Associate, Girls’ Education Program

Padhnako Lagi Kotha

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A. Position Overview

The Associate, Girls’ Education Program (GEPA) will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Girls’ Education Program (GEP) in the direct supervision of Officer, Girls’ Education Program (GEPO). The GEPA will be involved in implementing and monitoring of GEP program. The GEPA will be constantly engaged in working to improve the GEP program by engaging schools, teachers, communities and GEP participants through Social Mobilizers to ensure that GEP program is being effectively operated. This position requires skills in planning, implementing project activities, program documentation, report writing, networking with students and teachers, identifying potential partners, and bookkeeping, accounting and some office administration knowledge. The GEPA will report to GEPO and supervise the Social Mobilizer (SM) of the district.

B. Primary duties and responsibilities

Planning and Development:

  • Guides SMs in preparation of Life Skills Education Curriculum (LSE) session plans, Parent Workshops, and Group Mentoring Sessions.
  • Supports GEPO on all the planning and development work as per the GEP strategy of 2025 including developing concept notes, manuals and implementation plans. 
  • Provides technical support in development of new GEP work including different aspects of gender equality work that will be added and other content.
  • Supports GEPO in preparing and updating annual plans and budgets for the respective GEP district. Trackss both every month as per the Implementation calendar
  • Supports to plan and updates the activities as per the implementation calendar (IC) to support program strategy
    • Supports GEPO to prepare FO level GEP IC and prepares cluster level IC. Based on it prepares cluster level GEP and shares with SMs. 
    • Tracks the approved activities in their cluster to updates the activities along with the budget for timely activity implementation.
  • Ensures SMs are planning, documenting and reporting on school and home visits, parent meetings and workshops. Enters the collected data in the PLK database, Global Solution Database (GSD) and Program Implementation Monitoring (PIM) database.
  • Maintains good record keeping in school by proper data entries and maintenance of registers. 
  • Tracks program expenses and compares it with the budget based on the Monthly Implementation System (MIS) and provide data for financial reporting

Program Implementation:

  • Understands the clauses in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the schools, takes the responsibility of signing the MoU and ensures all the clauses of MoU are implemented and complied with. 
  • Provides technical support in consultation with GEPO to SMs under direct supervision for the implementation of GEP activities as per annual planning and budget and IC i.e. life skills, mentoring, material support and Family School and Community Engagement (FSCE). 
  • Ensures that quality is maintained during implementation and collects important information from observations, field visits to share in Quarterly Technical GEP review meetings. 
  • Supervises and builds the capacity of SMs to conduct life skill sessions, Group mentoring sessions and Parents’ Workshops based on grade-wise life skill manuals and if necessary. 
  • Observes regular life skills and group mentoring sessions conducted by SMs and ensures quality delivery of these sessions.
  • Ensures proper documentation and filling of monitoring tools, proposed drop-out list of GEP participants, collecting data for PIM tool, etc., and keeping all these data for any other references.
  • Collects and compiles PIM data of their cluster Ensures that the provided data are accurate and timely. 
  • Coordinates with Manager, GEPO of Room to Read (RtR) and conducts Life Skills training, and other district-level events.
  • Leads the SMs to conduct a survey of GEP participants in her respective Cluster.
  • Updates and documents statistics (grades, attendance, dropout rate, etc.) for Global Indicators and Country Indicators.
  • Coordinates with Education Development and coordination unit (EDCU), schools and other like-minded organizations and local level to develop a network to implement new strategies and also for referral services. 
  • Coaches and provides on-site and off-site support to SMs for better implementation of the program and achieve maximum results.
  • Provides orientations, training and regular refreshers to School Management Committees (SMCs), teachers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Participates actively in capacity building training for self-professional development and GEP module implementation training as appropriate.
  • Coaches and encourages SMs to document best practices and success stories of GEP activities carried out in the target clusters.
  • Ensures timely installment payment and material support to partner schools/ GEPP. 
  • If required, assists GEPO with new geographies and school selection in coordination with GEPM.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Ensures SMs are monitoring and keeping records of GEP participants including attendance, Risk and Response System (RRS) and other program activities as per the requirement of program design. Collects this data and provides it to GEP Assistant to enter it in the PLK database.
  • Ensures field visit logbooks and life skill observation forms are filled, clearly and regularly. Analyzes these data to supports respective SMs.    
  • Supports GEPO to correct and timely update GSD data, PIM, Risk and Response System (RRS) and Data Quality Management (DQM) as and when needed.
  • Conducts home visits to support SMs to manage critical issues of GEP participants. This requires face to face meeting with parents to discuss on general situation and concerns that affect participants’ progress.
  • Prepares GEP report and support GEPO to do the same on FO level: monthly progress report, quarterly provision of information for updating GSD, and other donor reporting.
  • Documents best practices when observed during field visits and meetings with relevant examples and evidence. Submits these to feed into monthly reports and technical review meetings. 
  • Prepares case studies along with a photo of girls with support from SMs and forward it to GEPO every month/quarter
  • Weekly reports to GEPO to update the GEP progress and submit a monthly report.
  • Shares the data analysis with the SMs during the meeting and develop a necessary improvement action plan.

