Apply Before: 25 Jun, 18

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:


Job Title: Database Programmer

Location: Kathmandu

Applicable for Nepali Nationals Only


Possible is seeking an entrepreneurial Database Programmer to work together with the team to develop and enhance the Electronic Health Record in the organization.

The Organization: Possible

Possible, also known as Nyaya Health, is a nonprofit organization delivering healthcare to underserved communities in Nepal in partnership with the Ministry of Health. With over 300 full time staff, we deliver care to over 150,000 patient annually in two hospital hubs and through our community health worker network. We have witnessed dramatic results through our integrated hospital-to-home model that has helped reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. We envision a future where everyone, regardless of location or income, is guaranteed universal health coverage as a human right.

The Opportunity: Are you the right fit?

We are looking for an entrepreneurial leader who will [main responsibility].  Strong preference will be given to those who can prove they can operate in fast-growth environments with limited resources.

Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, captured by our For-Impact Culture Code.

Lastly, you’re a believer, not an employee. And you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time and energy to transform an early stage organization and impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

Management Structure:

Reports To:  HealthCare Systems Engineer

Direct Reports: N/A

Must Haves:

● Experience in Database customization, Data Oriented/Driven approach not only limiting to technology but with strong sense of data driven advocacy.

● Strong understanding of latest trend in Database Management Best practice, Mobile platform, Mysql, Data Visualization, Data request with best practice, Database Management.

● Commitment to Possible’s Culture and Vision.

● Self-starter, with a passion and ability to learn quickly and ability to work well with other team members.

Required Qualifications and Experience

●  Minimum Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering /Information Technology or a related field.

● Minimum 4+ years of experience in related field.

Big 3 Responsibilities:

  1. Identify inefficiencies in current databases and investigate solutions.
  2. Communicate with different personalities and team, responding in a professional manner to queries or requests.
  3. Be a good team player and comfortable working in a team environment, delivering timing-critical high-quality deliverable.

How to Approach the Role:

The Database Programmer should see himself/herself as responsible person for development and enhancement of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Areas of Responsibility (AoR)

The Database Programmer will work closely with our EHR team and be chiefly responsible for the following work:

1.Customize, Develop and strengthen Mobile Platform mhealth Solutions

a)Coordinate with Community Health and Hospital based system to integrate develop and provide the curative forms correlating with the program design.

b)Customize mHealth (Commcare) to provide solution for longitudinal care and support in integrating the health services and care delivery through digital platform.

c)Provide training for the developed module and forms to the users (Community Health team, Capacity Building Officers or the program designers)

2.Data Visualization and Handle Data request

a) Should be able to design and write complex database queries to provide the data request and support for data oriented research

b) Implementation and develop of data dashboards to display live data visualization.

3.Database performance optimization and tuning:

a) Able to troubleshoot and design complex architecture of mHealth mobile platform database (Mysql/PostgreSQL)

b) Provide informed feedback for database design and data model decisions.

c) Perform quality assurance tests for ensuring data integrity and quality from the database level.

d) Lead in identifying process improvements for database performance, reliability, customization, performance tuning and stability.

The above list of responsibilities is not comprehensive, and the Database Programmer may be required to take on additional responsibilities, as determined by the HealthCare Systems Engineer.

Application Process:

To apply and for more detail information, please refer to this link https://possible.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=157 .

Application for the above position can be sent by 25 June 2018. 

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply



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To apply:

Please note the application procedure mentioned above and apply accordingly.

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