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Center for Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASION) is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 2005. Since it was founded, CREASION has been a leader in environmental protection in Nepal through recycling, research, emergency response, grass-roots and circular economy related interventions. CREASION also houses innovative, impact-based projects as well as a learning center for youth. CREASION’s work is majorly centered around four thematic areas; Environment and Sustainability, Disaster Risk Reduction, Education and Advocacy, and Youth and Volunteerism.

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About the Project

Project CAP (Collaborative Approach for Preventing Plastic Leakages in Rivers of Nepal) aims to divert plastic waste into product value chain from landfills and rivers by strengthening plastic waste collection mechanism and strengthening recycling efforts through the introduction of technological innovations. The project will develop a collaborative model to engage all the major stakeholders in establishing a strong plastic waste value chain. Project CAP is one of the projects by the PLEASE (Plastic Free Rivers and Seas of South Asia) in Nepal, which is implemented by the South Asia Co-operative Environment Program (SACEP), supported by UNOPS and the World Bank.

1. Job Title: Sr. Environment Safeguarding Officer

Project Duration: One year (January 2024 – January 2025)

Funding Agency: South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (Fund Manager) on the behalf of World Bank

Purpose of the Role

Sr. Environment Safeguarding Officer will work closely with the Team Lead to establish a collaborative model for plastic waste management to divert plastic waste from rivers and landfills to product value chain. Sr. Environment Safeguarding Officer will support timely implementation of the project activities and ensure that any potential environmental risks are mitigated at all project implementation levels.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Environment Safeguard and Management Plan (ESMP) Implementation, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Support in the development and implementation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environment Safeguard and Management Plan (ESMP) in the project activities.
  • Prepare TORs of consultants to be engaged in IEE, ESMP and other related tasks.
  • Provide necessary technical support in implementing project activities by conducting environmental risk assessment at different stages to address environmental issues.
  • Work closely with the project lead to review project activity plans, design, and budget to ensure that the environmental mitigation factors are integrated throughout different stages of project implementation.
  • Ensure the integration of donor environment strategies and project priorities, and technical requirements in the project activities.
  • Monitor and review the progress of environment safeguard measures for the project activities and provide timely briefing to the project team.
  • Work with field staff in building their capacity and knowledge on ESMP and addressing other environmental risks.
  • Research, monitoring, and knowledge management
  • Work closely with the project leads to conducting baseline research in the project provinces and to identify relevant stakeholders.
  • Work closely with Project Lead and other project staff to monitor project progress and achievements.
  • Identify key issues, lessons learned, and best practices to document and publish. Identify challenges and opportunities for the development and implementation of ESMP plans and prepare a detailed implementation plan at all levels.

Coordinating and networking

  • Maintain close coordination and contact with partnered provincial and municipal governments and coordinate for MoU signing with the concerned governments.
  • Coordinate regularly with local government solid waste/sanitation/environment division,


  • Collect and compile learnings, good practices, and case studies from the field
  • Participate in the monthly meeting of the project implementation team
  • Compliance to policies, rules/regulations, and guidelines
  • Adhere to CREASIONs organizational policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines
  • Ensure that the organization and donor's compliance are met.

Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of relevant professional work experience
  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in environment science, environment engineering, natural resource management, sustainable development, social science, developmental studies and other related fields.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of working in the field of environment safeguarding
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (English and Nepali)
  • Strong strategic and analytical ability.

Skills and competencies:

  • Ability to develop and maintain coordination and contact with partnered Provincial and Municipal governments.
  • Ability to work in a result-oriented, multi-tasking, and multi-cultural environment with a strong sense of initiative, discipline, and self-motivation.
  • Sensitivity to the needs and priorities of disadvantaged populations (minority groups etc.)
  • Attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines, track progress, and work independently and cooperatively with team members.
  • Ask for feedback, willingness to learn, and seek opportunities for personal development.
  • Advance skill in using Computer and IT, and good experiences in using the digital platform.

2. Job Title: Factory Manager

Project Duration: One year (January 2024 – January 2025)

Funding Agency: South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (Fund Manager) on the behalf of World Bank

Position Overview:

The Factory Manager will be responsible for the end-to-end management of our plastic products manufacturing facility. This role requires a seasoned professional with a comprehensive understanding of factory operations, supply chain management, and a strong ability to lead and optimize processes.

Key Responsibilities:

Production Management:

  • Oversee the day-to-day production activities to ensure the timely and efficient manufacturing of plastic products.
  • Implement and optimize production schedules, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Stock and Inventory Management:

  • Manage and control inventory levels to meet production and sales requirements.
  • Implement effective stock management practices to minimize wastage and losses.

Sales Coordination:

  • Collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to align production with market demand.
  • Ensure that production levels are in line with sales forecasts and targets.

Labour Management:

  • Supervise and lead the factory workforce, including recruitment, training, and performance management. 
  • Foster a positive and productive work environment while ensuring adherence to safety standards.

Quality Assurance:

  • Implement and enforce quality control measures throughout the production process.
  • Collaborate with the quality assurance team to maintain high product standards.

Transportation Management:

  • Coordinate transportation logistics for the distribution of finished products.
  • Optimize transportation routes and ensure on-time delivery to customers.  

Cost Management:

  • Monitor and control production costs, identifying opportunities for cost savings.
  • Implement efficiency measures to improve overall operational effectiveness.

Compliance and Safety:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations, safety standards, and environmental requirements.
  • Implement and monitor safety protocols to create a secure working environment.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering along with MBA or a related field.
  • Proven experience in factory management, preferably in the plastics or manufacturing industry.
  • Strong leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of production processes and supply chain management.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

3. Job Title: Infra Coordinator (Mechanical Engineer)

Project Duration: One year (January 2024 – January 2025)

Funding Agency: South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (Fund Manager) on the behalf of World Bank

Position Overview:

The Infra Coordinator- Mechanical Engineer will play a pivotal role in the successful execution of our factory construction project. This individual will be responsible for managing the construction site, ensuring the timely completion of tasks, and overseeing the installation and fitting of machinery. The ideal candidate will bring strong mechanical engineering expertise and effective leadership to the construction team.

Key Responsibilities:

Construction Site Management:

  • Act as the site manager overseeing all construction activities related to the factory project.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and quality standards on the construction site.

Mobilization of Construction Labor:

  • Coordinate and manage construction labour, subcontractors, and vendors.
  • Allocate tasks and responsibilities to ensure efficient utilization of resources.

Project Planning and Scheduling:

  • Develop project plans and schedules, ensuring milestones and deadlines are met.
  • Monitor progress and adjust ensure the project stays on track.

Machine Fitting and Installation:

  • Oversee the fitting and installation of machinery in the factory.
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to ensure machinery is integrated seamlessly.

Quality Assurance:

  • Implement and enforce quality control measures during the construction process.
  • Conduct inspections to ensure compliance with engineering and safety standards.

Budget and Resource Management:

  • Manage project budgets and resources effectively.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising on project quality.

Stakeholder Coordination:

  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including project managers and engineers.
  • Communicate progress and address any issues that may impact the project timeline.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a related field with an experience of 5 year or more.
  • Proven experience as a Mechanical Engineer with a focus on construction projects.
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to lead and coordinate a construction team.
  • Knowledge of machinery installation and fitting processes.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.


The contract duration is One year estimated to start as early as possible.

We promote workforce diversity and highly encourage all interested applicants, especially young and young professionals including those who identify as women and indigenous community members/minority caste groups, to apply.

Submit your updated CV and Cover Letter to before 25th May, 2024.


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