Call for EOI_Terms of Reference for revising NRCS Health Policy, Health Strategy and Operational Plan

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, with a network of 192-member National Societies. The overall aim of the IFRC is “to inspire, encourage, facilitate, and promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by National Societies with a view to preventing and alleviating human suffering and thereby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace in the world.” The IFRC works to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people before, during and after disasters, health emergencies and other crises. The IFRC is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (Movement), together with its member National Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The work of the IFRC is guided by the following fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. The IFRC is led by its Secretary General, and has its Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Headquarters are organized into three main Divisions: (i) National Society Development and Operations Coordination; (ii) Global Relations, Humanitarian Diplomacy and Digitalization; and (iii) Management Policy, Strategy and Corporate Services. The IFRC has five regional offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The IFRC also has country cluster delegation and country delegations throughout the world. Together, the Geneva Headquarters and the field structure (regional, cluster and country) comprise the IFRC Secretariat.

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Terms of Reference for revising

NRCS Health Policy, Health Strategy and Operational Plan

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has been delivering health services to the vulnerable and needy population across the country from its inception by mobilizing its staff and volunteers. The health services undertaken by the society are categorized into two major themes: First, promotive and preventive health service for the community resilience, which includes reproductive, maternal, neo-natal, child, Adolescent health, family planning, primary health care including immunization, WASH, health and hygiene awareness, vector and water borne diseases etc to reduce vulnerability. Similarly, second curative health service for the delivery of health care services that includes blood transfusion, first aid, eye care, emergency clinical services and pre-hospital care including ambulance service to protect and saving lives. The national society has developed mechanism and capacity for sustaining it services.

The NRCS had developed its health policy in 2009 and developed the health strategy (2016- 2020) and operational plan (2018-2020) to contribute to the Government of Nepal’s health policy and the Nepal Health Sector strategy. The priorities and programs of the NRCS health strategy are compatible with the Nepal Government health sector strategy. In order to revise/update NRCS health policy, develop strategic health plan and operational plan, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)/Canadian Red Cross Society (CRCS) is seeking a consultancy service from qualified and experienced Nepalese individual(s) with commitment for this assignment.

The proposed health policy and strategy (2021-2025) will be in line with NRCS 8th development plan (2021-2025) and the national health policy 2019. Further, IFRC strategy 2030, IFRC Health and care Framework 2030, SDG by 2030, the NRCS 8th development plan, NRCS emergency health preparedness and response framework 2021, National health policy 2019 will be the major guiding documents to prepare NRCS health strategy 2021-2025.

Objectives, outputs, scope of work, and suggested methodologies and time-frame are as follows:

Objectives: To renew and revise the NRCS health policy, health strategy and operational plan in line with NRCS Eighth Development Plan (2021-2025); and in reference to IFRC, ICRC, and Nepal Government Long Term Health Plan, health strategy and Policy. The strategy plan will determine the key health priorities of the society for next five years.

The revised NRCS health policy/strategic plan /operation plan will serve as a reference tool to guide government, movement partners, UN agencies, the private sector, communities, and different institutions on priorities for support and partnership with the National Society particularly on health and emergency health sectors. Further the operation plan will help to strengthen monitoring and evaluation of interventions to ensure the delivery of a service that is responsive to the health needs of people in the country.

Scope of work:

The scope of work for the consultancy shall comprise but not necessarily limited to:

  • Assess to what extent the implementation of NRCS Health strategy 2016-2020 was put into practice (i.e examine and identify the key barriers that could have limited the implementation of the health strategy 2016- 2020 and recommend some mitigation options.
  • Assess compatibility of policy and guidelines of different health programs with health policy and strategies mentioned in eight development plan 2021 - 2025,
  • Appraise capacities, and opportunities of NRCS HQs, province, district chapters and sub-chapters to implement health programs in the mentioned areas,
  • Study compatibility of health policy and strategy with health policy and strategies of IFRC, ICRC and the GoN,
  • Review current health related program/projects being implemented by different departments of NRCS and Identify strategic objectives and key result areas and make recommendations, if any.
  • Based on the above revise health policy, update 5 years health strategy and develop operational plan for next 3 years including strategy for achieving the strategic objectives/ monitoring tools and key results.
  • Recommend human resource and other capacities required at HQs, province, and District Chapter/Sub Chapter to roll out the health strategy/operation plan


The Technical Working Team representing NRCS, IFRC/PNSs will be formed to work along with the consultant. The working team will advise, oversee the progress, and will work closely with the consultant team to ensure that deliverables uphold the expected quality.

The Consultant will lead and be responsible for the overall development/amendment of health policy, health strategy and operation plan, including design, preparation of tools, coordination with relevant parties, facilitating the workshop and finalizing deliverables as stated below.

