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  • Shivapuri Rural Municipality, Nuwakot

Detailed Job Description / Requirements

Community Development Centre, Nepal

Job Description

Job Title: WASH Technician 

Level: 4th level

Project : DFID WASH Intervention Round -3 

Location:Shivapuri Rural Municipality 

Major Role

Technical WASH needs assessments and participation in the selection of target communities and facilities to be rehabilitated and/or constructed, through feasibility studies, household level questionnaires, focus group discussions, facilities and site visits, and interviews with key community members

Program Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Coordination and Reporting

  • Design bill of quantities, rate analysis, follow up and evaluation of activities related to the construction of WASH infrastructure
  • Construction or rehabilitation of sanitation facilities 
  • Construction or rehabilitation of drinking water infrastructure
  • Implementation of drinking water treatment systems and devices
  • Training of community volunteers, members of WASH committees in operation and maintenance of installed systems including latrines, water supply and water treatment
  • General site management and construction supervision with encouragement of community participation and ensuring safety at the construction sites
  • Ensure that WASH infrastructure construction and rehabilitation works are carried out according to quality standards established by the organization through policy checklists
  • Ensure that construction works are integrated with hygiene promotion and community participation to ensure sustainability of the infrastructure built
  • Coordinate WASH construction activities with other local actors at the ward and Rural Municipality. 
  • Ensure integration of gender, child protection, disability, and other crosscutting issues to the implementation of WASH construction activities
  • Be responsible for the weekly reporting of data in order to follow up strategic indicators (number of beneficiaries, number and type of activities completed)
  • Weekly reports to WASH Officer and 
  • Save the Children Authorities, and verbal reports wherever necessary

 Job Description ( JD )

 Job Title:                                        Hygiene Promoter ( Female Only)


 Needs Assessments

  • Hygiene needs assessments, including personal interviews at household level, facilitation of focus group discussions (FGD), site visits, and meet with key members of community
Program  Implementation 
  • Coordinate  hygiene promotion  activities with other line agencies  in order to integrate activities in the same geographical area and for the same beneficiaries
  • Coordinate local level hygiene promotion activities with V-WASH CC, Health workers, CAC, WCF, Child clubs, FCHVs
  • Participate the D-WASH CC meeting, review the progress, and plan the activities along with the same forum.
  • Design the WASH related messages (Water purification method at HH level, hand washing at 5 critical times, importance of using latrines, menstrual hygiene, oral hygiene, diseases preventive measures) in local language and disseminate to the local community.
  • Prepare the contents in local language and facilitate (with demonstration, role play) the hygiene promotion orientation to RM-WASH CC members, health workers, FCHVs, teachers, child club members.
  • Conduct school hygiene promotion activities (i.e. hygiene promotion classes   and menstrual hygiene classes to adolescent girls youth, school hygiene campaigning )
  • Support to FCHVs to conduct the hygiene promotion session among Health Mother Group (HMG) meeting
  • Conduct the mass campaigning, triggering activities in the Rural Municipality level by mobilizing child club members, FCHVs and other local volunteers  to disseminate the hygiene promotion messages
  • HHs visit, counselling to mothers to change the behaviors and attitude to better hygiene practices. Prepare the case study.
  • Ensure the integration of gender, child protection, HIV, people living with disability, environment and other crosscutting issues to the hygiene promotion activities, and ensure that activities take into account the needs of specific groups and individuals, especially children, the elderly and disabled
  • Ensure community mobilization in all field related WASH activities
  • Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the distribution of hygiene kits, water kits, cleaning and water treatment kits for health centers, schools and families
  • Mobilize and support to SMs while implementing the hygiene promotion activities in the rural Municipality  level
  • Ensure all planned Hygiene promotion activities are implemented in time.
  • Maintain the logistic part and financial documents when implementing the hygiene promotion activities
  • Preparation of monthly planning and submission to immediate line manager (Hygiene Promotion  Officer)
  • Weekly report of every events to line manager (written), verbal reports whenever necessary
    • Numbers of events conducted
    • Numbers of beneficiaries (Male, Female ,Children)
    • Number and type of activity performed 
    • Name of participants in the orientation, meeting


  •  ANM/CMA/ BPH or HA/Staff Nurse with1 year of relevant experience
  • Ability to listen and adapt
  • Excellent facilitation and community mobilization skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Fluent knowledge of local language

 Interested applicants are requested to apply through email at

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