Project Field Coordinator/Finance Officer /Social Mobilizer (Re-advertisement)

Ujyalo Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Vacancy Announcement 


A.   Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperative.

Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperative situated in Tikapur Municipality ward-7; SattibazarKailali district; works in various financial and livelihood sectors at local level. The Cooperative is taking forward Index Based Flood Insurance (IBFI)initiative in Kailali and Bardiya district in partnership with Practical Action.

Index Based Flood Insurance (IBFI) initiative is co-funded by Z Zurich Foundation (Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance -ZFRA) and Insuresilience Solutions Fund (ISF). 

B.   Practical Action:

Practical Action is a change making organisation that works in unconventional ways. We put ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world.

We do things differently, so answers that start small can grow big - bringing people together in bold collaborations, using innovation and knowledge to build futures free from poverty and help shape a world that works better for everyone.

Practical Action is implementing Nepal flood resilience project (NFRP) of Zurich flood resilience Alliance (ZFRA) since 2013 with funding support of Z Zurich Foundation and Zurich Insurance.

C.   Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance: 

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (ZFRA) is a multi-sectoral partnership focusing on finding practical ways to help communities in developed and developing countries strengthen their resilience to flood risk. (ZFRA) is a global consortium of nine organizations including international NGOs, private sector and academic organizations, who have come together with the support of the Zurich Foundation to drive better policy and practice to reduce the negative impact of floods on peoples’ and communities’ ability to thrive.

ZFRA definition of resilience: The ability of a system, community, or society to pursue its social, ecological, and economic development and growth objectives, while managing its disaster risk over time in a mutually reinforcing way.

Vision: Floods have no negative impact on people’s and businesses’ ability to thrive.

 Goal: To increase social, political, and financial investment in community-based flood resilience-building through public, private, and third sector partnerships.

D.   Index-based flood insurance (IBFI) a risk transfer instrument for the flood prone communities of lower Karnali, Nepal is designed to achieve the pathways of flood resilience.

Parametric insurance is a subset of insurance products that provides compensation when hazard-related parameters, such as rainfall, wind speed or heat, surpass a predetermined threshold. 

Payments are based on the intensity of an event rather than actual loss, and when compared to traditional indemnity-based insurance, parametric insurance products offer a scientific and more transparent determination of payments. 

Innovative idea of index-based flood insurance (IBFI) is a means of risk transfer in partnership with private sector-Shikhar Insurance Company, Stone step AG and Global Parametric.

IBFI initiative aims to develop and roll out IBFI product that uses a proxy measurement to pay for economic losses, particularly, damage on property and agriculture production. IBFI model is reliant on the accurate modelling (both hydrodynamic and socio-economic model) of river flooding. It aims to develop a method for setting flood premiums and post flood payments. This will be based on evaluating risk of flooding, categorizing the project communities as per the designated flood risk zones, establishing local thresholds and exposure levels.

In achieving the pathways of climate resilience, Practical Action and Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperatives jointly with other partners has come up to introduce Index- based flood insurance (IBFI), as risk transfer instrument for the flood prone communities of lower Karnali, Nepal for two years. 

The initiative aims to integrate hi-tech modeling and satellite imagery with other data to for the determination of flood thresholds. Based on the agreed threshold a speedy compensation payout can be made, which is one of the important aspects of the project. Effective end-to-end solutions will be developed in collaboration with Shikhar Insurance, Stonestep, Global parametric, and with local cooperatives together with other concerned agencies at local, and federal level. Therefore, this innovative risk transfer mechanism contributes to the development of the local insurance market by building consumer awareness and education of the importance of risk transfer mechanisms, ultimately increasing willingness to buy diverse insurance products as a means of risk transfer. 

The overall objective(s) of the IBFI is to develop risk transfer mechanism for climate vulnerable smallholder farmers and marginalized people in Western Nepal in partnership with private sector actors, local government and local institutions. The expected outputs are: (1) Establish institutional setup for the pilot program and capacity building for insurance administration; (2) Establish the enabling external environment for the index-based insurance product to scale; and (3) Develop and pilot IBFI in communities.