Ensuring Quality Program at field level

  • Ensures good command over GEP strategies/ design and guidelines.
  • Conducts a quarterly meeting with SMC, prepares the meeting minutes, and follows-up with the decisions made. 
  • Conducts a meeting with the focal teacher and headteacher during the field visit to build support for GEP activities.
  • Conducts discussions on program quality in line with program design and improvement areas with SMs during review meetings in coordination with GEPM as and when needed.
  • Tracks to see if quality standards are been met as per program standards.
  • Uses life skill observation form to provide feedback to SMs, if necessary demonstrates to enhance SM’s skills on effective delivery, document it in the school-based register, share key observation findings in Staff meetings and share to the direct report.
  • Develops plan for capacity development and quality assurance in the cluster level in consultation with GEPO
  • Analyzes the availability of materials for Life skill sessions, mentoring and material support, and provides corrective feedback to the concerned department of FO and CO. 
  • Ensures that Child club, Focal teachers and other stakeholders support our program and coordinate with LP program staff (If LP is there) in the development of organizational goodwill.

Coordination & Advocacy: 

  • Coordinates and builds a relationship with local levels, share program objectives, possible coordination and support. Have frequent short meetings, share progress and build up necessary knowledge to support GEP implementation. 
  • Ensures reference list is prepared and agreed to their services to GEP participants during unfortunate circumstances. 
  • Represents/Participates PLK in relevant meetings and forums and occasionally support in hosting key donor visits.
  • Develops a strong relationship with SMC, PTA, GEP Focal Point Teacher and School staff for effective implementation of the program.

C. Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education/ Gender studies/ Development studies or relevant fields. 
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional working experience with school students.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and skills in implementing project activities, program documentation, report writing, networking, conducting large meetings and bookkeeping.
  • Working knowledge of office administration and accounts. 
  • Ability to use Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to travel frequently to districts throughout PLK’s project sites.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English & Nepali.
  • Able to ride the motorcycle with a valid license.
  • PLK has zero-tolerance when it comes to child abuse and exploitation and believes that all children have equal protection rights. The colleague will be expected to adhere to the child protection policy, code of conduct and standards.


  • Master’s degree in Education/ Gender studies/ Development studies or relevant fields 
  • Working knowledge/ experience with girl students and scholarship program
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current developments in gender issues, especially in government schools


Padhnako Lagi Kotha offers a competitive salary with excellent benefits; benefits including 13th month bonus, provident fund, medical insurance for staff and their dependents, accidental insurance for staff; leaves and staff professional development. The non-monetary compensation includes a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative, meaningful, fun, and rapidly growing organization that is changing, transforming the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

PLK has zero tolerance when it comes to child abuse and exploitation and believes that all children have equal protection rights. The newly hired colleagues will be expected to adhere to the child protection policy, code of conduct and standards and will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.The background check will include the verification of employment history and criminal check. Selected candidates may be required to provide additional information to conduct a background check.

To be successful as a member of the PLK team, you will also:

  • Have a passion for our mission and a strong desire to impact a dynamic nonprofit organization
  • Be an innovative and creative thinker that tries new things and inspires others to do so
  • Have a strong work ethic, professional integrity, and trustworthiness and require minimal direction
  • Work well independently as well as part of a team
  • Thrive in a fast-paced and fun environment
  • Superior interpersonal abilities. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible
  • Good reasoning abilities, Sound judgment
  • Resourceful and well organized
  • Participative management style-advocate of a team concept

Application Procedure:

Interested applicants can visit the below link for a detailed job description and click on "Apply" to apply for the position. 

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E-mail or drop-in applications will not be entertained for this position.

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Last date for application: June 08, 2022.


Category Development and Project
Openings 1
Position Type Full Time
Experience 3+ years
Education B. Ed. (Education), Master's preferred
Posted Date 25 May, 2022
Apply Before 08 Jun, 2022
City Kathmandu