Request for Quotation for Insurance Services

Winrock International KISAN II Project

Details / requirements:

Request for Quotation for Insurance Services

Issue Date: March 13, 2023

KISAN II is a seven-year project that contributes to the Government of Nepal (GON)’s Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS). Over the course of its first five years of operation (July 2017 through July 2022), the USAID’s Feed the Future Nepal Knowledge-based Integrated Sustainable Agriculture (KISAN II) project worked to increase resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability of income growth through agriculture development by focusing on five value chains: vegetables, rice, maize, lentils, and goats. Under a two-year supplemental scope (extension), KISAN II is currently operating in eight districts in Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim Provinces to help bring transformational change to the rice and maize sub-sectors and to connect migrant returnees and others heavily affected by COVID-19 with agriculture-related opportunities. The project initiated additional USAID’s supplementary scope of work (SOW) in September 2022 to help address localized impacts stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Winrock International/KISAN II Project would like to request to submit your competitive quotation/ proposal for the procurement of the Group Personal Accident (GPA), Group Medical Insurance & Critical Insurance, Vehicle/motorbike Insurance and Assets Insurance (Office Equipment Insurance) to KISAN II Project and its staff members. While responding to the RFQ please be guided by the requirements and Terms & Conditions mentioned below. The service and requirements include below but not limited to: 

1. Group Personal Accidental Policy:

1.1 Coverage details: Please mention the coverage details as far as possible.

1.2 No. of staff: 23 staff members as of now.

1.3 Duration: 1 year starting May 1, 2023, on renewable basis as per need of the Project.

1.4 Inclusion/Exclusion of the staff members in the policy: Effective from Day 1 of the joining date and exclusion at the end of contract/project need.

1.5 Value of Insured amount: NPR 40,00,000 each at all level of staff.

1.6 Reimbursement time/period: Please propose the submission/settlement timeline.

1.7 Yearly premium: Propose premium of each member and age bar/limit if applicable.  

2. Group Medical Insurance Policy and Critical Insurance:

2.1 Coverage details: Please mention the table of benefits/ceiling as far as possible/applicable.  The preferred coverages are as follows:

  • Doctor's fee
  • First-aid/emergency help
  • Outpatient care, services
  • Pregnancy and birth (maternity)
  • Dental and eye care
  • Hospitalization and in-patient hospital services
  • Medical imaging
  • Lab tests, Electrical treatments/investigation
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Pharmaceutical products, medicines
  • Acupuncture, physiotherapy
  • Ayurvedic/Homeopathy treatment (for other than Jaundice)
  • Permanent disablement
  • Chronic diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure

2.2 No. of staff: 23 staff members as of now and his/her immediate dependents (In the case of Married staff: Spouse and Children under 21 years, Single staff: Parents should covered)

2.3 Duration: 1 year starting May 1, 2023, on renewable basis as per need of the Project.

2.4 Inclusion/Exclusion of the staff members/dependents: Effective from Day 1 of the joining date and exclusion at the end of contract/project need.

2.5 Value of Insured amount: NPR 4,00,000 for individual staff and his/her dependents. (e.g. staff 400,000, spouse 400,000, child 400,000, mother 400,000, father 400,000 etc.)

2.6 Reimbursement time/period: Please propose the submission/settlement timeline.

2.7 Critical Illness: 

2.7.1 NPR 350,000 coverage for only staff members

2.7.2 Define/enlist type of critical illness covered.

2.8 Yearly Premium: Propose premium of each member and age bar/limit if applicable.

3. Office Equipment/Assets Insurance Policy (Movable/Fixed):

3.1 Coverage details:

  • Fire insurance
  • Earthquake
  • Riot & Strike Damage
  • Terrorism
  • Malicious Damage
  • Burglary
  • Machinery Insurance against electrical deletion

a. Type of Office Equipment: Generator, laptop, printer, scanner, Camera, monitor, desktop etc.

b. Any other terms: If applicable.

c. Premium: Propose applicable premium.

4. Vehicle and Motorbike Insurance Policy

4.1 Coverage details (comprehensive/full coverage): 

  • Fire, lightening or self-ignition or explosion of parts of the vehicle.
  • Earthquake, flood, landslides, hurricane, snow.
  • Sudden/accidental causes of loss or damage.
  • Theft, robbery/masked robbery.
  • Bodily injury and medical fees.
  • Damage to third party and related claims.
  • Damage or loss against riot, strike, war, terrorism, or malicious act.
  • Cover of loss/injury/death caused to the passengers and driver.
  • Any other coverage if applicable

4.2 Estimated no. vehicles: 10 units 4WD 

4.3 Estimated no. of motorbike: 87 units

4.4 Premium: Propose applicable premium

The proposal for Insurance Policy must include the followings:

  • Brief Company Profile with financial stability 
  • Policy details
  • Financial proposal with detailed breakdown, service package/table of benefits, claim reimburse/settlement time period as mentioned above. 
  • Additional staff/dependents to be included in the Accidental and Medical Insurance policy as per agreement with the same insurance coverage, premium and services.
  • % excess in each claim, whereas applicable
  • Payment Terms
  • Company legal documents including latest tax clearance certificate.
  • Bank details of company
  • Reference Letters from the cliental agencies
  • List of current clients 
Submission date and address

No later than March 24, 2023 

USAID’s Knowledge-based Integrated 

Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal (KISAN) II Project 

Kalika Marg, Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, Nepal 

Phone: 01-5441861, 5443961

Submit the quotation/proposal electronically at

Vendors should reference "Quotation for Insurance services" in the subject line. Proposal/quotations received after the stipulated date will not be entertained


Issuance of this notice does not obligate Winrock International to award a Service, nor will Winrock International pay any costs associated with the preparation or submission of proposal. Furthermore, Winrock International reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Winrock International. 


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Posted Date 13 Mar, 2023
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