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Samyukta Safai Jagaran

Details / requirements:

Terms of Reference

 Consultancy for the Digitalization, Designing and Implementation of 

Healthcare Data Management Software for 

Urban Health Promotion Center Ward 19, KMC 



Samyukta Safai Jagaran (SASAJA) is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political organization established by the groups of informal waste workers in 2014. SASAJA focuses on the recognition, rights and advocacy for IWWs. SASAJA want to advocate to the government especially on recognizing their contribution to waste management, government trust funds for IWWs and access to social health insurance. SASAJA is providing monthly education to their group members focusing in savings and credit and solid waste management.

SASAJA in collaboration with Green Path Nepal (GPN) and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is implementing “Healthy Waste Workers for Sustainable Waste Management” project funded by Médecins du Monde- France (MdM-F)

This project has three main expected outcomes:

  1. Formalization of IWWs through non-profit enterprises and increasing their recognition in integrated solid waste management in urban cities
  2. Increase risk mitigation and promotion of decent safe work opportunities in current activities and through innovation 
  3. Increase access to quality health services for IWWs and the community through promotion of Urban Health Promotion Centre

Outcome 3 of the project is related with the medical component and will be implemented in 2 areas: a dense ward of Kathmandu City (Ward 19) and a rural ward of Kakani Municipality (close to Sisdole landfill), with 2 outputs: 

  • To support the local health system in transitioning from an urban health clinic (UHC) at ward 19, Kathmandu to an urban health promotion centre (UHPC). 
  • To support the availability and use of quality health services including occupational health service in supported health facility (HF) for the IWWs and community. 

Key objectives of the consultancy

These terms of reference concern a digitalization of the UHPC database, design, test and the launch of the software and the website for the digital database of UHPC operation which aims:

  • To undertake an assessment of the system and a gap analysis for the implementation of the project
  • To develop a software and live website for database management of the UHPC (covering all aspects of UHPC operation, recording, reporting, management, etc.)
  • To prepare a relevant IT Protocol/manual for handling the software and the website integrating the DHIS Software of the Nepal Government
  • To orient, train and capacitate the administration team of UHPC regarding the proper recording and reporting in the software for smooth functioning of all UHPC services
  • To ensure the website and software working efficiently and effectively
  • To maintain effective data management and monitor the progress of the UHPC system

Proposed Methodology for the development of software for the digital database of UHPC operation 

  • Collect relevant documents and information for software development, desk review, relevant article, government guidelines and policy paper related to UHPC,
  • Visit/zoom/telephone meetings with UHPC staff and local stakeholders, potential partners to understand the current situation,
  • Prepare outline of the software and website with inclusive of the following aspects:

A.  Introduction

Project background, objectives, target groups, expected outcomes, etc.

B.  About us

Human resources (organogram, contact details about the health service providers) 

Stakeholders (roles and responsibilities)

Advisor details

Strategic and Management committee details

C.  Services (Promotive Services, Preventive Services and Curative Services)

  • Emergency numbers (Ambulance, doctor)
  • UHPC setup, temporary isolation and referral of cases
  • OPD visits
  • Patient enrolment
  • Patient consultation
  • Service provision at the UHPC
  • Laboratory Management and services
  • Pharmacy Management and services List of essential drugs (distinguished free vs than which requires cost)
  • Follow up of patients
  • Data Management/ Collection
  • Deaths records
  • ANC/PNC visit records
  • Immunization records
  • FCHVs meetings and mobilizations *(Community mobilizations activities)
  • Family planning services   
  • Logistics and commodities 
  • Input, design and schedule consultations and meetings with the stakeholders and the advisors
  • Write up of comprehensive documents including all the annexes
  • Field visit and pretesting of the document
  • If needed present summary of software to SASAJA and MDM-F relevant staff after incorporation of feedback from final meeting. 
  • Finalize and submit the final plan of the software and the website including all tools/formats - after final feedback from the SASAJA and MDM team. 

Note: The detailed final methodology will be finalized with technical support from MdM-F and the consultant/ consultancy firm. 

Coordination Unit:

  • UHPC team, 
  • SASAJA Project Manager 
  • MDM Nepal team (Especially Med Advisor-Nepal, Program Manager, Program Assistant and Med referent from HQ) 
  • Coordination with KMC Health division

Expected deliverables and presentation findings

The lists of deliverables from the selected consultant are as follows:

  1. An assessment report
  2. A detailed work plan from designing to final operation of the software and the website. The work plan should consist of the following: 
    • Project Implementation Methodology; 
    • A detailed Gantt chart (action plan) showing milestones/major deliverables and activities and highlighting the critical path and version number as well as the duration for the assignment and expected start and completion dates; 
    • Schedule, type and context of consultations 
    • Any other relevant sections, documents, procedures, processes, literature and references. 
  3. Development of a detailed user-maintenance and operational manual with system layout/schematics and user-maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for the overall software and the website
  4. A detailed training plan for UHPC staff with training modules on the IT Protocol as an integrated system and on the different component of the system with focus on the hardware and software installed. (Train, orient and capacitate the Human Resources of UHPC for the proper recording and reporting in the software and the website).
  5. Monitoring checklists for ensuring the website is running firmly 
  6. Dissemination of the presentation to inaugurate the live website and the software for the digitalization of the UHPC database
  7. Final report including design of the website and the software, follow-up tool and action plan should be submitted to SASAJA and MDM Nepal for validation. 

 Required Competencies

The qualifications and/or specialized knowledge/experience required are:

  • Expertise of Consulting Firm should have senior IT experts with 5+ years of experience in similar work and preferably an experience in health care system of Nepal (e-health)
  • Proven experience in preparing and designing health related guideline, protocol and monitoring tools
  • Specific experience in the areas of developing software, protocol or relevant applications 
  • Experiences on coordination with government health authorities and urban health. Preferably previous experience of direct work with Municipalities and ward health team 
  • A strong commitment in delivering timely and high-quality results. 
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills in English, and an ability to express ideas and concepts concisely and clearly to ensure the digitalization of the UHPC database

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Submission process: Interested consultants/Firms can submit their applications/proposal with an estimated budget at no later than 29 March 2022


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