  • Consultative meetings with the technical working team, NRCS governance, Senior Management Team, Health Service Department, IFRC/Partner National Societies (PNSs) to finalize frame of outputs,
  • Review relevant documents of NRCS, IFRC, ICRC, and Government of Nepal,
  • Consultative meetings with directors of different departments, District chapters, province, and central committees, IFRC/PNSs etc
  • Procedures interview/discussion with planning division of Ministry of Health and Population, National Health Emergency Operation Center (NHEOC) and Department of Health Service (Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Family Welfare Division etc), United Nations agencies, I/NGOS supporting NRCS.
  • Share revised draft health policy, health strategy and operation plan with technical working team for inputs/feedback. Conduct workshops to finalize the documents.
  • Develop health operational plan in coordination with technical working team.
  • Present final draft of health policy and health strategy to Central Executive Committee of NRCS.

In addition to above mentioned/suggested methods, consultant shall propose additional methods to make process fully participatory and produce intended outputs.

Deliverable and expected timeline of the assignment

The duration of this consultancy will be 45 working days within a time frame of 90 days and will be effective from the date of signing the agreement. The consultancy is expected to start from mid February 2022.

The consultant will deliver the followings at the end of mission.

a.  Update the NRCS Health Policy 2009

b.  Develop/update NRCS Health Strategy plan (2021-2025 in English and formulate strategies for each action areas (The strategies should include operational guidelines and monitoring tools for each action areas.)

c.  Health operational plan 2022-2024

Expected timeline
Tentative number of working days
1.  Desktop review of existing documents and preparation of the Inception report including workplan, methodologies, strategies, checklist for KII/FGD/strategic workshop etc
Within a week of signing the contract4 daysDraft Inception report in English
2.  Prepare/Finalize inception report consultative meetings with technical working team, Interview with NRCS staff, IFRC, PNSs, MOHP, UN agencies etc details will be provided)
After Finalizing the inception report (by 3rd week of signing the contract)
11 daysFGD/KII analysis outcomes
3.  Share the updated NRCS health policy 2009
Within 4th  weeks of signing the contract
3 daysUpdated NRCS health policy
4. Develop and share the draft health strategic plan
Completion FGD/KII/Workshop)_by six weeks of signing the contract
8 daysDraft policy in English
5.  Facilitate meetings and workshop to prepare the health policy, strategicplan (at least two workshops with working team and Health Service Department
By seven weeks of signing the contract2 daysInputs/Feedback in the draft plan
6.  Review the document based on feedback received during the workshop and submit the final draft health policy and strategic plan
1 week after the meeting (8th week)4 daysFinal draft in English
7. Develop the health operational plan based on health policy and health strategic plan
By 10 week (Week assume that the operational plan is developed by the consultant parallel to the strategic plan however the two document need to be precised)9 daysDraft operational plan
8. Share the Health operational to the technical working team for their inoutBy 11 weeks1 day
9.  Facilitate a workshop and present the final documents with NCRS Governance, Senior Management team, HODs, IFRC, PNSsWithin 11 weeks1 day
10. Submit the final productWithin five days from the workshop2 daysOne printed version and softcopy in English

Note: The endorsement of the health policy and strategic plan will be done by NRCS CEC. All deliverables must be technically endorsed by the technical working team and approved for payment.

Qualification/Experience Required:

A professional with experiences on health sector and strategic planning will lead the consultancy work.

  • Minimum Master's degree in Public Health, or medical doctor with MPH or Global health practitioner or other relevant qualification.
  • Experience in humanitarian sector, understanding of humanitarian standards and principles, specifically working experience in health context
  • At least 15 years work experience in policy level Health Systems reform, health service delivery, health research, planning and implementation of programs in health sector.
  • Strong analytical skill along with legal analysis of different health related policies at national level.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Knowledge of public health issues in Nepal.
  • Understanding Nepal government health system, sound understanding and experience on development of health plan, policy, strategy etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in operationalizing health policy and programs at all levels, working in strengthening health systems.
  • Understand NRCS structure, mandates, capacities and working modalities-preferable
  • Understanding or familiar with Red Cross movements (National Society, IFRC, ICRC) and their roles – preferable
  • Skills in facilitation of stakeholder engagements/workshops.
  • Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments;
  • Strong documentation skills with flawless English and Nepali.
  • Excellent Communication and presentation skills, sound comprehension, analytical and interpersonal abilities, excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Nepali.

How to apply

Interested individual(s) should submit the following documents no later than 19 January 17:00 HRs NPT to Aliza BAIDYA at Please be informed that the technical and financial proposal must be submitted as separate document. The incomplete proposal in all respect and proposal submitted after deadline will not be considered.

  1. Submit a technical and financial proposal demonstrating a thorough understanding of this ToR
  2. Submit detailed CV and application letter showing why you are most suitable for undertaking the consultancy
  3. Submit names and contacts for 3 references
  4. Sample of similar assignment, if any

We thank you in advance for understanding that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next step in the application process.

Job Overview

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Education M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health)
Posted Date 05 Jan, 2022
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