E.   For the IBF Iinitiative Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperatives is recruiting following positions. 

1.  Project Field Coordinator- 1 (based in Head office of Ujyalo Cooperatives, Tikapur – 7, Sattibazar, Kailali)

Key Responsibilities: This position will be overall responsible to coordinate the line stakeholders. As a project implementer the project field coordinator is responsible to produce quality results work in close coordination with other 10 Cooperatives, government line agencies, IBFI collaborating partners (Shikhar Insurance, Stonestep, Practical Action)and other sector stakeholders. S/he will take lead role of planning, implementing, documentation of progress, learnings, project process documents and reporting. 

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Lead IBFI project field level activities from Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperatives and Liaison with partner Cooperatives, local/district Government stakeholders, Practical action and its collaborating partners (Stone step, Shikhar Insurance)
  • Ensure the target communities receive project benefits and access to IBFI product.
  • Project management on behalf of Ujyalo Multipurpose Cooperatives and be responsible for overall project management in coordination with Partner Cooperatives, CDMCs and local governments stakeholders.
  • Assist to Practical action and its collaborating partners for implementation of overall activities of risk modeling e.g., flood modeling and insurance product development. 
  • Assist the process of developing innovative insurance (IBFI) product and ensure developing approaches leaving no one behind. 
  • Work closely with the Practical Action's Senior Project Officer for IBFI, Project Officer for ZFRA and ZFRA Project partner CSDR team, seek support and ensure in creating synergy/ implement together both project activities in field. 
  • Coordination and work closely with CSDR – ZFRA project team for jointly project planning and implementation of field activities. 
  • Design the field activities and estimate the cost, prepare detail implementation plans through community participation, partner cooperatives and stakeholders in the project districts.
  • Implement the project activities smoothly as per the activity plan, maintaining the quality and timely outputs. Ensure that the benefits reach to the target communities timely and meet the results and objectives of the project.
  • Monitor the field activities to ensure the achievement in terms of physical targets on time and quality of the achievements.
  • Report periodically of the progress of the project activities to the immediate supervisor and Senior Project officer of Practical Action.
  • Assist to develop education, awareness and extension materials such as lessons learned papers, case studies etc. for sharing the experiences and information on the project with partners, visitors, stakeholders, beneficiaries and policy makers.
  • Ensure quality of the materials and services purchased for the project.
  • Mobilize social mobilizers and local resource persons (including that of partners cooperatives teams) stakeholders, project consultants and local resources in fulfilling the project objectives. 
  • Ensure that institutional and donor compliance requirements are fulfilled while delivering the project activities. 
  • Assist to Practical action Senior Project Officer for Roll out Index based flood insurance product in five municipalities.
  • Any other responsibilities as directed by Cooperatives Manager, Practical action senior project Officer, Project Manager and thematic lead.

Planning, monitoring and reporting of the project activities

  • Prepare annual, quarterly and monthly plans (both technical and financial) for effective execution of the Project activities as stipulated in the Letter of Agreement (LOA) document.  
  • Regular monitoring, reflection and review of project activities to ensure its effectiveness.  
  • Finalize the monthly, quarterly and annual progress report of the project activities with the support form Finance officer and social mobilizers. 
  • Prepare the project report as per the need.
  • Communicating progress and changes to relevant staff/stakeholders, beneficiaries and partner cooperatives. 
  • Ensure project database and reporting in timely submission of good quality product.

Coordination, communication and advocacy 

  • Coordinate with local government, partner Cooperatives, local/ district level government stakeholders, beneficiaries, civil society networks, community groups and other development partners in project areas/ for effective planning and lobbying for joint effort. 
  • Maintain relationship with the Practical Action, its consortium partners, partner cooperatives, local, district and provincial level stakeholders (both government and non-government) ensuring that transparency at all levels maintained and project information communicated to relevant stakeholders in timely manner.
  • Establish communications protocol (ways of working) to ensure that project information is regularly communicated to the board members of Ujyalo multipurpose Cooperatives, partner cooperatives and partner organization (i.e., Practical Action). 
  • Assist develop and strengthen networks of peers and contacts outside the organization. 
  • Proactively involved in various learning sharing events at local, district and provincial level to share the project knowledge as well as to influence the policy process related to index-based flood insurance program. 
  • Act as communication/coordination focal point for the project at district/local government level.  
  • Provides regular feedback to project team, partner cooperatives and coordinate with Practical Action team for addressing the issues and challenges arises during project implementation.
  • Conduct field assessment including vulnerability assessment, risk assessment of the communities and identification of gaps for planning. 

