Request for Expression of Interest: Consultancy to Develop a Manual on Human-Rights Based Approach for Local Governments of Nepal

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice (NFRJ)

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Request for Expression of Interest

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice

Consultancy to Develop a Manual on Human-Rights Based Approach for Local Governments of Nepal


Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice (NFRJ) is non-governmental organization working in the fields of restorative justice, dialogue, peacebuilding and justice in Nepal. Since 2019, NFRJ is implementing Sub-National Governance Program, and one of its components is to support local governments to better respond to the human rights needs in the jurisdictions they serve. In this regard, it seeks to hire a consultant to develop a manual on human rights-based approach in local governments.

Background of the work

Local governments are the initial points of contact for citizens in the contemporary federal Nepal, and they are the symbol of Nepal's transition to federalism. The Local Government Operations Act of 2017 has given local governments’ authority and functions to offer services in their constituencies within the mandate of Nepal's 2015 Constitution. However, when operationalizing local government functions, it is critical that these functions be carried out in a manner that adheres to national and international human rights standards, and give people the impression that their human rights are being respected. It is not just about carrying out their responsibilities, but also about actively supporting the rights of women and oppressed people. The current project will be implemented within this environment. The initiative will build on an existing cooperation between The Asia Foundation and the National Human Rights Commission, with project implementation supervised by the Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice.

Scope of the work

The scope of the work includes the preparation of a training manual on human rights with a view to local governance, local representatives’ duties, responsibilities, accountabilities and contribute to the improvement of human rights in Nepal. The training manual will include the following:

  • Overview of the national laws related to good governance, development governance and human rights protection and promotion.
  • Overview of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Localization in local bodies
  • Overview of fundamental rights of Nepal as guaranteed in the Constitution of Nepal (2015) pertaining local governments
  • Jurisdictions, rights, duties and powers of local governments in federal governance system of Nepal in terms of protecting, promoting and regarding human rights
  • Clear instruction about commission roles in rights and accountability to protecting, promoting human rights of minorities, and underprivileged community
  • Accountability of local governments for violation of human rights

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Review previous literatures, training manuals, resource book, Training of Trainers manuals relating to right-based approach to development, development governance etc.
  • Reviewing national and international human rights law, mechanisms, development governance and other related literatures regarding training manual
  • Explore and identify the basic and other reasonably required contents directly linked with the power of local governments
  • Develop an appropriate and useful methodology to use human rights training manual
  • Develop and compile the resource materials linked with list of training contents/chapter/modules
  • Coordinate with the advisory group members/stakeholders for their inputs on the manual
  • Develop a draft training manual putting the inputs from the consultation with the stakeholders
  • Facilitate the pilot program and incorporate the inputs from stakeholders to finalize it
  • Submit the final draft manual to the NHRC
  • Suggestions and overall guidance of NHRC shall be an integral part of the Duties and Responsibilities of Consultant

Expected results and deliverables

  • Draft Training Manual:  The Consultant is expected to deliver the draft training manual in two months from the date of signing the contract.
  • Pre-final Training Manual: This should be delivered and revised in between the pilot training delivered in local level.
  • Final Training Manual: This should be delivered after receiving feedback from MoFAGA, NNFRC, TAF, NASC, LDTA and NFRJ. The final feedback shall be the National Human Rights Commission to furnish the Manual.

  • Delivery of training: The Consultant will deliver seven pilot training for two days after completing preparatory consultation meeting

Language of the training manual

The training manual and the PowerPoint presentation will be prepared in Nepali (Unicode)


The length of consultancy assignment will be 24 working days within the time frame of nine months starting from 6 June 2023. The Consultant must submit the final Training Manual by 14 February 2023.

Consultancy fees

Interested consultants should propose their fee inclusive of applicable taxes. NFRJ would need to deduct tax (as per Nepal Government tax law) before making any payments. The payment shall be made in two installments (40% after the first draft of the training manual and the remaining 60% after receiving the final training manual) from the Consultant.

Qualification and requirements

  • At least a master’s degree in Law, Human Rights, Public Policy, or Public Administration including additional courses on public law, international human rights law, and policy studies.
  • At least five years relevant work experience in human rights, public policy, local governance, federal system and international laws of human rights,
  • Proven ability to deliver quality output working under timeframe, and
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.


Interested consultants should apply by sending their technical and financial proposals along with their CV, PAN certificate, and other applicable legal documents to, and cc to by June  2023.


Job Overview

Category Civil Service & Governance, Human Rights, Development / NGO
Openings 2
Position Type Fixed Term
Position Level Senior Level
Experience 5+ years
Education Masters in Law, L. L. M., M.P.A. (Masters in Public Administration), Master’s degree in development studies
Posted Date 24 May, 2023
Apply Before 05 Jun, 2023
City Kathmandu, Nepal