Administration and Logistics Management Specialist

Q Y E C Construction Pvt Ltd

Q.Y.E.C. Construction Pvt. Ltd. (QYEC Nepal), situated at Pulchowk-3, Lalitpur, is engaging in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for hydropower projects in Nepal. QYEC Nepal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Qingyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (QYEC China) which was established in 1995 and is the only private design company holding Class A certificate in hydropower industry in China. QYEC China has been providing full-scope engineering and consulting services for hydroelectric and water conservancy projects with clients of public, government, and private sectors. QYEC China is the holder of qualification certificates of Engineering Survey and Design Certificate - Class A, Engineering Design - Class A, and Engineering Consulting - Class A, which are issued by Chinese government and institute. In the meanwhile, QYEC China is also certified for Power Transmission and Transformation design, Water Resources Argumentation compilation, Water and Soil Conservation compilation, Environmental Impact Assessment compilation, geological hazard reconnaissance, design, risk assessment, etc. Q.Y.E.C. China believes that hydropower development is a delicately balanced technical art, an optimal balance in technical efficiency, financial return, environmental protection and social well-being. With such belief, QYEC China has provided engineering services for more than a hundred hydropower projects, amounting to a total installed capacity over 10GW in past decades, among which, 40 commissioned and 5 under construction, with a capacity sum of 3.9 GW and 1.3GW respectively.

Details / requirements:

Summary of Job Position

The Comprehensive Administrative and Logistics Management Specialist plays a central role in the operations of the company. This position requires the specialist to have a broad range of management skills and meticulous organizational abilities to ensure efficient and smooth office and logistics operations. As a Comprehensive Administrative and Logistics Management Specialist, exceptional communication skills, organizational abilities, and problem-solving skills are required to maintain efficiency and order in a fast-paced work environment. This position not only demands high attention to detail but also the capability to handle multitasking and emergency situations. The specialist plays a key role in keeping the company's internal operations smooth and also acts as an important bridge connecting internal and external resources, crucial for enhancing overall operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Main Job Responsibilities

  • Reception Management: Responsible for organizing and arranging meetings, ensuring the efficient operation of the reception area, and providing high-quality visitor reception services.
  • Human resources assistance: Handle employee recruitment and onboarding procedures, maintain personnel records, and ensure the smooth and compliant flow of human resources processes.
  • Financial assistance: Responsible for invoice management, processing payments, and reimbursement transactions, and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of financial records.
  • Procurement management: Handle procurement matters related to office operations, including selecting suppliers, comparing prices, and ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of purchased products and services.
  • Implementation of management decisions: Understand and implement the decisions and directives of the management, ensuring the realization of company policies and goals.
  • Process Management: Manage and optimize office processes to enhance work efficiency and reduce operational risks.
  • Security Management: Maintain the office environment and ensure the security of company information, preventing potential security risks.
  • Logistical support: Includes facility maintenance, vehicle management, logistical arrangements for meetings and events, as well as organizing employee benefits and company activities. Ensure that all logistics services support the needs of the company's daily operations.


  • Language: Excellent proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese and English.
  • Academic: Undergraduate degree or above: A bachelor's degree or above in relevant majors such as Administrative Management, Business Administration, English, Human Resources, Marketing, Logistics Management, International Trade, Chinese, or related fields.
  • Work Experience: At least 2 years of experience in administrative management, human resources, logistics, or related fields; overseas work experience is preferred, outstanding fresh graduates will also be considered.
  • Strong learning ability, and quick responsiveness, with excellent communication, adaptability, organizational coordination skills, and a spirit of teamwork.
  • Possessing good mental qualities and physical conditions, capable of handling high-intensity work pressure and business trips. Comply with laws and regulations, with no adverse records.
  • Aged below 40 and in good physical and mental health.
  • Possessing a good psychological and physical state, as well as suitable family living conditions for frequent or extended business trips or international travel.
  • Possess strong organizational and coordination skills, modern business management concepts, excellent interpersonal skills, effective verbal communication skills, the ability to quickly grasp leadership intentions and formulate work plans, rigorous logical thinking, persuasive language expression, and the ability to write administrative-related documents.

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Job Overview

Category Administrative / Management
Openings 1
Salary Based on experience
Position Type Contract
Position Level Senior Level
Experience 2 Years
Education Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration or any relevant field.
Posted Date 30 Nov, 2023
Apply Before 29 Dec, 2023
City Lalitpur