Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Insurance Services

Habitat Nepal

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Details / requirements:

Habitat for Humanity International Nepal

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Insurance Services

RFQ launch date:

28 December 2023

Deadline for quotation submission:

11 January 2024

RFQ for Insurance Services:

Medical Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Non-life Insurance and Term Life Insurance.

Interested and eligible national insurance companies are required to submit 

a quotation for Insurance Services.

Documents required from interested and eligible national insurance companies:

  1. Registration certificate with Rastriya Beema Samiti. 
  2. VAT registration and submission of the latest financial year tax clearance for 2079/2080.
  3. The company must have experience of 10 years’ in related sector.  Please list 3-5 clients with whom you are providing insurance services. 
  4. All Quotation Documents filled by the vendor must be signed and stamped.

Other requirements:

  • Quotation documents/quoted prices must be valid for 1 year, from the date of opening of quotation.

Delivery Terms and Costs:

  • The rates quoted should be inclusive of all applicable Govt. taxes & all other related costs etc.

Payment Terms:

  • Habitat Nepal will make payment upon issue of policies, renewal of policies by account transfer to the insurance company.

Section A. Medical Insurance for Staff and Dependents. 

The insurance company should provide the premium cost according to the detailed mentions in the 

LINK- Medical Insurance RFQ.

Please provide premium options for medical insurance of 3 Lakh, 3.5 Lakh and 4 Lakh scale of benefits.

The Medical Insurance will cover staff, spouse with two children up to 21 years.

For unmarried staff it will cover their parents up to 80 years.

Section B. Group Personal Accident Insurance for staff up to NPR 25,00,000.00 (NPR 25 Lakh).

Section C. Other non-life insurance (vehicle insurance, property, electronic equipment, burglary, fire etc.)

Section D. Term life Insurance for staff with option package of 10 Lakh, 15 Lakh and 20 Lakh.

Expected deliverables from the Insurance Company:

  1. The medical claim documents will be accepted 60 days from the date of invoice. 
  2. The insurance company will provide reimbursement within 30 days of submission of claim documents. 
  3. The insurance company will provide reimbursement summery sheet e-copy.
  4. No age bar of staff and staff spouse will be applicable for insurance coverage until retirement age. 
  5. For unmarried staff the maximum age bar for the parents’ insurance coverage will be 80 years.
  6. The medical insurance claim reimbursement is 100% of the claim amount (there should be no deductibles in the claims).
  7. Newborn baby will be insured right after the birth, upon notification.
  8. The maximum age for children insurance is 21 years.
  9. For Habitat Nepal staff who leave the organization the insurance company on a pro-rata basis will refund paid premium up on request. 
  10. The insurance company will reimburse the claim amount directly to the bank accounts of the individual staff members.
  11. Staff who wish to enroll their children above 21 years and parents within the given age limit will do so and the insurance company with accept their enrollment.
  12. The insurance company will provide a focal person as the point of contact to deal directly with Habitat Nepal.
  13. The company will provide the list of hospitals, clinics with whom they have agreements for cashless medical claim settlement.
  14. The insurance company must agree adherence to Habitat Nepal’s ethical protocols, code of conduct including Safeguarding Policy.

Information from Habitat Nepal:

  1. Habitat Nepal will send the claims to the insurance company every 15 days.
  2. Will provide the name list, age of staff, spouse, children and parents. 
  3. Will provide the bank details of staff for the direct transfer of insurance claims to their account.
  4. The initial agreement with the selected insurance company will be for one year subject to extension on satisfactory service delivery by the company. 
  5. Habitat Nepal will provide an advance deposit of NPR 100,000.00 (NPR 1 Lakh) for the insurance benefits of new staff who join the organization.
  6. Provide list of office assets for non-life insurance.
  7. Section A, B and C (GMI. GPA and Other non-life insurance) will be consider as one package for vendor selection.
  8. Section D will be considered separately for vendor selection.
  9. Habitat for Humanity Nepal reserves all the right to accept or reject one or all RFQ proposals without assigning any reason whatsoever with its sole discretion.

Submission of RFQ and deadline

The insurance company is required to submit the request for quotation for insurance services.

In the RFQ submission subject line mention- RFQ for Insurance Services.

For the Medical Insurance mention, the detailed breakdown, scale of benefits for different packages, in the attached Medical Insurance RFQ.

All company legal documents and RFQs are to be submitted through email at:

The deadline for submission of proposal is 11 January 2024.


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