Consultancy Opportunity

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO)

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Consultancy Opportunity


Developing content for IEC material (booklet) on the information on public institution/mechanisms responsible for combating CBD and updated anti-discrimination policies, plans and laws

1. Background

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) is a pioneer organization in combating “caste-based discrimination and untouchability’’ and promoting equality and dignity of Dalit in Nepal.  Established in 1982, it is a first registered non-government organization by Dalit for Dalit rights.

NNDSWO in consortium with Finn Church Aid (FCA) and Media Advocacy Group (MAG) has been implementing a project named "Supporting Collective Voice and Action against Caste Based Discrimination in Nepal - SAJHA AAWAJ in Kalikot, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Siraha, Mahottari and Kathmandu with the main financial support from European Union and co-finance from FCA. The project was started in November, 2017 and will be concluded in November, 2020.

The project aims at eliminating caste-based discrimination (CBD) by creating an enabling environment for CBD affected people to restore their dignity and enjoy rights to non-discrimination, effective participation and access to services and justice. The project intends to build solidarity of wider communities against CBD, support for implementation of laws and policies against CBD. It also contributes to strengthen democratic institutions and promote partnership at local level for economic empowerment of the target groups. The project has been implemented in five districts namely.

2. Description of the assignment

The new constitution of Nepal has ensured the rights of Dalit and other marginalized communities as fundamental rights. These rights can only be realized when the different spheres of government reflect these fundamental rights provisions in their laws and policies.

Following the constitutional provisions, Nepal successfully held the election of all three spheres of governments and the elected representatives are in place. Local governments are the prime stakeholders to institutionalize and localize the constitutional provisions related to human right and non-discrimination.

Moreover, there is also strong need to ensure that marginalized community are adequately informed about their rights and benefits ensured by the constitutional and legislative framework along with policies so that they can actually exercise and get benefited from these arrangements .

For this end, this project intends to make the community people well informed about these rights and enable them to demand their right individually and collectively.  Publication and dissemination of IEC materials is one of the tool in making the target community well informed.

4. Objective of the assignment

The main objective of this assignment is to create greater awareness and sensitization of community particularly dalit and marginalized community through IEC materials in the action areas on the issues related human right and non-discrimination in the booklet format whereas the specific objectives of this assignment are to;

  • Develop content for booklet on the information on public institution/mechanisms responsible for combating CBD ; &
  • Develop content booklet on updated  anti-discrimination policies, plans and laws

5. Scope of the assignment

The scope of work involves followings:

5.1 Structuring the process of position paper development

  • Hold meeting and discussion with the Project Management Team (PMT) and Consortium partners to understand the context and content of the booklet.
  • Review of the existed document relevant to this assignment
  • Process and organize the content into particular format and give the final outlet ready for the publication

5.2 Developing/Crystalizing the contents

  • Identify the name list of laws related with CBD to be adopted by the federal parliament in near future and assess the laws and policies that are recently passed by the federal parliament
  • Review of periodic plans, programs, policies , legislations and other normative framework of GoN (e.g. Constitution of Nepal, Local Budget Formulation/Planning, Implementation and Financial Management Guideline 2017, other relevant plans, programs, policy and provisions related to inclusion and issues of Dalit).
  • Conduct Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant Interview (KII) with the representatives of civil society organizations (Dalit and non-Dalit) that are active in the federal level , interaction meeting with the member of parliament (upper and lower house), office of attorney general, political party leaders, Nepal Bar, Federal of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ).

5.3 Developing IEC materials

  • Develop IEC material  on information on public institution/mechanisms responsible for combating CBD and  updated  anti-discrimination policies, plans and laws

6. Key Deliverables

The main deliverables of this assignment will be:

  • Booklet on the information on public institution/mechanisms responsible for combating CBD in Nepali language and ready to print condition;
  • Booklet on updated  anti-discrimination policies, plans and laws

7. Team composition and work division

The overall responsibility to develop the position papers will be of independent consultant. The consultant may propose team members for this assignment. However, NNDSWO will assign a team member who will support in coordination, supporting for shaping the paper.

8. Timeline

The total duration for this assignment will be 1 month to be commenced from 25th May, 2019 to 25th June 2019 . The detail breakdown of assignment is given below which needs to be followed for the accomplishment of this task on time.

9. Expertise

The Independent Consultant will have an adequate understanding of human rights and the social and political dynamics in Nepal, expertise in local governance/federal system, policy making and inclusion issues with particular focusing on that of Dalit and marginalized. She/he will also have good knowledge of social campaigns and movements linked to social transformation in general and human rights protection and promotion in particular. Additionally, the consultant will have enough understanding of the dimension of caste, gender and inclusion related issues in Nepal.

10. Bid Requirements and Process

  • Consultant who meet the requirements should submit their curriculum vitae (CV) and an expression of interest (max. 1 page) quoting the estimated cost for the assignment and explaining how their professional experiences match with the required skills and qualifications for this assignment. CV and expression of interest should be submitted by email to and copied to and by 22nd   May, 2019 .
  • NNDSWO will evaluate the proposals as per the procurement rule of the organization and award the assignment based upon technical and financial feasibility. Only the successful applicant will be contacted. The total costs of the assignment can be negotiated with the consultant.

NNDSWO Correspondence Address

Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO)

Kimdole, Chhauni, Lalitpur, Nepal

Postal Code : G.P.O. Box: 26196, Kathmandu

Tel : +977-1-5539941; 5523694

Fax : +977-1-5554752 Annex 1: Project Logical Framework

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