Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

Details / requirements:


1. Presentation of Terre des Hommes Project

Terre des hommes has targeted Operational Partnerships and Localisation as one of its key approaches in its 2021-2024 Strategy. Terre des hommes recognizes the importance of engaging in a profound shift in power dynamics between the different actors in both humanitarian and development contexts.

Part of this commitment involves internal and external capacity building and support to Tdh’s delegations and local partners towards Localisation. Tdh manages LocalLink Hub, a platform that hosts a range of documents dedicated to its partners including, but not limited to, E-learning Capacity Development Sessions (trainings), Partnerships and Localisation tools and documents related to program on Partnerships and Localisation. E-learning trainings will both be designed by Tdh and extracted from external E-learning website (if relevant to the subject and in agreement with training designers). Moreover, in-person capacity development sessions will be organized by Tdh across pilot countries selected for the Localisation initiative.


This initiative is part of a wider “Partnership and Localisation” project that prioritizes a Power Shift from the Global North to local and national actors from the Global South. This shift must occur with respects to the main languages in the selected pilot countries: Albanian, Bengali, Hungarian, Hindi, Nepali.

Project Details:

  • Strengthening Local Organisations Capacities and Engagement through Tdh interventions
  • From 01.07.2022 to 30.06.2026

Tdh must strive to reach this objective while respecting the local languages used in selected pilot countries, and for other languages to be selected in the scope of this project.

The selected pilot countries are Albania, Bangladesh, Hungary, India, Mauritania, and Nepal. Ukraine may be added to this list depending on funding opportunities.

The languages concerned are: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Hungarian, French, Indian, Nepali, and Ukrainian. Translations will be either performed from English to concerned language, or vice versa.

Project stakeholders:

  • Tdh HQ and Tdh delegations involved: Albania, Bangladesh, Hungary, India, Mauritania and Nepal. Other delegations may be involved starting 2025 depending on project scale-up.
  • All local and national partners interested to attend trainings available on the Locallink Hub Platform: https://locallink.childhub.org/en/locallink-welcome
  • Tdh HQ, Tdh delegations, Tdh local and national partners’ staff and all interested parties operating in the Global South.

2. Objective of the Service

  • Why does this project need this service?

Although Tdh has staff focal points in the selected countries (and will maintain their support throughout the project), it will require professional translation services to ensure the quality of its e-learning modules, documents, or trainings. The service needed will be ad-hoc and will involve different kind of activities:

  • Provide up-to-standard and professional translation on documents, E-learning modules and in-person trainings to Tdh HQ or delegations operating in one of the selected pilot countries.
  • Ensure design and layout of translated documents correspond to the design and layout of the original documents as required.
  • Give expert advice on translation modalities based on designed material.

3. Scope of the Service Needed

The service will be needed from mid-2024 (As soon as the contract signature is effective) to June 30th, 2026, in an ad-hoc manner. It will be either led at Lausanne HQ or in one of the selected pilot countries.

Throughout this period, Tdh will work on several of E-learning training modules that will be uploaded on an Online Platform (LocalLinklead Hub).

Translations will be aimed at helping Tdh local and national partners operating in Albania, Bangladesh, Hungary, India, Mauritania, Ukraine and Nepal (first) and then all delegations (at a second stage, upon Global project scale-up). Necessary Translations will be provided by Tdh in a format agreed upon with the selected service provider.

Material will be designed in English or any other languages mentioned in lot 1 or lot 2 first for the translation to be carried out. The coordination with the selected service provider must be led by the Lausanne HQ team (Partnerships Project Manager) and all relations between Tdh and the supplier will be done in English.

Tdh needs a flexible service for which the service provider can dedicate hours of its time to support Tdh in its work. Hours to be dedicated may greatly vary but will always be discussed and explained two weeks prior the official request.

4. Division into Lots

To streamline the procurement process and cater to the specific expertise required for different languages, the tender is divided into two distinct lots:

Lot 1: European Languages

Languages Included: Albanian, Hungarian, French, Ukrainian.

Services Required:

  • Translation from Albanian, Hungarian, French and Ukrainian to English.
  • Translation from English to Albanian, Hungarian, French and Ukrainian.

Special Requirements: Proficiency in European linguistic nuances and familiarity with regional terminologies.

Lot 2: Non-European Languages

Languages Included: Arabic, Nepali, Bengali, Hindi.

Services Required:

  • Translation from Arabic, Nepali, Bengali, and Hindi to English.
  • Translation from English to Arabic, Nepali, Bengali, and Hindi.

