Consultant for Accelerated Cash Transfer Programming (CTP)

People in Need

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Detailed Job description / requirements:

Terms of Reference


Piloting Approaches and Delivery for Accelerated Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in Nepal


Each year, People in Need awards flexible internal funding to Country Programmes for innovative projects that test new ideas, focus on new technology or services, and transform lives. People in Need – Nepal was awarded a small amount of funding in early 2021 to test a pilot approach and delivery for accelerated cash-transfer programming (CTP) in Nepal. Part of this funding is allocated for a comprehensive consultant-led research paper about digital CTP in Nepal, as well as the design of an approach and delivery mechanism – utilising developments in distributed ledger technology (DLT) – to be mobilised in response to a disaster during the upcoming monsoon season. 


The consultant will be expected to conduct a thorough Desk Review (including case studies) of existing digital CTP&DLT practices, conduct Key Informant Interviews with key actors, partners and stakeholders, and focus-Group Discussions at the community level. 

Principal Objective:

  • To develop an innovative, scalable approach and delivery mechanism for an accelerated digital CTP utilizing DLT within an emergency, disaster context. 


  • Conduct a comprehensive desk review of existing CTP in Nepal cataloguingdigitalprecedents and practice;
  • Increase collaboration with external coordination networks and strategic partnerships including the Cash Coordination Group and its members; 
  • Exchange knowledge and learning with other PIN CPs promoting developed approach and scale-up opportunities; 
  • Produce a comprehensive report including recommendations for a suitable digital cash intervention including associated guidance, tools & SOPs

Scope of Work:

  • Develop workplan at the start of the analysis detailing specific tasks and deadlines;
  • Extensively review existing research and past approaches to digital CTP in Nepal, identifying benefits and risks (considering access, supply chains, inflation, coordination with government officials etc.);
  • Conduct a preliminary analysis of entitlement exchange, and vendor mapping in Nepal;
  • Conduct Key Informant Interviews with key actors, partners and stakeholders (including FSPs, private sector partners, and tech companies) to gain a greater understanding of perceptions and planning relating to digital CTP including DTL approaches;
  • Conduct Focus Group Discussions with persons living in disaster-prone areas and respective vendors, to ascertain their willingness to participate in a CTP pilot intervention, their level of connectivity and bank account ownership, as well as the general basis of operations and compliance with minimum requirements for the pilot intervention;
  • Prepare a detailed Final Report with associated guidance, tools and SOPs. 


Desk review: Review of relevant documentation and secondary data, including:

  • A review of existing CTP in Nepal, and its digital precedents and practices;
  • Key actors/partners/stakeholders in CTP;
  • Quantitative data from official source mechanisms and platforms;
  • National strategic documents such as national action plans, shadow reports, concluding observations, and country-level research strategies and reports.

Primary data collection: Design and delivery of qualitative data collection methods, including: 

  • Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with community members and relevant key bodies/stakeholders engaged in CTP;
  • Community-level Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with persons living in disaster-prone areas and respective vendors, to ascertain their willingness to participate in a CTP pilot intervention.

Deliverables and Timeline:

Start Consultancy 
April-12, 2021
Develop methodology protocols, tools and workplan (including validation meeting)
Data collection, transcription, and analysis 
First Draft Report (including validation meeting)
Final Draft (including associated guidance, tools and SOPs)
Presentation to PIN-Nepal and CCG members 
5 days

All interested candidates should send the following documents by April-9, 2021 (early application is strongly encouraged as PIN will review manifestations of interest throughout the advertising period and reserve the right to close the opening early). Follow this link to upload the mandatory documents:

  • Technical proposal (2-pager outlining methodology, timeline, and understanding of ToR);
  • Cover Letter including daily rate;
  • Updated CV in English;
  • Sample of similar work. 

Budget and Resources

The consultant is required to mention in its application a daily rate in USD based on a sum total of 30-days to carry-out the consultancy. All other costs related to the consultancy (i.e. in-country travel, accommodation, logistical support) will be covered by PIN Nepal, upon agreement.

Payment will be issued in two instalments:

  • 40% upon submission of consultancy protocols;
  • 60% upon acceptance of the Final Report 

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