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Detailed Job description / requirements:


For Website Update

1.  Task: Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), seeksa firm or a consultant with competent skills and expertise to redesign and update a website that offers a visible web presence for the National Women Commission (NWC) Nepal. Firm or consultant should have a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop new templates for the current website. The templates will provide a new look-and-feel to the web and will unlock the potential functionalities of the current software while displaying the content in a more organized, attractive and user-friendly manner.

The Website will be used as mechanism to promote the work soft he NWC, by providing timely information, reports, posters related to awareness and all the public documents related to visibility. And, the website will be used as an avenue to get public information on protection and prevention against Gender based Violence and as a tool to communicate and discuss findings of Laws and policies directly and indirectly impacting woman.

2.  Background

VSO in partnership with International Alert (IA), and the national and local partners, has been implementing a two-year project ‘’Strengthening Access to Holistic, Gender Response, and Accountable Justice (SAHAJ)” in Nepal under the funding of The Department for International Development/United Kingdom Aid (DFID/UKAID). This project is a part of – Integrated Programme for Strengthening Security and Justice (IP-SSJ) with an agreement of DFID with Government of Nepal (GoN). The project aims to tackle the root causes of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and to improve the capacity of the security and justice system to provide protection and services to the most at-risk women and girls in Nepal through family-centered, school-centered and grassroots-based accountability approaches.

In this context VSO is closely working with NWC to address the root causes of gender-based violence and assist the women in need through psychosocial counselling as well as through referral services. Upon a request from the NWC, SAHAJ shall support them to revive their website and make it more audience friendly as well as informative. 

3.  National Women Commission (NWC)

The National Women Commission was established in 2002 for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of women and empowerment of women and thereby ensure gender justice. It is a constitutional body and is working continuously for the human right of women, reduce violence against women and for the policy formulation.

4.  Selection Criteria

The Contract will be awarded to a competent and suitable firm meeting the following selection criteria.

  • Proven relevant skills in website development.
  • Having at least three years’ work experienced in the field of IT as a website designer/developer and must have strong skills in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery, PHP and etc. (web programming)
  • Developers must have a solid understanding of user experience, design and Adaptive/Responsive Design for cross-platform/devices such as tablet and mobile phone.
  • Proven ability to build and refine graphic designs for websites. Must have strong skills in Photoshop, illustrator, Fireworks, or equivalent application(s).
  • Proven history of previously developed websites.
  • Work on both Nepali and English Content for the website.
  • Maintenance for 12 weeks immediately after the website goes online and hosting service for a year.
  • Proven ability to manage web development projects effectively and accurately on meeting project deliverables. Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide higher value for money.
  • Upon successfully awarding of the contract, a hired firm or Consultant will be required to develop a website within the allocated timeline that meets all the requirements of Governmental sector.

5.  Deliverables

  • NWC website presents a new visual look and its functionalities are enhanced to provide a better experience to users.
  • New sections are developed and integrated in the NWC website. 
  • Develop a user manual and deliver a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration. 
  • Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 12 months. 
  • Source code handover: Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to NWC.
  • Other changes as required by NWC.

6.  Scope of Work:

  • The technical consultant shall hold the responsibility to design and develop a website in close coordination with NWC ‘s teams.
  • The Consultant shall hold overall responsibility in terms of work related to the development of website as per the quality standards/requirements of NWC.
  • Optimize the site for low bandwidth users.
  • Browser compatibility. Able to display appropriately on different browsers
  • The website design must be secured and should be adhere to the security best practices.
  • Train/Orientation a NWC’s staff on how to manage the new website and update content.
  • Develop a clear and accessible user guide and troubleshooting manual for the website and the CMS.
  • Make recommendations for backup/restore plan

7.  Logistics and Quality Assurance Procedures

Ethical plan: Production house is required to set out their approach to ensuring complete compliance with international good practice with regards to ethics and protocols particularly with regards to safeguarding children, vulnerable groups and those in fragile and conflict-affected states.  Consideration should be given to:

  • Administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of those participating in the News and Article related issues; 
  • DO NO HARM to any lingual, sex, culture and sovereignty with the content 
  • Data protection and secure maintenance procedures for personal information;
  • Age-appropriate assent processes based on reasonable assumptions about comprehension for the ages of children they intend to involve in the documentary.

8.  Reporting and Contracting Arrangements

The consultant will be expected to work with focal person of NWCfor communicating and reporting purposes and progress submission by end of every week. The consultant needs to submit the timeline and evidence of the publication (Website summary allocating the changes). In coordination with VSO Team (IT and Communication).  

9.  Intellectual Property 

This assignment is being funded by UK Aid and led by VSO, however NWC shall be the owner of the assignment output. All information related to this website will remain the property of NWC. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information will not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission from NWC.

NWC will hold exclusive right to the website designed and all the content that published on the website.

10.  Application Procedure

Consultancy firms are required to submit the following: 

  • Company profile along with Expression of interest, outlining how the agency meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the TOR with expected consultancy fee.
  • Proposed methodology / Approach and detailed Timeline with Deliverables;
  • Proposed Technology
  • Team Strength
  • Detailed Cost Break-down
  • Hosting Service (proposed hosting service – Optional)
  • Sample or Links to good examples of work already completed Track record in developing/conducting media campaigns for development sector.
  • Copy of company registration certificate.
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate.
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate FY 075/76.

11.  Supervision and Contact

For assistance and or point of contact for the consultancy will be IT Team of VSO, IT/ Communication Focal Point of NWC. Note a final product will be approved by NWC.

12.  Timeline

The website should be designed and developed within 4 -8 weeks of the contract being awarded, and the training and maintenance shall be provided for 8 weeks after the website goes online.

Interested and eligible Firms/individuals are requested to submit their Expression of interest (EoI) along with required documents as mentioned above to email ID: padmasorali.magar@vsoint.org with CC to procurement.nepal@vsoint.org no later than 16 September 2020.

Job Overview

Category Software Development
Openings 1
Position Type Temporary
Experience Please check vacancy details.
Education Please check vacancy details
Posted Date 11 Sep, 2020
Apply Before 16 Sep, 2020
City Lalitpur