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Oxfam in Nepal

Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam's engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment. Over the years, Oxfam has worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and the government to promote rural livelihoods, and vulnerable communities' resilience to climatic shocks and disasters. It has also significantly contributed to empowering community people, especially women, to; negotiate with people in power, influence decision making processes, claim rights and essential services to which they are entitled, demand accountability on the part of duty bearers and engage larger masses in advocacy efforts. Oxfam also worked closely with UNHCR in providing assistance to Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s. Oxfam and its long term programme partners believe that the underlying structural causes and drivers of poverty must be addressed if improvements in peoples's lives are to be broad and lasting. Poverty is not one-dimensional; nor is it purely local in its causes and solutions. Therefore, Oxfam's work addresses not only material and technical change, but also the related economic, social, institutional and policy changes which are necessary to end poverty and achieve development and wellbeing. The Oxfam Nepal Vision is: The people of Nepal are empowered and work together to attain a life of dignity with justice and equal rights for all. The Overall Nepal Programme Goal is: to improve the well being of vulnerable people through strengthening their participation in development and governance processes and reducing poverty and suffering.

Details / requirements:

Terms of Reference 

For Workload Analysis 


Oxfam in Nepal believes in healthy work life balances and their effective impact to the employees.

Following to the several change process in Oxfam in Nepal and last done on 17 February 2021, there were major changes made in workforce in term of numbers, positions, grades, zones, and the workload distribution among them. 

Based on the result of Oxfam Global Staff Survey report 2021 and & the result of Oxfam Pulse Survey report 2022, Oxfam in Nepal Office identified the need to review the work distribution across all the staff in Nepal Office. These surveys are conducted at the set interval of year at Oxfam. Most importantly, the Internal Audit Report Nepal, December 2021, also suggested that workload analysis of all the staff working in Oxfam in Nepal to be performed to ensure whether any adjustments are necessary to optimise the new structure.


The overall purpose of the consultancy is to support Oxfam in Nepal Country Team to ensure an equitable workload distribution, right number of workforces and fair grading of job in the workforce; to contribute to a conducive working environment; and a culture of inclusivity and fairness; to ensure that employee can have good work life balance and motivate them doing a good job.

Scope Of Assignment:

  • Workload Analysis: The consultant/Firm will map and analyze the total work volume at different grades, zone, and positions according to Oxfam’s expectations on quality programming, vision, and future potential. 
  • Talent and workforce mapping: The consultant/Firm will analyze and map the existing workforce at different grades and provide insights corresponding to the potential segregation of workload. 
  • Job descriptions and Job titles: The consultant/Firm will review job descriptions from different level and zone in same and as well as different departments and provide insights to the equitable workload and their mapping to the grades & Zone
  • The Consultant shall maintain complete confidentiality of all data and documents provided by Oxfam in Nepal

Specific Objectives of Consultancy: 

  • Assess the current workload and its distribution among all staff in the office  
  • Identify the objective of the job
  • Classify the Tasks and Processes of the job
  • Analyse the frequency of the Tasks and Processes with schedules- weekly, monthly, annual, etc.
  • To apply the formula to find the workload.
  • Understand the findings such as a) employees overwhelmed b) employees under-tasked c) employees right tasked
  • Identify gaps and duplication of tasks and processes.
  • Make recommendations for cost effective structure
  • Evaluate employee utilization
  • Propose actionable recommendations to address the key findings of the analysis and assessment effectively and efficiently


30 working days

Financial - Budget Breakdown

Terms of Payment: 

Oxfam will make payment based on the invoice and accepted report that is submitted. Deduction of 1.5% TDS on taxable amount before VAT will be done in each invoice submitted. Initially, 30% advance amount will be provided to consultant/firm after signing the contract and in receiving the inception report and 70% will be provided after submitting the final report. 

Budget Source: 

Deliverables & Time Frame 

Specific Tasks
Due Date
Proposed Plan for Workload Analysis
Written plan with explaining methodology and system for conducting the Workload analysis.
Within two 2 days of signature of the contract.
Initial presentation to Senior management and then to all staff highlighting the methodology and the working approach
Explaining about system and methodology to be implemented and to explain about the analysis process to be taken forward
1 day
Implementation of the assessment and analysis
Desk review of documents, interviews, consultations, etc.
24 days
Initial presentation to Senior management 
Presentation should include main findings and recommendations on the workload of employee being overwhelmed with task, rightly tasked or under tasked
1 day
Presentation to all staff
Presentations on main findings and recommendations upon incorporating feedback from management and staff association
1 day
Final Report
Satisfactory final consultancy report in English to the Management
1 day

Duration of consultancy assignments: 30 working days from the start of the consultancy.

Tentative starting date around: 25 January 2023

Profile of the Firm/Consultant 

This consultancy will be carried out by an experienced and qualified consultant/firm. We are ideally looking for a lead consultant/firm, who led the whole process. The consultant/firm will be selected through a competitive and transparent process. The minimum requirement should include: 

Firm Specification:

Experience: 3 years of experiences in providing consultancy services to INGO/development agency/ Humanitarian Organisation for strategic workforce Management that include planning, staffing, effective forecasting, and workload analysis. The human resources specification that the firm assigns for this service should meet the following criteria.

