Sahayata Samajik Sanstha

Sahayata Samajik Sanstha
Sahayata Samajik Sanstha (SSS), a non governmental organization registered under the district administration office Nuwakot, and affiliated to Social Welfare Council(SWC), Nepal have been working in various sectors of Nuwakot and Rasuwa District for more than a decade.
Sahayata Samajik Sanstha(SSS) was established with a vision of perfect society in which poor and under privileged group people fulfill their basic needs and live in dignity.
With that vision we have been working in various developmental and informational sectors, namely in livelihood, shelter, women's trafficking, water supply, sanitation and hygiene, HIV and aids. etc. We also slogged in various disaster response programmes after the earthquake 2015. We have undertaken various projects with the help of various govern
mental and non-governmental organizations, national and international supporters, community based groups. etc.

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Apply Before: 20 Nov, 17

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Expression of Interest

35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) and 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) Training

November 2017



CARDSN/SSS/KCDC/OXFAM/VAW and VAHW Training FY 2017/2018


All information within this request, regardless of the communication form, is given in absolute confidence and may not be disclosed without written permission from CARDSN, SSS, KCDC&OXFAM


Expression of Interest

Community & Rural Development Society Nepal (CARDSN),SahayataSamajikSastha (SSS) and The Kakani Centre for Community Development (KCDC) are Non-profit NGO based on Nuwakot district is implementing Nepal Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction Programmein partnership with OXFAM in Nepal  CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices are planning to select  a authorized, well renowned and Officially registered technical Institute for conducting Nepal government standard 35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) and 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) course with skill test for VAW and VAHW trainees of the project. Therefore, CARDSN, SSS and KCDC invite your company/firm to submit a EOIfor vocational training.

This EOI describes our current understanding of our needs; however, these needs and specifications can be changed if CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Officeswith the consultation of Oxfam feel necessary.

Summary of EOI

The objective of the EOI is to enter into an agreement with suppliers for provision of technical Institute for conducting 35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) and 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) training. This award will be conditional on the ability of suppliers to provide service that meet CTEVT and GoN standard specifications (as attached) in accordance with the starting time. 

Although the successful service provider may become the dedicated to provide services, this agreement will not constitute an exclusive contract.In the event that any service provider/Technical Institute cannot meet the agreed delivery schedule, another service provider/Technical Institute shall maybe sought by CARDSN, SSS and KCDCOffices for that particular service to ensure that needs of CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Officesare met.

Office Contact to submit Proposal (Technical & Financial)

Service Providers will submit any inquiries, clarifications or requests relating to this EOIto the following email address:

SahayataSamajikSastha (SSS)

Bidur Municipality-3, Bidur Nuwakot

Contact # : 010-561057, 9851187139 & 9801836975

Instructions for intending to respond and submitting of EOIs

  1. Interested Firms(Technical Institutes) can send their financial & technical proposal in time to reach the SSS Offices (address on 1.3), no later than 20 November, 2017. 
  2. Front Cover shall be clearly marked “EOI documents for 35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) and 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) training CARDSN/SSS/KCDC/OXFAM/ VAW and VAHW Training  FY 2017/2018
  3. All applicants’ responses and supporting documentation will become the property of CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices will not be returned.
  4. CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices, reserves the right to select any option or combination of options that best meets its business requirements and to hold discussions with allservice providers  at any time at its absolute discretion without informing other service providers.   
  5. CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Officeswill not be liable for any costs incurred by Suppliers in the preparation of any offers, documentation or presentations relating to this EOI. 

Required Written Response

Suppliers must respond in a format (or separately attached to the EOI document) that refers to the following sections and numbered items and must specifically address every request for information contained herein. If the service provider is unable to comply with any information requested, an explanation must be provided as part of the response. 

