Re: Terms of Reference (TOR) for study to identify green jobs opportunities, major challenges and suggest strategies for nature-based solutions including value chain analysis

Center for Development and Disaster Management (CDM-Nepal)

CDM-Nepal is a leading non-governmental development and humanitarian organisation of Province 5 of Nepal. Established in 2000 in Butwal, CDM-Nepal has worked in DRM, CCA, WASH, livelihood and GBV. CDM’s programmes have historically been targeted at underprivileged women and children. Origins of CDM-Nepal CDM-Nepal’s origin can be traced back to 1993, the year Rupandehi district experienced one of the devastating floods in its history. Having seen the havoc brought by the disaster, a group of local development professionals joined hands to informally set up “Save the Environment and Rural Development Institute (SERDI)”, which later became CDM-Nepal during official registration in 2000. Vision Our vision is to make just, equitable, peaceful, prosperous and disaster-resilient society for all citizens of Nepal. Mission Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families in the poorest, vulnerable, socially excluded and marginalised communities of Nepal. Objectives Reduce – Contribute to substantially reduce disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods and health and the economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets of persons, businesses, communities and countries IMPROVE – Improve socio-economic status of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the community by implementing risk-informed, gender-responsive and inclusive livelihood improvement, health, WASH and education programmes with a rights-based perspective PARTNERSHIP – Partner with local governments and civil society organisations for programme design, implementation and evaluation LEARNING – Generate learning through applied research on relevant socio-economic, climate, disaster and environmental issues and utilise learning for advocacy and also utilise for organisational development GOVERNANCE – Advocate and campaign at the local, province and national levels to address the root causes of development challenges

Details / requirements:

Centre for Development and Disaster Management (CDM-Nepal)
Re Advertised on September 28

Terms of Reference (TOR) 


Activity 3.1.9, Conduct a study to identify green jobs opportunities, major challenges and suggest strategies for nature-based solutions including value chain analysis 




CDM-Nepal is a national leading non-governmental development and humanitarian organization having Head Quarter in Butwal, Lumbini Province, Nepal. Established in 2000 in Rupandehi, CDM-Nepal has worked in disaster risk reduction, climate action, water sanitation and hygiene promotion, livelihoods and gender equity and social inclusion including gender-based violence. CDM’s target beneficiaries include marginalized women, children, youth and vulnerable communities. CDM worked in Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Kapilvastu, Arghakhachi, Gulmi, Palpa, Okhaldhunga, Doti, Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Kathmandu and Achham Districts.


CDM-Nepal was registered with the District Administration Office of Rupandehi in 16 May 2000 with registration number 466-057/058. It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal Government in 2000 with registration number 11639/057. Since its establishment, it has become a member of NGO Federation Nepal, National Disaster Preparedness Network (DPNet) Nepal since 2008 and a founding member of National Network of Community Disaster and Climate Risk Management Committee (NCDMC). District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) of Rupandehi district has selected CDM-Nepal as the current District Lead Support Agency (DLSA) of Rupandehi district. Since 2017, CDM-Nepal has been providing technical and other support to Lumbini Provincial Government as Province Lead Support Agency (PLSA).


Introduction about the Consultancy:

Climate Change Adoption, Promotion of Green Economy are the integral part of capacity enhancement of CDM/KZE/MISEREOR’s Community Resilience Programme. It intends to coordinate and collaborate with local governments and other community actors such as CBOs, Users Committee, schoolteachers, youth center, child club (environment management subcommittee) who can play a pivotal role on environment friendly initiatives at local government and community levels. To develop them as climate champions to drive climate agenda through public awareness and capacity development is the need of the era when climate change has huge effects on lives, and livelihoods of people impacted by climate change (PICC) and gender-based discrimination. 


Nepal is one of the world’s forty-eight least developed countries and such poor socio-economic conditions make the country extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. According to a study conducted by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) on climate trend analysis (2017), the annual maximum temperature trend is increasing by 0.056°C/year and Nepal’s annual average precipitation has declined by 1.3 mm per year over the observed period (i.e., 1971-2014). As per the German Watch Report, Nepal ranked 12th in the Global Climate Risk Index in 2019, and 10th in the period 2000-2019. A rapidly changing climate in Nepal, including in the proposed districts (Rupandehi and Nawalparasi) has led to a range of adverse impacts on the socio-economic, natural, and physical environment. The climate crisis has a devastating impact on women, youth and children’s learning, safety, and wellbeing, destroys livelihood options, education services and household food security and income, forcing youth to migrate other countries and children to drop out of school to support their family with domestic duties or work. 


So, this consultancy is therefore, proposed to conduct a study to identify green jobs opportunities, major challenges and suggest strategies for nature-based solutions in Siyari, Gaidahawa, Kotahimai, Sammarima Rural Municipalites of Rupadehi and Pratappur Rural Municipality of Nawalparasi district.


This study will mainly focus on finding out the list of existing Green Job practices/opportunities in the area and also exploring prospects of new /innovative green jobs/enterprises that could enhance the local economy with less carbon footprints. 


Objective of the Consultancy: 

The objective of this assignment is to prepare the analytical report on Green Jobs that includes the following.

Identify a list of green jobs (environment and climate friendly enterprises) that exist in the area and explore possibility of new options of green jobs that can be promoted by youth.