Person Specification:

  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from a recognized university
  • Experience: 5 years of Experience in Workforce Management at senior /management level with 3 years of experience in implementing analytical tools, trends, techniques, strategy in determining the current workforce and workforce forecasting and performing different types of analysis in HR areas with data usage and HR analytics. The experience should also include performing the workload analysis of the employees and the staffing recommendations made based on it. INGO/Development/Humanitarian experience shall be preferred.

Essential Knowledge:

  • Understanding of Job Description and Job Specification
  • Knowledge of tools, techniques, metrics, and different method used in performing workload analysis
  • Strong analytical and organization skills, including trend analysis in workforce management.
  • Proficient with time management.
  • Ability to plan, prioritize and organize effectively / detail oriented.
  • Certification in HR Analytics
  • Implementing knowledge of working with data and its analysis
  • Knowledge in implementation of new, trends, techniques, tools, and practice in workforce management across globe
  • Appropriate & required knowledge of Labour Act 

Functional Competencies and Essential Skills:

  • HR Strategy in Workforce identification, mapping, and trend analysis
  • Implementing knowledge of tools, techniques, metrics and different method used in performing workload analysis
  • Proven track of experience in job evaluation, workload, and workforce analysis for international organizations.
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Analysis and report writing
  • Presentation and communications
  • Planning, organization, time management, and coordination
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Nepali language
  • Proficiency in MS Office 
  • Organizational awareness and service orientation; experience in non-governmental organization management is highly desired.

Application procedure:

The individual consultant / firm must submit the following documents along with Technical Proposal that includes Description of how your skills and experience match the TOR requirements; your understanding of the assignment; and propose detailed methodology and work plan and Financial Proposal that includes a detailed budget sheet with breakdowns (VAT, TAX will be deducted at source). The Technical and Financial Proposal should be submitted separately. 

For consultancy Firm:

  • Maximum 1-page firm profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and contact number
  • Team members/Lead Consultant’s (who will be involved in the assignment) short CV highlighting related assignment to be completed and the role in it.
  • Evidence of the related work experience 
  • CV of expert and lead consultant 
  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Company registration Certificate and renewal
  • Tax clearance certificate 2078/79 
  • Contact detail (Name, designation, organization, email ID and phone no.) of 2 referees

For individual consultant:

  • Consultant’s (who will lead the assignment) must provide maximum 2-page CV highlighting related assignment completed and role in the completed assignment
  • Evidence of the related work experience 
  • Citizenship copy
  • VAT Registration Certificate and any other relevant document (if necessary)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate 2078/79
  • Contact detail (Name, designation, organization, email ID and phone no.) of 2 referees

Evaluation process and Criteria

Evaluation Criteria
Technical (For Technical Proposal Fill Annex-1)
1. Expertise of the consultants / consulting firm / organization

Experience in conducting workload analysis of staff in any kind of organization
Experience of the firm/individual in conducting workload analysis of staff in INGOs and development projects.
2.  Methodology
Detailed appropriate methodology 
Work plan to conduct workload analysis within the specified timeline
3.  Management structure and qualifications of key personnel

Consultant/Team member’s education and experience
4. Financial Proposal

Cost-effectiveness and realistic budget plan as revealed by financial proposal 

Ethical Considerations

The Consultant will be required to take all the necessary actions to handle the collected data responsibly (see Oxfam Responsible Data Policy) to ensure data privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality.

The data collection and the survey(s) should include an effective informed consent form that seeks consent from respondents after being informed on the purpose of this data collection, how the data will be stored, used, who will have access to the information and they have to right to remove themselves from the survey at any point in time. A contact number should be communicated to them to do so. The informed consent should be obtained after providing this information in a concise and clear manner and in the most adequate language.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding 

Oxfam is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults and expects all staff, consultants, volunteers to share this commitment. We will do everything possible to ensure that only those who are suitable to work within our values are selected to work for us.  

Confidentiality/ Non-Disclosure 

All material issued in connection with this ToR shall remain the property of Oxfam and shall be used only for the purpose of this procurement exercise. All information provided shall be either returned to Oxfam or securely destroyed by unsuccessful applicants at the conclusion of the procurement exercise. 

During the performance of the assignment or at any time after expiry or termination of the Agreement, the Consultant shall not disclose to any person or otherwise make use of any confidential information which s/he has obtained or may in the course of this agreement relating to partner organization/Oxfam, the respondents or otherwise. 

The consultant will be required to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement as part of their undertaking of this work.  

Intellectual Property, Copyright and Ownership 

Oxfam shall retain all reference materials provided as background used by the Consultant in the delivery of this assignment.  All arising intellectual property, ideas, materials, processes, or processes formed in contemplation, course of, or as result of this work shall be passed to Oxfam without restriction. 

Copyright of all arising documents, data, information, or reports produced by the Consultant under this agreement shall belong to Oxfam and will be passed to Oxfam without restriction. Such documents, data, information, and reports shall not be used by the Consultant for any other purpose other than in conjunction with this assignment, without the express written permission of Oxfam 


The Consulting VAT Registered Firm should submit the technical and financial proposal to Oxfam by 26 January 2023 before 5 pm via mail to, clearly mentioning the title of assignment in the email subject line “Workload Analysis” and not exceeding 15 MB.

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