Consultancy Service for Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) Training and VCA Report Writing

Dalit Help Society

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The Consultancy Service for Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) Training and VCA Report Writing

1.  Dalit Sahayog Samaj (DHS) OVERVIEW

Dalit Help Society (DHS) Bajhang is a Nongovernment and Nonprofit organization it has been established by Dalit youth in 2062. It also registered Bajhang district administrations office in 2063. It has already worked many project coordination with government and nongovernment agency. DHS has worked in many related themes as like Education, Health, Livelihood and Disaster management and equip for transformational Development. 

Initially, it was established for social intervention such as peacebuilding, Social and human development, transparency accountability as like conduct the awareness program and women leadership, livelihood, sanitation and special concern on poor and marginalize people for their social justice and equity.

DHS strongly believes in the creation of an equitable and prosperous society which is only possible when there is no discrimination among the people by caste, gender and age, equal opportunity to all, social inclusion to represent all the community people. DHS has been lobbying and advocating on behalf of elimination of all kinds of discrimination, participatory process, social inclusion, community mediation, and social mobilization with the partnership of district-level stakeholders like WCO, women network, LPC, NGO Federation, and others Line agency.

2.  About the project and scope of work : 

DHS is implementing a seven months pilot project known as the Integrated Disaster Resilience Program(IDRP) in Bungal Bajhang. The project is going to complete in December 2020. During the project implementation, DHS aims to explore the local need, establish a partnering relationship with the local government and create a foundation for a long-term disaster resilience project in the area. The vulnerability and capacity assessment of Bungal is one of the key priorities of the project, therefore, to achieve the scope of the project, DHS is looking for a short term (one month) consultant to analyses the data and write a report in English from the data and information being compiled shared by DHSteam in Bajhang.

The consultant will support to impart the VCA knowledge and skill to the community volunteers. S/he will help to produce the VCA report of Bungal Municipality. DHS’s staff and DHS’s partner NGO, namely, Dalit Help Society (DHS) Bajhang will work on training arrangement, volunteer identification, data collection, stakeholder coordination and VCA report sharing to the Municipality and like-minded organizations in the district. After the VCA training, participants will collect data from each ward of Bungal Municipality. DHS will compile the data and hand over to the consultant. The consultant’s assignment includes data analysis, identification of findings and VCA report writing. 

The consultant will travel once to Bajhang and visit Bungal Municipality. The VCA training will take place in Chainpur Bajhang the data analysis and VCA report writing can be carried out from the Consultant’s place. DHS and partner NGO will organize training and arrange every required logistic such as travel, food, accommodation, training materials for all the participants and consultant. DHS will provide onsite coaching to the participants assure the collection of required data for the VCA report.

3.  Deliverables of the assignment are,

  • Four days applied training on VCA to community volunteers representing every ward of Bungal Municipality and formulation of a required questionnaire or information sheet for the VCA assessment
  • Analysis of VCA data and information; preparation of a preliminary report with key findings
  • Virtual sharing of finding to the relevant DHS staff from Bajhang and Kathmandu Office.
  • Draft report of VCA with details about the context, analytical framework, study objectives and methodology, findings with relevant facts figures, conclusion, and recommendation. The report is expected to be Between 25-35 pages with photographs and annexes.DHS staff will provide relevant photographs as desired by the consultant.
  • Final report submission

A consultant will work in consultation of DHS, Cluster Team Leader Bajhang. S/he will require his computer and tools for the data analysis and VCA report writing. 

4.  Timeframe : 

The services are required complete by 15 November  2020

Tentative date
VCA training and field plan
2-6 October 2020
Preliminary report and findings sharing
17 October 2020
Draft report
22 October 2020
Feedback on the draft report from DHS
27 October 2020
Final Report
15 November 2020

5.  Qualification of applicant :

  • Registered firm or independent consultant with the required knowledge on VCA
  • Required expertise on VCA training to selected community volunteers
  • Required sound and demonstrated expertise on data analysis and report writing, in English
  • Desirable familiarity with the context of Bajhang

6.  Selection Criteria 

DHS will establish a selection committee, which will assess applications based on the following criteria: 

  • Required knowledge and qualification on the subject matter
  • Relevant experience  
  • Quality of writing in English and 
  • Budget

7.  Mode of Payment

  • 40% of total contract amount after delivery of VCA training
  • 60% of the amount after submission of the final report and acceptance thereof by DHS 

8.  Application process 

Applicants are asked to provide the following information: 

  • CV specifying organizational/ individual capacity statement relevant to the VCA
  • Financial Proposal for the applied training on VCA and its report writing
  • A sample report in English, written in full by the applicant
  • Proof of firm tax / VAT registration (for a firm) and Proof of tax registration (for an individual). 

Interested firms/Individuals should submit their application, inclusive of the document and information as mentioned above, to DHS Contact no: 092-421367. Email address: no later than 20 Sep 2020 COB. The application with incomplete information will not be considered. DHS reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.

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Posted Date 11 Sep, 2020
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