Organizational Policies, Safeguarding and Code of Conduct

  • Ensure that all involved acting on the organization's behalf is well aware on Safeguarding Policy, Diversity and Dignity in the Workplace Policy, Code of Conduct, Fraud policy and Whistleblowing policy.
  • Ensure beneficiaries whom we work with are aware of the safeguarding policy including the reporting lines when appropriate. 
  • Be responsible that anyone acting on project behalf has signed up to the Safeguarding and Code of Conduct policies 
  • Ensure Practical Action's ethics and values, as set out in Code of Conduct and related policies, including safeguarding, are embedded in team culture and well modelled by others. Ensure that reporting structure are well promoted and respond to all concerns appropriately.
  • Responsible for gender responsive behavior in all actions and decisions. Ensure non-discriminative behavior based on gender, age, sex, race, ethnic background, culture, disability, nationality, religion and marital status. Is sensitive and adaptable to gender and social inclusion.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Social Science, Business Development & marketing, Water, Cooperatives management and Flood Risk Management, or related development subject 
  • Five years of work experience with private sector mainly related to Cooperatives, insurance product design, DRR & climate change, and sufficient experience in disaster risk transfer mechanism, Business development and marketing, private sector or public-private finance mechanisms.
  • Good knowledge and experience of participatory approaches in project development, planning and implementation, climate change and DRR interface
  • Knowledge and experience of working in Disaster Risk Transfer mechanism, working with Cooperatives and insurance service providers would be added advantaged 
  • Experience in coordination with government stakeholders, Cooperatives, Insurance service providers and I/NGOs. 
  • A good team player at individual and institutional level 
  • Experienced in team works and managing relationships 
  • Excellent networking and communication skills, presentation and reporting skills 
  • High levels of demonstrated skills in prioritizing task and meeting deadlines 
  • Good analysis, writing in both English and Nepali 
  • Good influencing capacity and skills 
  • Able to work remotely and independently with an understanding of working in a multi-sited environment 
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to work in challenging and difficult situations 
  • Willingness and enthusiasm for working in remote areas with vulnerable communities living in project areas


The most important practical behaviors, for role success are:

  • Completing
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Dynamic

Salary and Benefits: attractive benefit package as allocated in Project.  

2.  Finance Officer - 1 (based in Cooperative’s office, Tikapur-7 Sattibazar, Kailali)

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain all financial transactions related to Index Based flood insurance - IBFI Program
  • Prepare income and expenses vouchers and revenue sheet.
  • manage petty Cash and Bank account and necessary account ledgers and payments.
  • Prepare monthly salary payroll of the staffs and arrange for payment.
  • Visit to project sites to ensure that stock book and inventories are maintained well and sample cross checking of locally purchased materials to ensure fairness of prices and quality.
  • Close monitor the project expenditure to ensure that the expenditure is within the approved budget and provide financial information to the Cooperative treasurer, Cooperative Manager, field Coordinator and board of directors when necessary.
  • Maintain the tax account and pay timely to the tax office. 
  • Prepare financial reports of the projects on a monthly basis and forecast for the next month budget.
  • Coordinate with Practical action concerning on financial matters as necessary.
  • Contribute to develop financial management systems as per necessary.
  • Train and support communities, CDMCs, Partner Cooperatives on procurement, financial management, documentation of agreement and budgeting record compilation
  • Assure the quality of goods and the service purchase for the purpose of the project.
  • Ensure the proper documentation of all financial documents including, settlement, handling transaction in timely manner, Maintain income and expense report regularly.
  • Make copy of all the financial documents and submission to Practical Action.
  • Follow the financial and administration policy and bylaws of Ujyalo multipurpose, Practical Action and norms of MoU of the project between organizations.
  • Keep recording of attendance sheet & leave record of all staffs, motor bike log book maintenance and overall administrative management of project. 
  • Provide logistic arrangements of filed visit, planning/review meeting, training event, workshop and so on. 
  • Other responsibilities as directed by field Coordinator (FC) to achieve results of the project.
  • Reporting to the field Coordinator and Practical Action Senior Project Officer regarding the financial progress and next month's budget forecasting. 
  • Other relevant work regarding the Finance Department


