Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Director

USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal)

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Scope of Work

USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal)

Gender, Equality, and Social Inclusion (GESI) Director

POSITIONGender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Director 

USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) will conserve nature, enhance human well-being, and safeguard Nepal’s biodiversity to improve the health of ecosystems, fight environmental crime, and improve the ability of communities to prepare for and adapt to impacts caused by climate change and natural disasters. The activity will achieve measurable conservation targets within the biodiversity-rich, terrestrial, and freshwater ecosystems in and around the Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape, Kailash Sacred Landscape, Terai Arc Landscape, and the proposed Karnali Conservation Landscape while increasing resilience to climate change and contributing to the inclusive and sustainable development of the Nepali people. To accomplish this, USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) will implement activities aligned with three mutually interrelated and reinforcing objectives: improve the health of ecosystems (Objective 1), strengthen environmental crime control and natural resource safeguards (Objective 2), and enhance the climate resilience of natural and human ecosystems (Objective 3).

1. Objectives of the assignment 

The GESI Director will lead the development of the USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) gender equality and social inclusion mainstreaming strategy and plan, that uphold USAID gender, youth, Indigenous People, LGBTQI+ individuals, and persons with disabilities policies. He/she will work with other technical specialists in developing the system for the consolidation and analysis of sex-disaggregated data and other GESI related data and identifying potential socio-economic impacts on USAID Biodiversity’s (Jal Jangal) activities. He/she will provide training or guidance to teams in mainstreaming gender equality and socially inclusive development in technical work and organizing capacity-building interventions for partners on gender polices and other related concerns.

2. Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Reviews and updates the USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) GESI Action Plan to consider priority activities in annual workplans and learnings from implemented gender mainstreaming activities. Ensures that the Action Plan upholds USAID and Government of Nepal gender policies. 
  • Support the integration of GESI approaches and interventions, as well as GESI-specific tools in work plans, promoting meaningful participation of marginalized groups, broad inclusivity reflective of host communities, and gender balance.
  • Oversee streams of work for each objective and recommend clear, actionable measures to remove barriers preventing women and marginalized groups from participating or benefitting from USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal). Facilitate uptake of recommendations into programming and the activity’s interventions. 
  • Provide training or guidance to USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) team in mainstreaming inclusive development approaches and interventions in biodiversity conservation. Develop appropriate tools and protocols in the development, implementation, and documentation of mainstreaming actions in team training and technical assistance activities, e.g., training, resource management planning and management, policy formulation, enforcement, livelihoods, behavior change campaigns.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate GESI considerations and principles in local government structures, performance measurement processes, policies, plans, enforcement and oversight mechanisms, and budget allocations.
  • Conduct GESI related trainings and capacity building events for team and partners/stakeholders.
  • Design interventions that address GESI disparities and create opportunities for women and other excluded groups’ meaningful participation leadership and participation in natural resource management.
  • Work with field staff to track GESI performance in participating local governments and with grantees and funding recipients to track GESI performance in grant and other funding implementation.
  • Reviews activity designs and outputs to inform improved gender mainstreaming in activity implementation.
  • Oversee the MEL team including leading the design and implementation of the USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Plan and ensure indicators, evaluation methodology and data collection systems are appropriate and practical.
  • Lead the development of qualitative and quantitative monitoring indicators and methods for collecting associated data.
  • Lead the design, contracting (as necessary) and implementation of monitoring surveys and research.
  • Technically supervise regional Senior GESI Officers. 
  • May directly supervise up to 5 USAID Biodiversity (Jal Jangal) staff members.

3.     Qualifications 

  • At least 13 years of experience if master’s degree holder, or 15 years of experience if bachelor’s degree holder in relevant area. (Subtract one year of relevant experience—12 years with master’s or 14 years with Bachelors—for persons from marginalized groups). 
  • Experience in environmental conservation, specifically in water, land, forest, and biodiversity is strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated management, leadership, technical, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated success in advancing gender and social inclusion in past projects.
  • Strong writing and oral presentation skills.
  • Ability to speak, read and write English fluently.

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Application instructions:

Please select the position for which you are interested in applying for, fill out the required information and upload your CV. Only shortlisted applicants will receive notifications on the next steps.

Interested candidates should submit their application no later than October 1, 2023. 

Women and persons from excluded groups are encouraged to apply.

Consistent with DAI’s commitment to attracting and retaining staff from all races, ethnicities, castes and backgrounds, DAI may adjust eligibility requirements to allow for applicants from excluded groups.  In these cases, the Scope of Work and vacancy announcement will clearly indicate the minimum requirements according to the Country Compensation Plan as well as the revised minimum requirements for applicants representing an excluded group. DAI promotes workforce diversity and in Nepal, DAI considers excluded groups to be women, Dalits, indigenous ethnic minority groups, Madhesi, Muslim, persons with disabilities, people living in remote areas, and sexual and gender minorities.


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