Prioritize existing and new green jobs (nature-based and non-nature-based) based on local (youth and municipality) interest 

Devise research methodology and carry out a study to prepare an analytical report in English and Nepali that needs to be presented with municipality authorities and CDM Nepal.


Role or scope of consultant/firm: 

The Consultant/firm shall conduct field assessment in all wards deploying appropriate and participatory methodologies and resources to fulfil the scope and objectives of this assignment, to achieve the objectives outlined above. The consultant/firm is requested to present key activities and work plan accordingly. 

Identify and analysis of existing Green Job opportunities: thorough review of the existing green enterprises in consultation with municipality representative and local youth entrepreneurs – existing practices, challenges faced by local entrepreneurs and possible solutions to tackle those challenges, ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainability of solutions proposed

Carry out technical, economic and value chain analysis of prioritized top 10 enterprises and suggest for its growth and sustainability

Identify key risks to adopt them as key enterprise and suggest solutions to overcome those risks associated with identified green enterprises. 

Consultation with ward committees, local youth entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs located in Bhairahawa, Butwal and Kathmandu 

Develop “Study Report” with updated and well-defined tools/possibility, catalyst, and the ideas/technologies for implementing all prioritized options of green jobs.


The consultant/firm should use both qualitative and quantitative methods for study and collect data using structured checklist/ questionnaire and key informant interview (KII) as well as Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The study should also include segregation of consulting participants by occupation, gender, youths, ethnicity, and People with Disabilities (PwDs). The consultant will select and train enumerators in consultation with CDM team. 


Location of the assignment:  Siyari, Gaidahawa, Sammarimai and Katahimai Rural Municipalities of Rupandehi District and Pratapur Rural Municipality of Nawalparasi Districts.


Task, deliverables, and suggested timeframe for a consulting team per municipality 


Suggested timeframe

Inception meeting 

1 day

Detailed inception report including detailed work plan, finalized methodologies and tools and table of content 

1 day

Training to enumerators

1 day

Data collection, consultation with ward committees and entrepreneurs and prepare draft report

8 days

Report preparation and finalization of study/submission of final report, incorporating comments from project team including translation in Nepali

8 days

Findings dissemination with the wider stakeholders of Municipalities


Estimated total

20 days





Programme Manger, CDM Nepal Bhairahawa.


Tentative Work Plan 


TOR Publication

19 September 2023

Finalize Consultant

7 October 2023

Inception meeting with consultant

9 October 2023

Inception Report along with detail work plan

12 October 2023

Data collection, field consultation and analysis /draft report

26 October 2023

Submission of Final Report 

30 October 2023

Finding Presentation with Palika and finalization 

10 November 2023


Disbursement plan: 30% of the agreed amount will be disbursed after receiving inception report and upon the approval by CDM Nepal whereas remaining 70% of the agreed amount will be released after final completion


Profile of the firms and/or consultants 

This consultancy will be carried out by an experienced and qualified consultant/firm. The consultant/firm will be selected through a competitive and transparent process. A suggested consultant shall include one lead consultant. S/he can proposal a short- term oversight or support from expert. Required expertise, experiences, academic qualifications, and competencies of the firms and team members should include: 

  • Master’s degree in statistics, agriculture, livelihoods, social sciences, or environment and climate sciences.

  • Previous experience of conducting similar study/research.


Documents for submission 

Interested consulting firm or individuals can apply by submitting the following: 

  • A technical proposal including

    • Description of how your skills and experience match the TOR requirements,

    • Proposed methodology, team composition and work plan

  • A financial proposal: should include a detailed budget sheet with breakdowns and aligning with TOR.

  • CV of consultant/s 

  • Profile/experience of the consultancy firm/ individuals 

  • VAT registration Certificate

  • Company Registration Certificate

  • Tax clearance certificate 2079/80

Proposal review/scoring criteria

The total score is 100 points that include 70 points on technical expertise, organizational profile, understanding of the assignment, study design and methodology, and 30 points on budget plan.



Key Criteria


Relevant work experiences of the firm, particularly in conducting baseline of CCA, Green Jobs, and Anticipatory Actions (20)


Academic qualifications and work experience of proposed consultants as revealed by CV (30 points)


Understanding of the assignment along with proposed study design, tools, and methodology (20 points)


Cost-effectiveness and realistic budget plan (30 points)



The Consulting VAT Registered Firm should submit the technical and financial proposal to CDM Nepal, Bhairahawa by  4 October 2023 before 5 pm via mail to, clearly mentioning the title of assignment in the email subject line “study to identify green jobs opportunities, major challenges and suggest strategies for nature-based solutions.


Ethical considerations 

The Consultant/firm will be required to take all the necessary actions to handle the collected data responsibly to ensure data privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality.



All material issued in connection with this ToR shall remain the property of CDM and shall be used only for the purpose of this procurement exercise. 

The consultant will be required to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement as part of their undertaking of this work. 



Centre for Development and Disaster Management

Siddharthanagar-10, Bhairahawa, Nepal



Category Consulting & Professional Services, Environment and climate
Position Type Contract
Position Level Senior Level
Posted Date 18 Sep, 2023
Apply Before 04 Oct, 2023
City Nawalparasi, Rupandehi