  • Make sure that all financial statements are timely prepared and reported to Practical action and FC.
  • Make sure that accounts are maintained in a professional and transparent manner.

Required Qualifications and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or related development subject 
  • Five years of work experience in account management in NGOs and Development Projects. 
  • Good knowledge and experience on Nepal Governmental Tax system. 

Salary and Benefits: attractive benefit package as allocated in Project.  

3. Social Mobilizer -2 positions: (1 position is Based in FRMC-IBFI Project communities of (Rajpur, Madhuban and Geruwa) Municipalities of Bardiya, District and another position is for Project communities of Tikapur and Janaki). Municipalities of Kailali district.

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Community mobilization for effective implementation of Index Based flood insurance – IBFI Project field level activities in the assigned communities and respective Municipalities.
  • Conduct awareness activities related to index-based flood insurance project produced insurance product, benefit of insurance product, DRR, community resilience in household and community level.
  • Provide support to Community Disaster Management Committees (CDMC) and Partner Cooperatives to prepare their action plans related to index based flood insurance program, its implementation, seeking resources/support and monitoring project activities.
  • work together with CSDR- ZFRA field team to implement field activities together ZFRA-ISF project. 
  • Facilitate CDMCs and Partner Cooperatives to increase their interface with government, non-government and other development agencies so that their priorities to build resilience are addressed.
  • community mobilization related to index-based flood insurance related awareness raising and insurance product marketing in target communities. 
  • Prepare logistic management for project team during field visit. 
  • Prepare meeting minutes at the field level community meetings and other events in local level.
  • Prepare process documentation of project activities and report to Field Coordinator.
  • Maintain effective communication with project team, community members, partner cooperatives, local resource persons, local stakeholders and local governments.
  • Prepare monthly movement schedule and work plan and share with project team.
  • Collect data, success/failure stories, cases and lessons learned from the field.
  • Assist to Admin & Finance Officer in making payments and follow financial procedures.
  • Coordination with partner cooperatives, Local governmental cooperatives section, agriculture section, other government agencies, NGOs and INGOs working in the field.
  • Prepare plan and progress report on monthly basis and submit to Field Coordinator.
  • Participation in the meeting with local government and development agencies in the area.
  • Other responsibilities as directed by field Coordinator to achieve results of the project.

Required knowledge, skill and Ability

  • Intermediate in any subject and 2 years social mobilization experience in NGOs development project specially on Disaster Risk Reduction. 
  • Good knowledge and experience on facilitate community meetings and awareness raising.

Salary and Benefits: attractive benefit package as allocated in Project.  

Qualified interested candidates are requested to submit their (1) Application letter; (2) Updated CV along with at least two references; email to no later than 21 October 2021 (Nepal time). 


The candidates who have applied before do not need to apply. We only accept the application sent to the Ujyalo cooperative's email address Candidates are requested to send the Cover letter and Resume only via email. Remaining relevant documents will be asked after the shortling process.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified for selection process through telephone or email. The selection process will include written test, presentations and interview. 

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   १)    सवारी चालक अनुमतिपत्र प्राप्त हुनुपर्ने । 

   २)    नेपाली र अंग्रेजी भाषामा प्रतिवेदन तयार गर्न सक्ने ।

   ३)    स्थानीय भाषा सजिलै बोल्न सक्ने ।

   ४)    अन्य संघसंस्था तथा कार्यालयसंग सजिलै समन्वय गर्न सक्ने ।

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Category Accounting and Finance, Development and Project
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Posted Date 08 Oct, 2021
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