Project Coordinator / Field Officer / MEAL Officer

Everest Club

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Vacancy Announcement

Everest Club is a non-profit and non-government organization. It was established and registered in 1993 AD under the District Administration Office also affiliated with Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. The organization is dedicated to holistic and integrated development based on a harmonious balance of socioculture, material and organization trusted on teamwork and development through community mobilization.

Project Introduction in brief:

The Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) project is going to implement through partnership between the Everest Club/ HRDC Jajarkot Dailekh and Save the Children International to achieve the goal of the project. The focus of the project in Karnali Province (Dailekh and Jajarkot) is to ensure that social protection policies and programmes are child sensitive and result in improved development outcomes for children. To achieve this the project engages with both province & local levels of government while emphasis is placed at municipal level as this is where social protection activities are anchored and opportunities to influence are multiple. Building on the success of past approaches and achievements, securing access to social protection for all people eligible, and especially the most marginalized, will be a key focus that will be scaled up in additional districts and municipalities. This will strengthen the economic position of households which also gives scope to better provide for their children.  To ensure impact on children, focused inputs are given to the beneficiaries of the government Child Grant through a parenting Programme as well as capacity building of health personnel at local level. 

Designation: Project Coordinator

Organization Name: Everest Club, Dailekh

Location of the Post: Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality Dailekh      

Reporting to: Executive Director, Everest Club Dailekh      

Position to be supervised: Field Officers

Field: Thatikandh RM and Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality Dailekh

Key roles and responsibilities

Project Planning, budgeting, and implementation

  • Prepare project periodic budget, detail implementation plan in line with project goal and objectives.
  • Prepare project activity implementation guideline and quality benchmarks in close coordination with SC to bring uniformity in implementation and to maintain quality service delivery of the project.
  • Manage day to day operation and management of project activities in line with the approved project documents and coordinate between the project team in different components. 
  • Mobilize staffs as per the project organogram providing guidance and support to them in terms of planning, budgeting, and implementing planned activities.
  • Revise project plan, working approach and budget of the project as per need in close coordination with SC.
  • Provide technical support to project team to carryout the activities related with capacity building, community engagement and stakeholders' analysis & engagement.
  • Conduct and ensure project baseline, end line, pre/post assessment, mid-term/final review are conducted as per timeline (work calendar).
  • Facilitate and support provide to local governments for drafting and endorsement of their own 'child sensitive social protection policy'.
  • Work closely with the Executive Director of the organization to ensure complies with contractual obligations.
  • Facilitate Finance and supply chain department to make sure that all finance and supply chain related work have been completed and meeting all requirements and set compliances.  Ensure safeguarding of children, vulnerable groups (including people with disabilities) and those at-risk during planning, designing, implementation and monitoring of program activities.
  • Prepare safeguarding mitigation plan of all activities and orient the team and ensure and monitoring the implementation process in those contexts.
  • Make ensure the safeguarding and child safeguarding aspects to protect the children, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and concern staffs from any form of harm in each implementation period.

Project Reporting and documentation

  • Prepare periodic project reports, case studies, and other documentation and ensure all required reporting along with finance submitted to SC on time.
  • Conduct regular field visits with appropriate tools and checklists to learn about project effectiveness and need of the targeted beneficiaries. Prepare the improvement plan and implement in coordination within the project team.
  • Project innovations, best practices, learning, and case stories are well documented and shared on regular basis.
  • Coordination and linkages
  • Maintain strong coordination with local government, district coordination committee, project advisory committee at local level as well as to province level government.
  • Maintain good coordination among organizations other projects and program as well as other DPs in the district.
  • Mapping of stakeholders to maintain strong relation with them and design our project implementation strategy accordingly.
  • Promote to integration of SCI funded other projects along with maximize the benefits to children and families in working areas.
  • Represent project in different internal and external forums and share project updates and learnings. 

Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Develop different activity wise monitoring checklist in coordinate with MEAL, finance, supply chain and other department/units or projects funded by SCI/other agencies to ensure quality delivery through frequent monitoring visit at field level.
  • Maintain strong coordination with rural/municipalities, district coordination committee, local project advisory committee and other governmental and non-governmental agencies/ organizations/networks/CSOs to ensure optimum resources, collaboration for common issues or/action plan- eligibility mapping, disability camp and birth registration camp to increase coverage on social protection program that provisioned by local, province and federal government, 
  • Conduct technical monitoring and support visits in the project area and provide onsite coaching to field officers and local facilitators for parenting program.

