TERMS OF REFERENCE for Consultancy service to establish home garden (healthy home healthy garden- Combo pack) under AADHAR Project (Re-Advertisement)

Tharu Women Upliftment Center

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Consultancy service to establish home garden (healthy home healthy garden- Combo pack) under AADHAR Project

1. Introduction 

Tharu Women Upliftment Center(TWUC), Bardiya Tharu Women Upliftment Center (TWUC), has completed 29 years from the date of registration as well as conducting different project activities from its inception period. Our organization has been providing services like social mobilization, women empowerment, community development, livelihood promotion & protection, sensitization/awareness rising activities, right based advocacy, peace building activities etc. from last 29 years. 

Dalit Women Rights Forum (DWRF) Kailaiis an organization established by a group of Dalit women having passion-for-social-change and commitments for the advancement of women’s human rights in the community. Since 2007 organization has been tirelessly working for the protection and promotion of human rights particularly the rights of dalit and other marginalized community women by helping them to get justices for caste and gender-based-discrimination and uplifting their livelihoods through economic empowerment.

Tharu Women Upliftment Centre (TWUC), Bardiya and  Dalit Women Rights Forum (DWRF), Kailai is implementing a three year of project entitled "AADHAR" in Lumbini and Sudurpaschim Province of Nepal. The project is funded by Dan Church Aid (DCA) Nepal.

This Terms of Reference (ToR) is developed for qualified individual or firm for establishment of healthy home healthy garden of “Everyone has the right of worthy life (AADHAR)” Project funded by the Dan Church Aid (DCA) Nepal and implemented in four Rural / Municipalities of Lumbini and Sudurpaschim Province; which include Barbardiya Municipality and Gulariya Municipality in Bardiya; and Kailari Rural Municipality and Gauriganga Municipality in Kailai District. This is 3 years project and is being implemented by two partners i.e. Tharu Women Upliftment Center (TWUC) Bardiya and Dalit Women’s Right Forum (DWRF) Kailali.  The overall objective of the project is to support poor, marginalized, and displaced people of Kailai and Bardiya districts of Nepal in obtaining a worthy life through improved access to food, clean drinking water, and social services The project is implementing in four interconnected result areas that includes enhancing livelihood of poor and marginalised households through improved income, climate resilient technologies and entrepreneurship, improving nutrition uptake by children, women and food insecure households, girls, and women, have access to better health and sanitation and enhancing school environment and DRR safety.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to establish  healthy home healthy garden  (tunnel house) and provide essential materials (like seeds, nursery, pest control, tools, training, e.t.c) for establishment of home garden in 3 groups of Kailali district (Gauriganga Municipality and Kailari Rural Municipality)  and 2 groups of Bardiya district ( Barbardiya  and Gulariya Municipality)

The Specific Objectives of the assignment are: 

  • To establish healthy garden (Tunnel house) from iron or GI materials with 200 GSM white plastic.
  • To provide seeds, nursery materials, IPM materials, Irrigation set to each home garden.
  • To provide training on "Home Garden and Nursery management"
  • To Conduct method demonstration at established home garden with dissemination of idea to use provided materials.
  • To improve nutrition uptake by children, women, and food insecure households, 
  • To Provide skills and knowledge related to home garden management, nursery management, seed & seedling production of fruits and vegetables.
  • To develop entrepreneurship ingroups
  • To develop individual as service providers in groupsfor regular supply of seeds and saplings of vegetables and fruits in coming days.

3. Scope of assignment

The scope of this assignment is to establish home garden resource nursery by developing tunnel for growing vegetable, and fruits seedlings; and providing essential materials, and technical support to prepare home garden resource farmer in working area of AADHAR Project. DWRF and TWUC will select the beneficiaries households (HHs)for establishment of home garden resource nursery.

At the first step, the consultant will get brief introduction about the project, its intervention & result area, project implemented areas and communities from DCA, DWRF and TWUC team. The consultant will have to visit project site with training and materials delivery to establish a home gardens resource nursery as mentioned in deliverables. The training will be provided in Nepali with demonstration at field during set up of "Healthy home healthy garden resource nursery" 

4. Deliverables

The selected consult should provide the following deliverables.

A. Install the 5 home garden tunnel (3 in Kailai and 2 in Bardiya) of iron or GI materials with 200 GSM white plastic with the size of6/12 feet (6 feet width &12 feet length, 9 feet height at top and 6 feet height at base of roof) 

B. Deliver the two days 3 events (2 in Kailai and 1 in Bardiya) of group level training on home garden &demonstration at established tunnel house

C. Other associated deliverables are given below in the table


5. Reporting Line

The consultant will report to the Project Coordinator of AADHAR Project of DWRF and TWUC work closely with JTA and field staff of DWRF, Kailali and TWUC, Bardiya during the entire period of implementation and agreement.

6. Required Qualification

  • At least two years previous experience of working in the field of agricultural firms/ company or cooperatives for construction of Tunnel or related materials.
  • Tax clear certificate of past years.
  • Firm/ Company registration certificates.
  • Proof of Agriculturist (M.Sc. Horticulture) and engineer working (or could work) with the company.
  • Experience of training delivery to the farmers at field 
  • Example/samples of at least two completed assignments (with government and NGO project) and outputs shall be shared along with the technical proposal. 

7. Timeline and requirement for the consultant: 

The purposed work needs to be completed within the end of October of 2022. The consultant will have to purpose a schedule accordingly to complete the work as per the scope of assignment in time. We anticipate at least one day field work for each Home garden resource nursery. Consultant should have to travel different community of Barbardiya municipality Bardiya district and Gauriganga Municipality and Kailari Rural Municipality of Kailai district for the purpose of Home garden resource nursery establishment. All expense including travel, food and accommodation of this assignment should covered by consultant. The time frame for establishment of "Home garden resource nursery" will be as follows:


8. Evaluation Criteria 

The evaluation method will be the technical competency, quality of proposal, experiences, and cost-based selection. A two-stage procedure shall be utilized in evaluating the proposals, a technical evaluation, and a financial evaluation. Proposals will be ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using the weights of 75% for the Technical Proposal; and 25% for the offered price. Each proposal’s overall score shall therefore be St X 75% + Sf X 25%. For the evaluation of the technical proposals, we shall take the below criteria and weights into consideration. DWRF and TWUC reserves the right to discard offers below a technical score of 80 points.


9. To Apply

Interested individuals/firm who meet the above requirements should apply by submitting their Expression of Interest (EOI) with following details;

  1. Technical proposal with detail outlines the methodologies/ approach, work experience of delivery the assignment
  2. Financial proposal for each tunnel house installation using through iron and GI materials as per the requirement of deliverables.
  3. Detail operational calendar for accomplishment of assignment
  4. Capacity and expertise of experts

EOI can be emailed either to the Procurement Department of DWRF, roshandwrf@gmail.com or TWUC, fpo.adhaartwuc@gmail.com with subject line” Consultancy service to establish "HOME GARDEN " under AADHAR Project” 

Hard copy can also be submitted to the DWRF or TWUC address below. The closing date for application is 28 Sept.2022. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for interview. The short-listed applicants will be required to present their proposed methodology and previous similar experience.

1. Tharu Women Upliftment Center (TWUC)

Gulaiya Municipality, Ward no- 7, MankamanaTole

Bardiya, Nepal

Tel: +977 084-42035/347


Email: Twuc.bardiya2049@gmail.com

2. Dalit Women Right Forum (DWRF)

Dhangadhi Submetropolitian, ward no- 2, Santoshi Tole 

Kailali, Nepal  Tel: +977 091527417

(Note: Those who have already applied shouldn't apply again).


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