Programs and Operations Manager

Daya Foundation

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Programs and Operations Manager/ Daya Foundation

About Daya Foundation:

Daya Foundation is a not-for-profit sharing company registered at the office of company registrar with 221074 and also works in affiliation with the social welfare council (50569). Our NPC along with creating employment opportunities, has been able to provide bachelors level educational scholarships to students since May 2019. We ensure that 2/3rd of all our scholarship awardees are girls. Along with financial support we ensure that our students are getting educational information and the right type of encouragement and motivation for them to do well in life.

As of date, we have 46 students enrolled with our scholarships.

We also run Pumo Ri which is an initiative of Daya Foundation to create an in-house business to be able to fund our projects locally as well as promote local skill building. Under the project, we create products like bags, accessories etc. This year we have also started partnering for an initiative called She+ aimed at bringing tech related knowledge to girls in classes 9,10,11,12 in SudurPaschim Province Nepal.

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Job Overview

The programs and operations manager will be responsible to oversee all the programs and operational activities of Daya Foundation. The job role will mainly involve selection and facilitation of scholarship awards, time to time workshops and training for the students, assessments classes and special events. He/she will be responsible for building relationships within the educational and professional community which is vital for empowering students entering the job market and securing future opportunities for them. On the operational side, he/she will be responsible for sustaining healthy partnerships with our partner organizations & fulfill legalities like filing required timely reports at both SWC and Company Registrar, maintaining financial accountability, preparing budget and ensuring functionality of the running three projects. This person will project professional maturity and leadership for others and be an inspiration to students, staff and the partners alike.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Compliance & book-keeping:

  • Oversee timely renewal at local government bodies and SWC.
  • Ensure audit and completion of other requirements.
  • Oversee timely annual renewal at the Company Registrar's office.
  • Oversee project budgeting and strong financial book keeping with the finance team.
  • File timely reports with Nepal Government agencies.
  • File timely report with partner organizations.
  • Ensure timely monitoring and evaluation of the organization externally (mandatory ones of Nepal Government) and internally.
  • Make arrangements for partner organization’s visits and conferences

Project Responsibilities (Pumo Ri)

  • Ensure healthy continuity of the project.
  • Managing on time training for students interested in learning the skills for this business
  • Lead marketing and sales operations and supervise the Pumo Ri team.

Program operations (scholarships):

  • Facilitate the scholarship awardee selection process.
  • Regular student engagement, follow-ups, counselling sessions with existing awardees. Find new relevant opportunities for them to build their career.
  • Oversee and coordinate scholarship related documentations, processes and transactions.
  • Develop new projects and partnerships with local colleges, universities, schools and educational institutions to grow the brand and scope of the organization.
  • Sustain and grow existing partnerships.


  • Bachelor level or master level in the management field.
  • Program design and budgeting experiences.
  • Fluent in Nepali and English (both written & spoken).
  • Leadership experience in some capacity.
  • Having a basic understanding of education system in Nepal and how the sector functions.


  • 2 or more years of work experience in a mixture of public & private sector.
  • Ability to mentor staff, students, interns and trainees.
  • Some experience in building organizational relationships or running projects with educational institutions.
  • Female Candidate

Interested Applicants can email their resume and Letter of Intent (LOI) to before 27th January 2022.

Job Overview

Category Education, Development and Project
Openings 1
Position Type Full Time
Experience 2+ years
Education MBA / MBM, BBA / BBM
Posted Date 13 Jan, 2022
Apply Before 27 Jan, 2022
City Lalitpur