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Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)

Flex fund support for CSOs

(Activity under 1.2.4 Flex fund support for CSOs)

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) was established in 1994 with the aim of empowering women in general and Dalit women in particular so that they could raise their voice to get their entitlements. Since then it has been implementing several projects with the support of different international donors and partner organizations. As per the need of community and experience of FEDO, the project has designed to support and empower civil society in protecting and promoting democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in Nepal. FEDO has been implementing the project Named “Our Voices Our Choices (OVOC): Women and Youth for Democratic Civic Space” (HAMRO AAWAJ, HAMRO ROJAI Project) in the partnership of Plan International Nepal in Kalikot.

About Plan International Nepal

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We believe in the power and potential of every child and young people but this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And it is girls who are most affected. Working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children. We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood. And we enable children to prepare for – and respond to – crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge. We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 75 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries. Plan International Nepal has been working in Nepal since 1978 to enable marginalized children as well as their families and communities, to access their rights to health, education, economic security and protection. Currently our programs are running in 12 districts through our development partners.

Overall Objective of Project: To support and empower civil society in protecting and promoting democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in Nepal.

Specific Objective 1: To enhance inclusive civic action through co-creation of a multi-country resource hub that facilitates the enlargement of civic, democratic and civil society space.

Specific Objective 2: To support and capacitate youth/women-led CSOs to participate as rights holders in national/regional/global-level efforts to reclaim and protect civic space and civic engagement. 

Specific Objective 3: To hold duty bearers, especially policymakers in Asia, accountable to their responsibilities towards protecting inclusive civic space.

Importance of Flex Fund: 

Many youth/women-led CSOs and networks are caught between measures that restrict access to foreign funding and the fact that domestic funders are not yet supporting their activities. Rights-based organizations can find it particularly difficult to raise resources, especially when governments are conservative. These difficulties can be exacerbated for youth-led groups that often face difficulty achieving formal registration.

Funding trends that prioritize programmatic funding and low overhead costs are incentivizing support to fewer, larger organizations with high absorption capacity at the expense of smaller, local players, which risks exacerbating unequal power dynamics. Provision of flexible funding directly responds to these challenges while allowing recipients to innovate and adapt to changing conditions, emerging issues and opportunities. 

The provision of flex funds to CSOs is the capacity building activity under specific objective one of the OVOC project. The specific purpose of the flex funding is to build the root-level capacity of human rights organizations, especially youth and women-led organizations in formal and informal settings so they can take actions for claiming rights and democracy and to catalyze the collective actions of youth/women-led organizations, youth networks and HRDs as they learn about human rights issues that affect their lives and determine solutions by themselves.

The main Purpose of the Flex fund Nepal: 

  • To encourage CSOs working for the promotion of Civil society led by youth and women at the local to national level to do programs to get the shrinking civic and democratic space. 
  • To promote youth and women-le organizations to create new ideas and programs for the protection and promotion of Human Rights of unaddressed communities. 
  • To organize a program to inform Human Rights organizations and Feminist organizations and to raise civil positions and voices as well as to support such programs to hold the concerned agencies accountable.

Eligibility for Flex Fund: 

  1. CSOs are intended to support human rights activists, youth/women human rights defenders’ organizations/networks to power their actions and to improve the rights situation in Nepal. 
  2. Flex funds will be available for CSOs (Women and Youth led) Nepal to seek funding for human rights actions (targeting feminist, Dalit, LGBTIQ+ organizations, and other excluded women/youth groups).”

Priority Activities for Funding

The below are the list of priority activities that will be funded: 

  • Training, 
  • Peer education, 
  • Campaigns
  • Dialogue with duty bearers, 
  • Evidence creation (study or research) and advocacy,
  • Interactive theatre shows, and Awareness raising

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. A preamble should be submitted with the purpose of the program, possible achievements and purposed budget (Technical and Financial) 
  2. (Technical and financial proposal should be submitted in separate envelop)  
  3. Institutional documents should also be submitted along the preamble. 
  4. Team composition along with their CVs. 
  5. Preface should be within the given subject matter (focused to Civic and Democratic Space).

Selection Process: 

  1. Call for application and compilation. 
  2. Comparative study (Technical and Financial) 
  3. Invitation for the meeting to short listed grantees (after a week from submission deadline)
  4. Meeting with potential Grantees (with inception report and presentation)
  5. Decision of selection.


  • Inception report with full planned activities including budget plan.  
  • Project completion report (Narrative and Financial with original document)

Contract/Agreement Timeline: 

  • Three months form the agreement date. 
  • This timeline includes to complete all activities and settlement with project report submission.

Ethical and Safeguarding Children and Young People Statements:

FEDO and Plan International recognise that violence against children and young people is prevalent throughout the world and in all societies. Violence against children includes physical or mental violence, injury and abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment and sexual abuse. In addition, children and young people may be vulnerable and at risk due to reasons of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, disability and age or illness. Plan International is fully committed to ending violence against children and acknowledges that we have a duty to promote the gender responsive safeguarding of children and young people and particularly those with who we work or are in contact.

Plan International’s Global Policy- Safeguarding Children and Young People emphasizes the safeguarding of children and young people who come in contact with Plan employees, volunteers, partner organisations and individuals, including consultants, who are working on behalf of Plan International. This is regarded as strict global compliance issue and has to follow it mandatorily. In this respect, the consultant should include statements in the proposal on how s/he will ensure ethics and safeguarding of children and young people during the commencement of the assignment and during the field work. The consultant should also specify other ethical protocols to be followed during the due course of the evaluation/study/research. The consultant is strongly recommended to take written consent of the respondents and/or children’s guardian before taking photographs/interview and ask if their photographs, verbatim or case stories could be used in report for public dissemination. Such consent must be documented and submitted to Plan International Nepal along with the final report.

Further, the consultant should responsible to take ethical approval from the concern authorities which need to take ethical approval before data collection.

How to Apply:

Submit all the above mentioned documents in a sealed form to the following address: 

Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)

Kupondloe, Lalitpur, Nepal 

G.P.O. Box: 4366

Tel: 01-5520982, 5543986

Website: www.fedonepal.org

Job Overview

Category Development and Project, Expression of Interest
Position Type Contract
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Posted Date 27 Jan, 2023
Apply Before 21 Feb, 2023
City Lalitpur