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ARRTSM GmbH Private Ltd is an innovative company in collaboration with a German-based company. The main objectives of the company are developing mobile applications through unity, autonomous manufacturing, complete solutions for CNC machines with robots, CAD/CAM, robot system integrator, CNC manufacturing, Automation technology, service, trade, IT, hardware, and software development. ARRTSM GmbH has set itself the goal of reducing the total cost of manufacturing, implementing the CNC robot systems for the production costs of its customers. We act as a system integrator with our own software development expertise. Thus, ideally combining the know-how of our partners and suppliers with our innovative solutions.

Detailed Job description / requirements:


1. Unity Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Experience with Unity 2D and 3D.
  • Experience with C# and C++.
  • Experience with user experience design, level design and level tuning.
  • Experience in creating immersive AR/VR adventures.
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with backend APIs JSON, REST and XML.
  • Experience with Android, PC and WebGL development.
  • Experience with Git.
  • Development and implementation of professional templates.
  • Testing of AR / VR functionalities.
  • Planning and implementation of AR / VR and MixedReality functions.
  • Development of strategy and development pipelines.

2. Webpage Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge and experience in programming applications.
  • Familiarity programming languages: PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript.
  • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices.
  • Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development
  • Hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics tools.
  • Candidate must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards.
  • Experience in planning and delivering software platforms used across multiple products and organizational units.
  • Deep expertise and hands on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and APIs.
  • Deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with Web Services (REST, SOAP, etc.) is needed to be successful in this position.
  • Website with holographs.

3. Java Spring Boot Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Successfully completed degree in computer engineering, computer science or a related one Study / training area.
  • Proven several years of experience as Software developer.
  • Knowledge of Java, Spring Boot, OpenCV (required).
  • Working with different tools and frameworks like Eclipse / IntelliJ, Spring / Spring Boot, AngularJS, Reacts-js, Jenkins, SVN / GIT, REST / SOAP.
  • Excellent understanding of architecture.
  • Experience in test automation.
  • Participation in the design and development of Software applications and model data relationships.
  • Creation of IT concepts and software designs.
  • Constant adjustment, care and maintenance of our Applications.
  • Requirements analysis and change documentation for continuous quality assurance of Processes and work results.
  • Conception and further development of our customer-specific application software.

4. DevOps Engineer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • BSC / Master in Computer Science, Engineering ora relevant area.
  • Several years of experience in project development and leadership qualities.
  • Up-to-date understanding of best practices related to System security measures.
  • Familiar with Git and GitHub, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible.
  • Knowledge of databases and SQL.
  • Knowledge of Java and Python, containerization with Docker and orchestration with Kubernetes.
  • Analysis of current technologies and problems and development of recommendations for action and processes to address the mimprove and expand.
  • Assisting other department engineers in the creation of practical demonstrations and safe presentation of the solutions other team members.
  • Responsible for the conception of software tests and the implementation.
  • Functional and non-functional Define requirements (availability, security,Performance) and creation of concepts and effort estimates.
  • Coaching and guiding team members in DevOps area.

5. Python Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Successfully completed studies in computer science, Physics, automation technology, electrical engineering ora comparable qualification.
  • Proven several years of experience as Software developer.
  • Very good knowledge of Python (OP/function coding, understanding of multithreading/multiprocessing, basic information on generators and asynchronous operations, context manager, Decorators, Descriptors, Behave, PyTest)
  • Knowledge of the Django Framework.
  • Practical knowledge and experience in microservices architecture and data modeling.
  • Experience in messaging / streaming / REST APIs.
  • Strong interest in the latest developments in the field of data science, image processing and robotics.
  • Development of holistic software in Python for the automation of our robot production systems (requirement analysis, specification, Programming and documentation).
  • Creation of concepts for the software component tests directly in our infrastructure to involve.
  • Implementation of manual and automated Software test.

6. Software Engineer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Very good knowledge of image processing.
  • Very good programming skills (C ++).
  • Several years of experience in software development.
  • Interest in robotics and the digital trend.
  • Experience with AI technologies.
  • Development of AI systems for our robotic systems, both for internal and for external projects can be used.
  • Development of the image processing software.
  • Creation of system specifications for the Process automation (software).
  • Recording the requirements and creating the Specifications.
  • Development of user interface applications related to AI.
  • Creation and maintenance of modules for automated Testing.

7. Algorithm Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • Adventure in style and produce Algorithms Experience in Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Entity extraction, Machine Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Great understanding of Java programming language.
  • Expertise in Java technology frameworks including: Struts, JUnit, Spring, JPA and JDBC.
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.
  • Focus on researching, performance testing, algorithms, and writing and trying to implement to evaluate and alter when needed.
  • Help in the improvement of requirements, guidelines and procedures.

8. 3D JavaScript Developer:

Requirement and Responsibilities:

  • At least 2-3 years of working experience with modern HTML and CSS.
  • At least 3 years of industry experience working with JavaScript.
  • Sufficient knowledge and working experience with ECMAScript 6 or above standards.
  • Demonstrable knowledge or deep understanding of advanced JavaScript concepts like,
    • JavaScript Modules
    • JavaScript Engine and Runtime
    • Inheritance and Prototype chain, Closures, Hoisting
    • Stack Overflow, IIFE, Scope and Execution Context
    • Type Coercion, Memory Leaks and so on.
  • Strong understanding of WebGL fundamentals like,
    • Shaders and GLSL
    • Translation, Rotation and Scale
    • Orthographic 3D, 3D Perspective and 3D Cameras
    • Geometry, Textures and Shadows
    • Scene Graphs, Cubemaps, Environment Maps, Skyboxes and so on.
  • Good knowledge of Linear Algebra and Matrix Math.
  • At least 2 years of experience working with React.js and Node.js
  • Must have strong understanding of Three.js library and past experience of working or building projects, personal or otherwise, with Three.js.
  • Some experience with react-three-fiber or at least must have a strong desire to learn react-three-fiber within a short time-frame.

Benefits we Offer

  1. Flexible working hours.
  2. 5 working days in a week.
  3. Training available.

If you are interested, kindly send your CV along with a cover letter at

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Posted Date 19 Dec, 2021
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