Company Information

  • Company / firm full name, corporate address, telephone number and fax number.
  • Company’s primary contact and back-up contact. Include title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address.   
  • Describe the company’s philosophy, vision, mission and long-term strategy. Describe how this vision would benefit CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices.
  • Describe the company’s experience in partnering with other global INGO and or NGO clients (if any). Submit references from other INGO and or NGOs, if any. 
  • Provide Company’s audited financial statements for the current year 
  • Provide Company’s legal documents; 
  1. A copy of VAT Registered Certificate
  2. A copy of Company Registered Certificate
  3. A Copy of Latest Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. Other required legal certificates provided by GON.
  • Provide a list of major customers, with contact information, that are likeCARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices and have contracted with your company for similar requirements. CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Officesmay choose to contact them for reference purposes.
  • Describe any conflicts of interest that your company may have in entering a relationship with CARDSN, SSS &KCDC Offices

A. Vocational Training (35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) for 18 persons.

S. No.





Total Budget


Course completion Tariff
























Management Costs

















Total Expenses





VAT @13%





A. Total Cost in NRP (Total mgmt.+ other cost)





Per Person cost





Note: The cost will be covered equally from CARDSN, SSS & KCDC from below mention Budget details

2. Vocational Training 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) training for 18 persons.






Total Budget


Course completion Tariff






























Certification Tariff


















Management Cost.











Total  Expenses





VAT @13% other expenses





B. Total Cost in NRP (Total mgmt.+ other cost)





 Total Cost





Cost per participant





Note: The cost will be covered equally from CARDSN, SSS & KCDC as below mention Budget details. 


  • In the total of 36 Trainees will be trained by VAW (18 Trainees) and VAHW (18 Trainees). 

Timing and purposed training timeline:

35 days VAHW (Village Animal Health Worker) and 55 days VAW (Village Agriculture Worker) training must be started within 7 days of signing Contract and Service Providers must mention the Starting time clearly in EOI document.  We are kindly requested to commencement from 1st December 2017 onwards.

Pricing & Pricing Methodology

  1. All prices quoted must remain valid and available for acceptance by CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Officesfor 3 months.
  2. All prices quoted shall be inclusive of all Taxes including VAT.
  3. Undisputed invoices shall be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the original invoice & Payment Request.
  4. Payment shall be in NPR only. Payment will be made account payee cheque.
  5. Details payment mode will be MoU after finalization the selection process. Hence, Kindly requested to refer MoU only selected Technical Institute


Evaluation Criteria 

CARDSN, SSS, KCDC jointly with OXFAM will evaluate proposals and select a Supplier, at its absolute discretion. 

criterion that may be used includes but is not limited to the following, in no order:

  • Competitive price offered by service Providers.
  • Thoroughness of EOI preparation.
  • Demonstrated excellence in service and support.
  • Ability to Start the Vocational Training by the required dates.
  • Customer service by the Supplier and their local representatives.
  • Flexibility of service Provider.
  • Acceptance of terms & conditions of CARDSN, SSS and KCDC Offices.
  • Proven performance and experiences and reference documents. 

Grounds for disqualification of EOI

Service Providers will be excluded from participation in aEOI process if:

  • They are bankrupt or being wound up, are having their affairs administered by the courts, have entered an arrangement with creditors, have suspended business activities, are the subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or are in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations.
  • They have been guilty of professional misconduct proven by any means which CARDSN, SSS and KCDCOffices can justify.
  • Using child labor.
  • Service Providers must certify that they are not in one of the situations above.

Exclusion from Award of Contract

Contracts may not be awarded to service providers which, during the procurement procedure:

  • Are subject to a conflict of interests.
  • Are guilty of misrepresenting the information required by CARDSN, SSS& KCDC Office as a condition of participation in the contract procedure or fail to supply this information.

We are committed to ensuring diversity and gender equality within our organization. CARDSN, SSS, KCDC & Oxfam reserve the right to accept & reject the proposal.

Interested Firms (Technical Institutes) can send their financial & technical proposal to mentioning the assignment title as the subject line or drop your proposal to below address by 24:00hrs, 20 November 2017.

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Please check vacancy details
12 Nov, 17
20 Nov, 17

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