Special Requirements: Proficiency in linguistic nuances specific to the Middle Eastern and South Asian regions, and familiarity with cultural and contextual terminologies.


Given the format of the expected contract (framework agreement), it is complex to give precise expected deliverables. We can however describe some basic tasks and a minimum expectation of services.

At least

  • 20 translation services by June 30th, 2026. Each translation will be formalised in a clearly defined request with the supplier. Translation request will be based on documentation provided by Tdh in Word, Excel, PPT or another format defined in a contract with the selected provider.

Expected Tasks

  • Provide up-to-standard and professionally led proofreading and translations.
  • Ensure design and layout of translated documents correspond to the design and layout of the original documents as required.
  • Give expert advice on the best method to translate a document provided by Tdh.

Deliverables must be provided in the requested language.

  1. Chronogram

The service will be needed from the date of contract signature (in 2024) until June 30th, 2026. The selected service provider must undertake the assignment after discussion with Tdh.

The following requirements will ensure that Tdh’s request are clear:

  • Tdh will warn the service provider at least two weeks before putting a request in. In agreement with the selected suppliers, Tdh requests may be categorized based on their length (either less than 500 characters or more than 500 characters, for example). Translations requests and the expected service timeline can be adapted accordingly.
  • Tdh will give the request to the service provider by email. Requests will systematically come with clear Terms of Reference detailing the needed works. The service provider must signal Tdh feasibility and the expected timeline maximum 5 days after the request is put in.
  • The Terms of Reference will include the following details: clear expectations of works needed, expected timeline, language details… Tdh commits to providing the service provider with all needed details that the service provider may require.
  • The service provider must ensure that time is dedicated for briefing with the field into his schedule (if needed), in addition to basic and coordinated debriefing. Tdh will accommodate the need for additional meetings to clarify its request, if needed by the service provider.
  • If required by Tdh, the service provider must ensure that adjustments can be brought to a second version of a final product she/he has done for/with Tdh, upon request.

5. Roles and responsibilities (Service Provider)

The below list is exhaustive, and tasks will differ depending on the Tdh requests:

  • Provide and translations as per Tdh needs.
  • Ensure design and layout of translated documents correspond to the design and layout of the original documents as required.
  • Provide advice and consultation on best way to translate a specific document.

Profile of the Service Provider qualifications and experience:


  • University degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s) in translation with good knowledge of humanitarian and development terminologies.
  • Experience, expertise:
    • Experience in written translations in all mentioned languages: Albanian, Hungarian, French, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Arabic and Ukrainian for clients such as UN agencies, INGOs, research institutes, human rights organizations, translation services or others;
    • Excellent knowledge of MS Office;
    • Knowledge of E-learning SCORM softwares is preferable;

Language abilities:

  • English fluency required.
  • Mastering of the following language: French, Arabic, Albanian, Hungarian, Nepali, Hindi or Bengali.

The service provider must be selected based on the following preferences:

  • Past experiences working on Translations in the humanitarian/development sector.
  • Experience using Moodle and Articulate or other E-learning softwares.
  • Flexibility to dedicate working time upon request.
  • Price range.


Tdh intends to dedicate a maximum of 22,000 CHF to this service until 30.06.2026. This amount is a maximum budget for needed services over the years of implementation. If the services cost less or must be re-allocated to another year, Tdh and the service provider must remain flexible.

Budget expenditures will be coordinated by the Lausanne HQ. The expenditures will cover all service providers’ needs to carry out the Tdh request: Working hours related to Tdh-ordered work, potential ad-hoc technical support needed.

How to apply

1. Application procedures

Interested candidates should present a technical offer comprising:

  • Company registration and credentials.
  • Up to date CVs (in the case of companies, please include CVs of staff members involved in the service provision)
  • Methodology and tools proposed.
  • Details on flexibility in when and how tasks are managed.
  • One or two examples of Translations done in the past
  • Detailed Past experiences including at least 3 completion certificates or recommendation letters.
  • Price Offer.

Tdh should consider individuals or teams of candidates equally and regardless of the country of origin (Keeping in mind that payments would be done in CHF).

Applicants should send the whole of this documentation in electronic form to martin.gallard@tdh.org, by the 25th of July 2024 the latest.

2. Reference documents and annexes

Documents required for the evaluation preparation:

  • Provision of at least 3 examples of translations done for another client
  • Report of previous jobs carried out by service provider (completion certificates, recommendation letter…)


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