Required skill, experience, and knowledge

  • Master’s degree (in Social Science, Human Rights, Law, any other related qualification) with 2 years of experience or bachelor's degree with at least 5 years of demonstrated work experience. 
  • Previous experience of working on social protection program and closely working with local governments- particularly for matching fund, collaborative/joint work, disability identification & ID card distribution camp, birth registration camp, eligibility mapping to identify social protection eligible people including people with disability, and parenting program as child grant plus.
  • Experience managing and monitoring projects implemented in remote locations.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing diverse teams, building, and maintaining strong relationships with the organization, project team, local government, and other stakeholders.
  • Outstanding communications and networking skills.
  • Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Designation: MEAL Officer

Organization Name: Everest Club, Dailekh

Location of the Post: Narayan Municipality Dailekh      

Reporting to: Executive Director, Everest Club Dailekh     

Position to be supervised: NA

Field : Thatikandh RM and Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality Dailekh


The objective of post holder is to execute MEAL system in all programs funded by Save the Children, provide technical support in program quality control, program planning, capacity building of program staffs in MEAL function and setting up accountability mechanism in PNGO including documentation of program/project’s interventions.

Role Dimensions:

Ensure smooth functioning of MEAL system in PNGO, conduct monthly quality monitoring (70%) in line with quality benchmark, prepare quality monitoring report, share community sharing tools and conduct output monitoring. Similarly provide necessary data to the program team to finalize project report, prepare case studies/success stories/good practices for program/project. The position holder will ensure smooth functioning of CFM system, update action plan tracker and Complain Feedback Mechanism (CFM), update MEAL OPMIS, and program database. .



  • Support/assist program/project team in developing M&E plan and Indicator tracking table
  • Technically support program/project team in developing monitoring checklist and tools.
  • Lead and support to program team to conduct the QBM orientation to field staff
  • Conduct quality monitoring against quality benchmark in monthly basis, prepare and share monitoring visit reports based on findings and develop action plan jointly with program team. 
  • Conduct follow-up monitoring visits to materialize action agreed in action plan tracker are being implemented at field level.
  • Conduct quarterly output tracking (Variance analysis, source verification & Progress of outputs), prepare a brief report and share with concerned program team.
  • Verify data with source, hard copy and OPMIS
  • Conduct joint monitoring in coordination with program and finance team and produce its report.
  • Lead to update the action plan tracker in OPMIS and provide the follow up information to program team on timely basis to close out the QBM findings.
  • Keep track of total reach figure on regular basis 
  • Support to program team for LPAC monitoring visit and report preparation.


  • Support program team/consultants/evaluation team during field visits.
  • Support program/project team during baseline, mid-term evaluation, situation analysis and database reporting.
  • Support in logistic arrangement for evaluation team during field visits.


  • Ensure that all staffs of the organization fully understand and promote accountability in general and to children through training, orientation, and coaching. 
  • Establish an effective functional system for complaints/ feedback handling and response mechanisms at organization. 
  • Ensure the toll-free number is maintain and functional properly and response to beneficiaries on time.
  • Lead and support to conduct the accountability orientation to beneficiaries during the program implementation.
  • Ensure program related information is shared with beneficiaries on timely basis and with right means
  • Ensure and monitor the accountability flex are used in all activities at field level.
  • Support to design the community sharing tools (pocket/ wall calendar, hoarding boards, master flex prints and radio jingles) in close coordination with SC's MEAL team.
  • Ensure community sharing tools are used properly (MEAL's information, master flex print, radio jingles, toll free number and objectives of the activity/ project) with the beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that the complaints/ feedback mechanism issues are addressed on time.
  • Ensure the complaints and feedbacks have been successfully and timely updated in the OPMIS.
  • Perform regular trend analysis (of various variables present in the CFM recording form) of complaints/ feedbacks at PNGO level and share it with program team and board members during the monthly staff meeting.
  • Conduct preliminary verification and prepare preliminary report in case of serious nature of complaints filed from beneficiaries/ communities in coordination with CFM committee 
  • Ensure that the complaints/ feedback mechanism guideline has been followed by all staffs/members within the PNGOs (staffs and board members). 
  • Conduct complaints satisfaction survey rating (half yearly basis) and share with program team if required.


