Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): Consultant

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Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Terms of reference (July 2024)

Project Activity: Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Disaster Preparedness Policy Expert in Nepal

Duration: Up to maximum of 7 working days during a two month-period starting in July

Project Overview 

Promoting Results and Outcomes through Policy and Economic Levers (PROPEL) Adapt is a USAID-funded project mandated to work within the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus to strengthen policy, advocacy, financing, and governance systems for the provision of FP/RH services integrated with HIV/AIDS and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in fragile settings and the context of shocks and stressors.

Summary of consultancy

PROPEL Adapt seeks a local consultant to partner on planning and executing a virtual convening with Nepalese family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH), disaster risk management (DRM)/emergency preparedness and response (EPR), and climate adaptation stakeholders. Following the FP/RH Policy Resilience Scorecard validation exercise completed in Nepal in February 2024, which identified policy strengths, gaps, and opportunities, the convening will aim to co-create model policy language that could be integrated into Nepal’s existing policy frameworks to address identified gaps and strengthen the FP/RH preparedness policy landscape. The consultant will leverage their networks and relationships to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the convening, including policymakers, multi-lateral agencies, advocates, civil society representatives, and other local and international non-governmental stakeholders across the humanitarian-development nexus, inclusive of actors focused on gender equity and social inclusion. 

Activity background

As the number and impacts of crises rise, with growing numbers of people affected worldwide, countries are increasingly recognizing that emergency preparedness is essential to ensuring uninterrupted health services when shocks and stressors occur. As of February 2024, 78% of FP2030 commitment-making countries (28 out of 36 countries) had integrated EPR in their commitments. This is a marked increase compared to 2017, when only one country made a specific commitment to EPR. However, many countries do not yet have enabling policies in place to advance these commitments, or have gaps in their existing policies. 

PROPEL Adapt is developing model policy language to provide guidance to countries committed to strengthening the policy environment for FP/RH preparedness. The model policy language will provide a starting point for countries to adapt and build on as they develop new FP/RH preparedness policies and/or strengthen existing policies. Given that national policy structures and opportunities vary substantially, the guidance will offer an array of options, including a template for a standalone FP/RH preparedness policy (outlining sections that might be included and language that would be useful to include in each section), as well as key paragraphs or bullet points that could be integrated into existing FP/RH, DRM, EPR, and climate adaption policy frameworks. It will also highlight examples of strong language from existing FP/RH preparedness policies. 

PROPEL Adapt will start by conducting a desk review of existing national FP/RH preparedness policies. To ensure the model policy language is responsive to identified country needs and priorities, PROPEL Adapt will then convene stakeholders globally and in two countries to solicit contributions on the content and structure of the model policy language. The country convenings will also provide an opportunity to co-create locally relevant policy language. Based on the results of the desk review and the inputs from global and country-level partners, the project will then develop draft model policy language. The draft will be open for review and inputs from the full range of global and country partners before it is finalized and disseminated globally.

Nepal is one of the two countries selected for activity implementation. Nepal’s FP2030 commitment includes a strategy to integrate the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for SRH in disaster risk reduction plans at all levels, signaling a strong commitment to strengthening FP/RH preparedness. The Scorecard validation showed that many policies in Nepal support a resilient environment for FP/RH, including a documented commitment to implementing the MISP during crises, but it also uncovered some gaps. Policies do not require training on the MISP for healthcare workers, and only partially outline procedures to bring on additional FP/RH service providers or allow for task shifting as needed during an emergency response. They also only partially allow health facilities to put in place contingency mechanisms (such as alternate hours, multi-month distribution of commodities, etc.) that enable continued essential RH service provision during shocks and stressors, and only partially contain plans to expand from the MISP to comprehensive RH services in the aftermath of an acute crisis. The activity will seek to support stakeholders to address these gaps.

Objective of consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to partner with PROPEL Adapt to plan and execute a virtual convening with Nepalese stakeholders to build consensus on existing gaps in FP/RH preparedness, surface local priorities and contextual challenges, and co-create model policy language that could be integrated into Nepal’s existing policy frameworks. The convening will bring together FP/RH, DRM, EPR, and climate resilience actors, including policymakers, multi-lateral agencies, advocates, civil society, and other local and international NGOs across the humanitarian-development nexus, inclusive of organizations/actors focused on gender equity and social inclusion. The convening will build on the previously completed FP/RH Policy Resilience Scorecard, which identified strengths, gaps, and opportunities in Nepal’s policy environment. Findings from the convening will also inform the global model policy language that PROPEL Adapt is developing. 

Scope of work and expected deliverables

The consultant will work with PROPEL Adapt on identifying key stakeholders to invite to the convening, co-creating the agenda, leveraging relationships to foster wide participation, co-leading sessions or small groups during the convening, and supporting documentation and dissemination of findings.


Skills and Experience Required 

The consultant should possess the following skills and experience:

  • At least 10 years of experience in the Nepalese FP/RH sector, including emergency preparedness and/or response. 
  • Strong working relationships across the FP/RH and DRM/EPR spheres, including relevant government, multi-lateral, and NGO sectors, inclusive of locally-led organizations and organizations focused on gender equity and social inclusion.   
  • Must have relationships with policymakers and decision-makers in the government agencies responsible for FP/RH and disaster risk management and/or emergency preparedness and response and/or climate resilience. 
  • Strong communications skills (written and oral).
  • Experience planning and implementing virtual convenings preferred, including meeting facilitation skills.
  • Fluency in English and Nepalese languages, spoken and written.
  • Good computer skills e.g., MS Word, MS Excel, email, Teams or Zoom, WhatsApp. 

Reporting Arrangements

The consultant will report to and collaborate closely with PROPEL Adapt’s Deputy Project Director (DPD), Fragile Settings and Resilience. Regular communication shall be conducted using email exchanges and once-a-week calls through Microsoft Teams or another platform. 

Travel Requirements

No travel is required for the consultancy. All work can be conducted remotely.


The application should include a cover letter, technical and financial proposals (daily rate), CV and  previous work sample. .. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of whether the submitted materials capture an understanding of the deliverables in the ToR and the overall capacity of the consultant to carry out the work (i.e. reference to previous work, etc.). 

Interested consulting firms/team or individual should apply to with subject as “Application for PROPEL EOI activity I by 19 July 2024, 17:00 hours Nepal Standard Time. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

We would appreciate the necessary documents being submitted as separate attachments (proposal, daily rate, CVs, and at least 1 work sample). Please include your contact details in your CV. Please indicate in your email application on which platform you saw this announcement. 

ACF Nepal reserves the right to reject any or all applications. Telephonic enquiries will not be entertained Action Against Hunger | Action Contre la Faim (ACF) is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women, people with disabilities and members from disadvantaged/underrepresented ethnic groups.


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