Form and Orientate School-based Child Club and Capacitate

Social Development Center

Social Development Centre (SDC) Mahottari is non-political and non-profitable NGO established in 1996 by a group of Terai marginalized group’s activists. Since then, SDC is fully dedicated to work in humanitarian assistance, community development, livelihood, Child Well Being, and environmental protection mainly in the Terai region of Nepal through the humanitarian and long-term development projects.

Detailed Job description / requirements:

To Form and Orientate School-based Child Club and Capacitate

World Vision International Nepal (WVIN)

Social Development Centre (SDC)

1. Background

Social Development Centre Mahottari is implementing the Protection Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan in Ekdara and Samsi Rural Municipality of Mahottari District with the goal – “Children are loved protected and empowered” with the support from World Vision International Nepal (WVIN).

This project is important to engage with the private sectors especially in providing the technological solutions to address the child protection issues and promoting child rights especially in creating the demands of services on Child protection and participation for children, including the awareness-raising of the issues. In order to bring the impact and influence, PCESP TP has proposed different interventions such as strengthening and empowering CP actors in mainstreaming the rights of children through formation and reformation of child agency as adopted in various legal, policy, programmatic measures, and institutional arrangements for the protection and promotion of child rights.

2. The purpose and objective of the consultancy 

The main purpose of this consultancy is to facilitate schools and local governed for forms child clubs and capacitate them on its procedures. 

The specific objectives are:

  • To form school-based child club in schools of Ekdara and Samsi Rural municipality (4 schools of each RM) of Mahottari district, conduct orientation to child clubs’ members on child club conduction procedures and support to organize at least 1 club led event on child rights/ protection.

3. Scope of work

The scope of the work is as follows:

  • Consultant will be responsible for consultation with schools and local government for schools-based club formation. 
  • The Consultant will be responsible to coordinate with the child rights committee of Ekdara and Samsi Rural Municipality and other related stakeholders for their recommendation and require support. 
  • The consultant will be responsible to form and conduct orientation to child club members on child rights, child clubs’ roles, responsibility, and child club functioning procedures. 
  • The consultant is responsible to formulate a child club policy.  
  • The consultant will be responsible to support the child club to organize awareness-related event planning and organizing. 
  • Consultant will be responsible for reporting for weekly progress and preparing Micro Project complementation report and sharing with SDC/WVIN.


The proposed duration of the consultancy is approximately 35 days to be started from 10th Feb 2022 and accomplished by 15th Mar 2022. The detailed breakdown is presented below:


Key tasks


10 Feb to 11 Feb 2022

Coordination with school and LG


13 Feb  to 20 Feb 2022

Formed School-based clubs


22 Feb to 28 Feb 2022

Formulate child club guideline

1 Mar to 15 Mar 2022

Conduct orientation/ training to clubs


18 Mar to 24 Mar 2022

Facilitate Child club to organize club led awareness activity; event planning


27 Mar to 10 Mar 2022

Facilitate to organize and manage club led event


11 Mar to 15 Mar 2022

Report submit


4. Expected deliverables

The expected deliverable includes: 

  • Formed 4 school-based clubs of both RM (Ekdara Rural Municipality and Samsi Rural Municipality) 
  • Capacitated Child Clubs on club function producer 
  • Organized club-led events by all clubs on protection, child rights, or social issues.
  • Formulated Child club policy 

5. Qualification and Experience Required

The consultant can be an organization or individual meeting the following criteria: 

  • At least 3 years experience in social issues 
  • Proven experience of child protection, its issues, and child protection mechanism 
  • Sound experience on child club standards and government mandates.  
  • The expert must submit the document of past association in conducting a similar assignment.

Confirmation By:

Interested candidates can apply along with the below documents:

1- Letter of Interest

2- Brief Technical Proposal with the timeline.

3- Detailed Budget Plan

4- Company Profile ( If Firm) 

5- UPdated CV

6- PAN/VAT Registration Certificate

Get the TOR from the link: TOR Link

Please send your signed TOR, acknowledgment along with documents to by 31st Jan 2022.

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