  • Support/facilitate to implement learning agenda to generate learning/evidences
  • Document all the learning’s in learning log sheet
  • Conduct debriefing session among all staff about learning in all staff meeting and develop an action plan following the learning log sheet 
  • Support program team to incorporate key learning’s in upcoming plan and intervention (Generated through CFM and Action plan tracker)
  • Share the progress of leaning in each month during all staff meeting
  • Compile at least two case studies related to MEAL good practices monthly????Ensure project related documents are archived at safe and accessible place
  • Support to prepare different communication materials as stipulated in program/project document.
  • Support to keep the total reach data in provided tools and template.
  • Maintain/document all the data and information related to MEAL in MEAL rack


  • Any other tasks assigned by line manager or technical managers.
  • Provide technical assistance during emergency.
  • Required Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree (in Social Science Human Rights, Law, any other related qualification) with 3 years of relevant work experience.

Designation: Field Officer (4 )

Organization Name: Everest Club, Dailekh

Location of the Post: Thatikandh RM (2) and Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality (2) Dailekh  

Reporting to: Project coordinator-CSSP, Everest Club Dailekh    

Position to be supervised: NA

Key Responsibilities

  • Collect, update & sharing baseline information of project area, and support provide to conduct outcome level baseline/end line survey, pre/post assessment, mid-term /final review.
  • Provide support to project coordinator-cssp to conduct day to day operation and management of project activities in line with the approved project documents. 
  • Maintain excellent coordination and working relationship with local government & it's units- ward team (staffs and representatives), local project advisory committee and child advisory committee for maximizing of resources for children under five, effective implementation of social protection program and collaboration.
  • Carry out the community engagement, and stakeholder's analysis & engagement activities in local level.
  • Technical support provides to local facilitators for parenting program through onsite coaching & support as needed, home visit of those parents who receive the parenting program under the project, observation/monitoring of the parenting program (on and off time of parenting session).
  • Take innovative initiatives to sustain the parenting program as child grant plus at ward to municipality level.
  • Support to ensure safeguarding of children, vulnerable groups (including children/people with disabilities) and those at-risk during the implementation of the project activities in local level.
  • Maintain communication & coordination, and collaboration with like-minded organizations, CSOs their staffs or representative at local level- for advocacy in local issues of related to social protection at local level.
  • Represent project/organization in different program at ward to municipality level and sharing project's intervention, achievement, and learnings.
  • Lead any visit by SCI/government in the project area and provide technical support as needed. 
  • Provide support to PC for developing high quality project report including case stories/success stories/ failure stories, best practices and learning from the projects/project activities.
  • Build and maintain good communication and coordination with local level stakeholders such as Health Facilities, Schools, FCHVs, ECD teachers, local facilitators for parenting program and other community level structures. 
  • Make sure that carried out activities met all the financial, safeguarding compliances, branding compliances and set quality benchmarks.

Required skill, qualification, experience, and knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree (in Social Science Human Rights, Law, any other related qualification) with 2 years of experience. 
  • Previous experience of working on parenting program, social protection program.
  • Experience managing and monitoring projects implemented in remote locations.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with diverse teams, building, and maintaining strong relationships with the project team, community people, local level stakeholders, and local government.
  • Outstanding communications and networking skills.
  • Should be resident of project area (from same R/Municipality)

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply with their current CV and application letter to the email address addressing to The Human Resource Department, Everest Club or submit the hard copy to Everest Club District Office, Narayan Municipality-1, Naya Bazar, Dailekh by 21 Jan 2022, 5 pm. GESI groups include females, Dalit, People with Disabilities, and other indigenous/minorities are highly encouraged to apply. The post holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with the Everest Club policies and procedures and partnership conditions of Save the Children.

Please indicate the position title while applying application. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the further selection process. Canvassing at any stage of the processes shall lead to automatic disqualification.

Note: Dalit, Janajati, Female, Marginalized, Local able are highly encouraged to apply for the position. 

“फौजदारी अभियोग तथा बाल अधिकार हन्नमा सग्लन नभएको हुनुपर्ने”


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Position Type Full Time
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Posted Date 12 Jan, 2022
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