Re-notice for consultancy assignment to study custom hiring centre operation across Nepal and facilitate National Level CHC experience/learning sharing workshop

Jeevan Bikas Samaj MBNC

Details / requirements:

Jeevan Bikash Samaj (JBS)

Re-notice for consultancy assignment to study custom hiring centre operation across Nepal and facilitate National Level CHC experience/learning sharing workshop.

Assignment Titles:

To hire a consultant to study custom hiring centre operation across Nepal and facilitate National level CHC experience/learning sharing workshop.

1. Introduction of the company:

Jeevan Bikash Samaj profit not distributing company, was established with a vision to increase agricultural productivity across the nation on 16 October 2016 in Company Registration Office, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. The company has four major sub-sections namely Custom Hiring Center, Bio-gas Plant, Nursery, and Agriculture. Among these four sub-sections one of the major ongoing projects of the company is Custom Hiring Center (CHC), which they have launched recently in Morang district of Koshi province, with the motto to facilitate the farmers and agriculture cooperatives with the modern tools, technologies, and machineriesforthe better production, improved agricultural efficiency and reduced cost of production. The company provides all the modern agriculture machineries from sowing to harvest and post-harvest. They have different types of machinery that support in the stages of production (tillage, sowing, sprayer, weeding etc.) and post-harvest (harvesting, threshing, shelling, combine harvesting etc.). The company is currently giving services to around 400-500 farmers each year in Morang district and planning to further expand its services in Jhapa and Sunsari district in Koshi province.

2. Objectives of the assignment

The key objective of this assignment is to provide consultancy services for Jeevan Bikash Samaj by studying the operation of custom hiring centre across Nepal (including in Koshi Province) and facilitate national level CHC experience sharing workshop.

3. Scope of the Assignment:

The consultant shall carry out national study on the operation of the custom hiring centre across different provinces and districts of Nepal and facilitate national level CHC operation experience sharing workshop.

The consultant shall carry out the following duties under this assignment:

  • List out major or potential custom hiring centre across provinces in Nepal.
  • Carry out national level study covering successes, learning, challenges, and recommendation for sustainable operation, on the custom hiring centre (CHC) being operated across different districts of Nepal, which may include but not limited to Chitwan, Dang, Morang, Jhapa, Sunsari and other districts.
  • Visit potential major CHC across provinces in Nepal, observe, interview the management team of the centre, and draft the key notes and findings.
  • Facilitate one day workshop, possibly in Biratnagar, in the presence of national/provincial/local level agriculture related government bodies, agriculture cooperatives, private sectors and I/NGOs.
  • Coordinate with necessary central, provincial, and local level government authorities, custom hiring centre operators, other I/NGOs, private sectors for the conduction/facilitation of the workshop in collaboration with Jeevan Bikash Samaj and Nepal Agriculture Market Development Programme
  • Prepare the overall study report on custom hiring centre, which shall also include the discussions, findings, sharing, recommendation etc. from the workshop.

4. Deliverables:

The deliverables under this assignment will be:

  • Submit the tentative workplan for visiting the places and custom hiring centre in operation there across major districts in Nepal and facilitation of the workshop, after signing contract with Jeevan Bikash Samaj within maximum 2 days.
  • Draft report after visiting custom hiring centre across Nepal within 4-5 days of visit.
  • One day national CHC workshop facilitation
  • Final reports (maximum 20-30 pages) by including the overall findings from the study and the workshop.

5. Level of efforts and period of performance

The total level of effort for this assignment is expected to be around 15 days including study of the custom hiring centre and facilitation of the workshop, with in the period June-July 2024.

6. Required qualifications and skills.

The consulting firm or individual consultant should have the following qualifications, skills, and experiences:

  • The lead consultant shall have Bachelor or Master of Science in agriculture, social sciences, management, or any discipline.
  • For Bachelor with minimum of 5 years of experience and for Master with minimum of 3 years of experience in facilitating national level workshop and various events/program, trainings etc., comprising broader level of government and non-government stakeholders.
  • must have carried out study on agricultural projects, with preference to study on custom hiring centre.
  • Knowledge and in-depth understanding of custom hiring centre operation across different provinces in Nepal
  • Experience working with agricultural related government institutions, cooperatives, I/NGOs, private sectors etc.
  • Strong interpersonal communication, facilitation, and presentation skills

7. Selection Criteria:

The selection of the Consultant will be made based on the Applicant’s academic qualifications and relevant experience.

8. Payment:

Payment will be made upon completion of all the deliverables and acceptance by Jeevan Bikash Samaj, along with supporting documents including timesheet and invoices. Applicable taxes will be deducted before making payment to the consultant.

9. Application procedure

  • In case of registered company/firm
    • Company registration of the firm with institutional information, copy of PAN/VAT certificate, copy of company's MOA and AOA deed, copy of last year's tax clearance certificate, educational qualifications of relevant experts working in the company, details of their citizenship certificate and work experience.
  • In the case of individual,
    • Certificate of Nepalese citizenship, certificate of educational qualification if they have performed  work of a similar nature in the past, a copy of the same certificate or experience related documents should be attached and submitted along with the application.
  • For official travel to Jeevan Bikash Samaj in Morang, and to study locations across different districts/provinces in Nepal (including in Koshi province), the Consultant's travel cost will be reimbursed as per Jeevan Bikash Samaj's Norms
  • Workshop costs will be managed by Jeevan Bikash Samaj.
  • Proposed gross daily rate for this assignment.

Applicants should be submitted via email to Applications must be submitted within 15 days by close of business (5 PM), 7 June 2024.

Note* Applications already submitted by candidates in response to the first consultant announcement will also be considered. There is no need to submit another application.


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Education Bachelor's in Management, Bachelor's degree in social science, Master's preferred, B. Sc. in Agriculture
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