Terms of Reference (ToR) For Trainer/Facilitator –Online Training/Orientation on Climate Change Adaption and Disaster Risk Reduction

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Detailed Job description / requirements:

Terms of Reference (ToR) 

For Trainer/Facilitator –Online Training/Orientation on Climate Change Adaption and Disaster Risk Reduction

1.   Introduction to FCA

FCA is Finland’s largest international development organization. It operates in 14 countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. FCA specializes in three thematic priority areas: Right to Peace, Right to Livelihood, and Right to Quality Education. The work is done with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background, or political convictions. As a civil society actor, FCA realizes its mission and vision through development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and advocacy work.

FCA contributes to positive change by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations within fragile and disaster-affected areas. The main funding sources are from private persons and companies, the Government of Finland, and global institutional donors such as various UN agencies, bilateral donor agencies, and the EU. FCA enjoys Core Humanitarian Standards certification and is a member of the ACT Alliance.

With a commitment to bring about positive development through collaboration, FCA has been supporting work in Nepal since the 1980s and has had an in-country presence since 2013. FCA’s core components for the work in Nepal have always been livelihood and education, both as long-term development projects and disaster response and recovery programs. The current Nepal program focuses on work in Provinces 2, 3, and 7 with the key strategy to promote marginalized women and youth’s socio-economic empowerment so they can enjoy a decent living.

2.   Background 

Nepal is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. Climate Change affects Nepal’s agriculture sector, which employs over two-third of the population and contributes to one-third of the country’s GDP (MoF, 2016). Climate change, in the form of increased temperatures, erratic precipitation, uncertain seasons and increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, is expected to exacerbate food security challenges by impacting food production, disrupting supply chains and raising food prices. This means adaptation and continual learning become essential. FCA promotes Climate Action and environmental protection as a cross-cutting issue in all its programming. Thus, the Nepal Country Program has also planned to incorporate Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk reduction (DRR) as cross-cutting strategies through out its program and projects contributing to SDG 13 Climate Action, and as this is to be achieved through continuous capacity building of partners and rights-holders on these issues. Thus to build conceptual clarity on CCA and DRR and to provide expertise and guidance to integrate DRR and CCA at the project level FCA is looking to engage a trainer/facilitator to conduct a two days (four hours per day) online training/orientation on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction for FCA and partner staff.

3.    Objective and Scope of work

The purpose of the training is to provide an orientation on the basics of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and DRR and ensuring the integration of CCA and DRR in the current project activities of FCA Nepal Country Programme, and review of project activities by the consultant to identify possible actions on integrating DRR and CCA in programs as cross-cutting. This training is designed for partner staffs and FCA staff from the program team.  After the completion of the training, the participants would be able to perform the following:

  • Have basic knowledge of CCA and DRR in the context of rural development; especially on the current projects that are focused on livelihood generation through employment and enterprises

Identify key actions  to integrate DRR and CCA into the Projects’ activities 

The responsibility of the consultant/firm is to cover the following two modules/unit during the training: 

  • Orient the participants on the basics of climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the context of rural development.
  • Study FCA’s Climate Tool, review projects’ activities from CCA andDRR lens, and identify gaps, and provide expert practical guidance on the CCAand DRR integration at the activity level. The guidance on CCA and DRR integration should align with FCA’s Climate Tool.

The consultant/firm will have to share the training material and course content beforehand with FCA and the firm should be open regarding needed/relevant adjustment to course content as per need of the FCA and incorporate feedback provided by the FCA. The course content will be reviewed and finalized in coordination with FCA before executing the work assignment. 

4.   Deliverables 

  • Based on content training materials engaged firm/consultant would deliver: 
  • CCA and DRR orientation to the training participants- 8 hours’ 2-day online training with 4 hours each day
  • Review of project activities(5 projects) and prepare recommendations on how to integrate CCA andDRR, and submit a recommendation report not exceeding two pages to FCA after the completion of the training.

5.   Terms of payment

100% of the contract amount will be paid within 15 days of the successful completion of the training, and submission and acceptance of the recommendation report by FCA.

6. Special Terms & Conditions / Specific Criteria 

The firm/consultant will be expected to have the practical experience and a good conceptual understanding of DRR and climate change adaptation, including knowledge of mainstreaming issues and challenges 

  • The firm/ consultant should have previous experience in training material development for similar training
  • Nepali language is essential 
  • Provide a short CV, introductory brief, and or a profile of the consultant 
  • Conduct training in a very interactive mode and submit electronic copies of all training materials after the session’s delivery 

7.   Eligibility Criteria 

The consultant/firm (requiresCV of the lead consultant) should have at least a Master's Degree in Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness, and Management, Natural Resource Management or any other relevant field with extensive experiences more than 5 years on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction concepts. Earlier independent assignments of a similar kind would be considered as an additional qualification.

8.   Proposal and deliverables timeline

  • Technical/financial proposal – by 28th Oct  2020
  • Agreement between FCA and the consultant – by 4th Nov 2020
  • Share training materials to FCA by the consultant –by 12th Nov 2020
  • Finalise training materials based on FCA feedback – by 20th Nov 2020
  • Training conducted by the consultant – by 26th Nov 2020

Technical/financial proposals (annexed) meeting ToR requirements are to be submitted at the following email address. Please click here to download  the Proposal Submission Form or by following the link below;


FCANepal Country Office

E-mail: Nco.Info@kua.fi

Contact person: Suprima Ghatani

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