Lotus Energy Pvt.Ltd

Lotus Energy Pvt.Ltd
Lotus Energy Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1993 by a group of American investors in Nepal to promote clean renewable energy technologies for Nepal. Lotus Energy designs, manufactures and installs solar photovoltaic energy systems throughout Nepal to power rural village homes, health posts, tourist infrastructure including the world famous Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, rural and urban hospitals including the "Highest Hospital on Earth" at Mt. Everest, schools and monasteries, community solar water pumping, solar powered ozone water treatment systems (SPOWTS) which many water stations are used by trekkers throughout the Annapurna and Solu
trekking circuits, and advanced solar electric fencing for wildlife management / crop protection.Lotus Energy was the pioneer in all these fields, developing not o
nly the technology but the financing and
implementation methods. Lotus Energy instigated and was the first company
authorized to use the Nepal Government's solar subsidy for rural village Solar Home Systems (SHS) via the Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal (later the program was handed over to the AEPC) and Lotus Energy has installed over 40,000 of such SHS throughout the 75 districts of Nepal.

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