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Gramin Mahila Srijansil Pariwar

Detailed Job description / requirements:

End-line Survey

(Published in 8th September 2019)

Gramin Mahila Srijanshil Pariwar (GMSP) is a community based non-profit and non-government organization, located in Sindhupalchok district. The organisation was established in 1993 to fight against human trafficking, slavery, gender based violence and to advocate for peace and human rights with a focus on women rights and child rights. GMSP, with the support and collaboration of The Johanniter International Assistance, is implementing theWASH Improvement in Karthali” projectin Sindhupalchok district.

GMSP aims to appoint an Individual Consultant/Consultancy Firm to conduct an End -line Survey of the aforementioned project to assess the present situationand the changes made by the project tothe targeted communities related WASH including water supply schemes in the community. Therefore, GMSP seeks an Expression of Interest (EOI) from Individual Consultant /Consultancy Agencies who have sound technical expertise in conducting anEnd-line Survey.

Purpose of the End-line Survey:

The purpose of the End-Line Survey is to collect primary and secondary (qualitative and quantitative) information on key project indicators related to the aforementioned Project in two communities of Bahrabise Municipality Ward no 2, Karthali.

Scope and Duration:

The End-line Survey will cover the 2 communities (190 households) of Bahrabise Municipality ward no. 2, Karthali. The End Line Survey shall commence with the signing of the contract from 15Septemberto 3rd October 2019.

The timeframe submitted by the applicant should include:

  • Review of documentation and planning
  • Field work / evaluation
  • Analysis and draft report
  • Presentation of draft report
  • Report finalization following feedback.

Major tasks of the consultant:

  • Design the survey questionnaire in close coordination with GMSP. 
  • Develop data collection guidelines where necessary to safeguard the integrity and accuracy of data collected
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders
  • Identify secondary data through desk research
  • Triangulation and analysis of data
  • Preparation and submission of final report (2 hard bound copies, 1 soft copy, complete transcripts and data sets)


The output of the End-line Survey will be the End-line Survey Report in English that describes the evaluation process and explores the findings of the evaluation team, recommendations and lessons learned.

Before finalizing the report, the survey team is required to hold a brief presentation on the results of the evaluation with GMSP and JUH. Comments issuing from this meeting will need to be incorporated into the final report.  

The lead facilitator will have the overall responsibility for the quality and timely submission of the report which should contain the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction part (objective, scope, methodology)
  • Context and background
  • Analytical assessment of project result and indicators wise
  • Findings, including all relevant issues stated in the TOR
  • Recommendations and lessons learnt
  • Annexes (TOR, evaluation tools, documents reviewed, work schedule, case studies, list of respondents, list of places visited, etc.

While the substantive content of the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the report shall be determined by the evaluator, the report is subject to final approval by GMSP/JUH in terms of whether or not it meets the conditions of the TOR.

Organizational Support:

The organization will support for the arrangement of transportation and accommodation but cost need to be managed by consultant themselves. Project team will also support for the arrangement of the required discussions and interview with the stakeholders/ beneficiaries and also arrangement of visit to the working areas. The organization will also provide related documents such as project documents, beneficiaries’ data and reports for the background information.


The estimated budget for this work is NPR 146000.00 (NPR One Hundred Forty-Six Thousand only). This budget is inclusive of all taxes and costs covering travel, accommodation, research and any other required costs.

Ethical Considerations:

The evaluation team will be required to comply with international good practices of research ethics regarding the safety of the beneficiaries.  It will respect basic ethical considerations of informed consent, right to withdraw, debriefing and confidentiality.

The team must give particular consideration to the following:

  • Beneficiaries are not exposed to risks/harm because of their participation in the work
  • Beneficiaries are fully informed of the purpose of the work and age-appropriate consent from all children participating in the work is obtained
  • Beneficiaries right to privacy is respected and confidentiality of information ensured
  • Data/information that has been collected is securely stored and protected

Required skills and competencies:

  • At least 3 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation or similar assignments in Nepal.
  • Sound knowledge and experience on WASH.
  • Post-graduate qualification in engineering or infrastructure development or equivalent.
  • Strong analytical skills, report writing skills and ability to triangulate data from multiple sources.
  • Discretion and respect of confidentiality of information provided to conduct the evaluation.
  • Sound knowledge of NGO management in general and familiarity with organizational development.
  • Proven practical experience in project/program evaluation.
  • Sound knowledge of the socio-economic and political situation of Nepal.
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and write clear reports.
  • Good communication and facilitation skills
  • Fluency in English and Nepali. 

Expression of Interest:

The consultant will submit a full technical proposal and a financial proposal. The following components must be included:

·         Technical proposal

    • Clear and detailed work plan including a Gantt chart
    • A detailed evaluation methodology
    • Full details of proposed consultancy team members

·         Financial proposal

The financial proposal must include the actual number of consultants/team members, number of working days and the professional rates per day. It must also include a separate itemized logistic budget with accommodation, transport and stationary, communication, etc, well broken down.

The deadline for submission of EOI is 14 September 2019.  All applications to be sent to:

Gramin Mahila Srijanshil Pariwar (GMSP), Khadichaur-Sindhupalchok Email:

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