Request for Quotation for “Printing of Notebooks and Ball Pens”

USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal)

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Details / requirements:

USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) 

Request for Quotation

1. RFQ No. 
2. Issue Date
22nd February 2024
3. Title
Request for Quotation for “Printing of Notebooks and Ball Pens”
4. Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Quotes

DAI Global, LLC // USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal), Kupondole, Lalitpur


5. Deadline for Receipt of Questions (Electronically only)

All questions regarding this RFQ should be made via email only: and submitted no later than Thursday, 29th February 2024, at 17:00 local time.

Responses will be shared via. email by Friday, 1st March 2024.

6. Deadline for Receipt of Quotations (Electronically only)

All submissions regarding this RFQ should be made via email only: and submitted no later than Thursday, 7th March 2024, at 17:00 local time. Please note that this email address is different from the one assigned for sending questions related to his contracting process.

Due to biosafety issues, quotes and proposals are only being received electronically.

7. Point of Contact; Procurement Manager, USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal)
8. Anticipated Award Type

The anticipated specific terms and conditions are as follows:

Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order

The supplier will supply the goods and services in accordance with the price and delivery terms established in the signed purchase order.

There are no advances of any kind for any case.

All payments are made in local currency, in Nepali Rupees (Rs.). Payments are made by electronic transfer.

Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates DAI to award a subcontract or purchase order and offerors will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of their bid.

9. Basis for Award
The award will be issued to the responsible Offeror/s submitting the best value which includes price, delivery time, stock, and other relevant non-cost factors taken into consideration.

Interested Offerors may obtain complete solicitation (RFQ) documents at this link.

The quotation should be submitted by email to, labeled with RFQ reference # RFQ-KTM-24-0040, by Thursday, 7th March 2024, at 17:00 local time.


Category Development and Project, Development / NGO
Openings 1
Position Type Contract
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Posted Date 22 Feb, 2024
Apply Before 07 Mar, 2024
City Kathmandu