxes at the time of quotation submission. The trainer should bear all tariffs, duties, co-trainer (if any) costs (lodging, fooding, travel, Training materials and communication) during the training and reporting Period. 

9. Timeline:

Tentative contract sign: 18th July 2024

10. Payment Schedule: 

The payment will be provided based on the task completed report from consultants/trainer, recommendation from FO (Field Officer) and according to Contract agreement.

11. Bid Assessment:

After evaluation of the proposals by the Procurement Committee, RRPK will make award to the applicant, whose quotation provides the best value, considering the price and experience.

Submission Process:

The quotation should be submitted via email rrpkprocurement@gmail.com or in the form of hard copy in a sealed envelope with the subject “Self-defense training for girls and boys at school" by 16th July 2024 and Technical/financial quotation received after the specified date and time of the invitation will not be considered.

12. Reporting To:

Rastriya Rojgar Prawardhan Kendra, Malangwa, Sarlahi

sanjeeb.chaudhary@rrpk.org.np (Project Coordinator, Sponsorship Program, RRPK)

Rastriya Rojgar Prawardhan Kendra (RRPK)

Malangwa, Sarlahi

Phone No. 046-521487


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