School of Environmental Science And Management (SchEMS)

School of Environmental Science And Management (SchEMS)
School of Environmental Science and Management (SchEMS), initially named as School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, was officially established in January 1999 as an affiliate of Pokhara University, Nepal under the Pokhara University Act, 1995. SchEMS was established by a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals. The team includes people of national and international goodwill and recognition, with broad representation from multidisciplinary backgrounds.
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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:


The Librarian is responsible for providing library and research services for the organization and maintenance of the library and its collections.

Providing adequate services will ensure that materials are current and accessible, and available to library users when required.


1. Manage the planning, administrative and budgetary functions of library and information services 

Main Activities 

  • Establish and implement library and information policies and procedures
  • Develop and manage convenient, accessible library and information services
  • Assist Finance Director to establish and manage the budget for library and information services
  • Develop and manage cost-effective library and information services, technology and media 
  • Analyze and evaluate library and information services, technology and media service requirements 
  • Prepare reports related to library and information services, technology and media services, resources and activities 

2. Provide effective access to library collections and resources

Main Activities 

  • Develop and maintain collections management policies and procedures
  • Perform original cataloguing and classification of print, audio-visual and electronic resources 
  • Develop and maintain special indexing systems and files for special collections

3. Maintain the organization of library materials

Main Activities 

  • Ensure an accurate inventory of resources
  • Ensure efficient retrieval by users
  • Search external database programs for the availability of cataloguing copy
  • Maintain inventories compile statistics and generate reports as required
  • Develop and maintain cataloguing procedures
  • Distribute materials for cataloguing
  • Determine the type of cataloguing required
  • Process resources for placement on shelf
  • File cards in shelf list

4. Provide library services in response to the information needs of library users 

Main Activities 

  • Respond to daily on-site requests for information
  • Guide library users to effectively search the Library catalogue, Internet and otherelectronic resources 
  • Maintain circulation files, records and statistics
  • Maintain Faculty’s notes program wise / course wise

5. Perform other related duties as per necessity of the organization which includes inter departmental duties too.



  • The candidate must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:
  • library policies, procedures, methods ethics and professional standards
  • research and information gathering
  • library systems for cataloguing, systems and methods acquisitions and searching on-line 
  • organization and structure of the library
  • databases
  • other information and library resources


  • The candidate must demonstrate the following skills:
  • ability to manage a library and its collection         
  • research skills /
  • analytical and problem solving skills
  • decision making skills
  • effective verbal,  presentation, written  and  listening /communications skills
  • computer  skills  including  the  ability  to operate computerized library,   spreadsheet, word processing, email, internet search

Personal Attributes

The candidate must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Librarian. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • be honest and trustworthy
  • be respectful
  • possess cultural awareness andsensitivity
  • be flexible
  • demonstrate sound work ethics
Job Overview
Full Time
Please check vacancy details.
Please check vacancy details
02 Mar, 17
01 Apr, 17

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