Organizational Development Expert – Short Term Technical Assistance

DAI-Tayar Nepal

Detailed Job description / requirements:

USAID Tayar Nepal - Improved Disaster Risk Management Project

Scope of Work

Developing Standard Operating Procedures for NDRRMA

Position: Organizational Development Expert – Short Term Technical Assistance

Number of Experts: 2 experts

Level of Effort: Up to 40 days (Intermittent)

Period of Performance: On/about February 1 to May 31, 2020

Base of Operations: Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Background:

USAID/Nepal’s Tayar Nepal– Improved Disaster Risk Management Project (Tayar Nepal) will strengthen the capacity of Nepal’s national and sub-national institutions responsible for disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response.  Nationally, Tayar Nepal works with the newly created National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) and other disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) entities to improve how national-level systems and institutions address to all types of risks caused by natural hazards and technical disasters. Locally, Tayar Nepal works in target municipalities to enhance local DRRM capacity by working with existing and new local bodies and communities to identify and implement successful DRRM initiatives which are consistent with national level policies and guidelines.  In the event of a disaster, USAID/Nepal may engage the project’s rapid emergency response mechanism. The program will apply lessons learned from disaster response efforts to improve national-level DRRM systems and municipal-level risk-reduction activities.

The NDRRMA, which under the federal system is organized under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), is mandated to lead DRRM coordination among government at all levels (federal, provincial and local) and oversee implementation of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) National Strategic Action Plan 2018-2030. One of the key needs of the nascent NDRRMA is to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide the authority’s key functions: administration & operations; disaster risk reduction; preparedness for effective response, recovery & rehabilitation; coordination & collaboration; reporting, monitoring &evaluation; and budget allocation and utilization. Tayar Nepal will provide technical support to NDRRMA to develop these SOPs by recruiting and mobilizing two Organizational Development Experts. 

Position Overview: The Organizational Development Experts will work closely with the NDRRMA to draft SOPs that will guide the authority’s key functions.  S/he will review relevant DRRM laws and governance systems in Nepal as well as in other countries with a federal structure like Nepal.  

Tasks: Developing the SOPs requires detailed analysis of relevant DRRM legal and policy documents and best practices; and, meetings and consultations with NDRRMA officials and relevant stakeholders. The Consultant will work with NDRRMA staff to collect, review and analyze Nepal’s relevant DRRM legislation; review the existing repository of Nepal’s DRRM reports and lessons learned; and, consolidate the findings and analysis into draft SOPs. The SOPs will cover NDRRMA’s core functions as mentioned below, but not limited to this list. The Consultant will work collaboratively with NDRRMA to identify a final list of SOPs, formulate the required procedures for each function, and then draft the SOP.  

  1. Administration &Operations: National DRRM Council & Executive Committee meetings; Execution of NDRRMA; and implementation of the decisions and its plan.
  2. Laws, policies, guidelines, standards& plan formulation: mainstreaming DRM into development process (short, medium & long term); risk assessment, research & study and education curriculum; capacity building, training & orientation, awareness; and implementation
  3. Emergency preparedness & response and recovery &rehabilitation: search & rescue operation, relief distribution & emergency management, drill &simulation and focal agency or person for emergency preparedness & response; rehabilitation & reconstruction; mobilization of resources; Build Back Better approach.
  4. Coordination & collaboration: stakeholders at federal, provincial & local levels; security agencies; development partners; humanitarian actors; academia; private sectors; I/NGOs; media and CSO.
  5. Reporting, monitoring & evaluation: Report to National DRRM Council, Executive Committee & GON, liaison with MoHA; Represent & report at international level; collection, compilation & publication of progress report; lessons &learned documentation& sharing; and institutionalization of disaster information management system, knowledge management & national resource center for DRRM. 
  6. Budget allocation: planning and budgeting; adaption of DRR budget & introduction of code; implementation of long-term strategic actions aligned with regional and global commitment (SFDRR, CCA & SDG).

Deliverables and Time Frame: Please  Click Here  to see and download Deliverables and Time Frame or by following the link at

Management and Reporting: The Consultant will report directly to Tayar Nepal’s DRM Governance Specialist, and under the oversight of the Chief of Party (COP) or her designee. The Consultant will closely collaborate with NDRRMA leadership throughout the duration of the assignment.  

The Consultant will prepare the deliverables in the languages specified above.  In principle, the Consultant will be responsible for arranging his/her own work space and equipment. Work space may be provided in the Tayar Nepal office upon request and subject to availability.

Reference Documents: The Consultant is advised to refer to the following documents throughout the duration of the assignment: 

  • DRRM related existing law, policy, guidelines, standard operating policies and Organization and Management (O&M) report of NDRRMA
  • Nepal’s Constitution as well as documents related to Nepal’s federal system and DRRM stakeholders
  • DRRM documents of other countries with a federal governance structure similar to Nepal

Qualifications and Experiences

  • At least 10 years of experience, including relevant work in disaster risk reduction &management, law, public policy, or public administration 
  • Experience in assessing organizational capability and implementing associated organization development and capacity building
  • Experience drafting SOPs in Nepal
  • Knowledge of Nepal’s current federal governance system and management of disaster preparation, mitigation and response activities 
  • Work experience with GON and with development partners in disaster governance & institutional development areas through wider engagement of stakeholders 
  • Master’s degree in relevant field required
  • Fluent in English and Nepali

Application Instructions: 

Interested applicants should submit their updated CV along with brief technical proposal to by January 19, 2020.

Women and persons with disabilities, marginalized and disadvantaged communities are encouraged to apply.

Job Overview

Category Development and Project
Openings 2
Position Type Contract
Experience 10+ years
Education Post Graduate / Masters in related field.
Posted Date 10 Jan, 2020
Apply Before 19 Jan, 2020
City Lalitpur