Program Officer -Kathmandu Program

MDM France

Details / requirements:

Program Officer -Kathmandu Program

Program Department - EuroAsia Unit/ Nepal


1.    Program management 

2.    Partnership management 

3.    Health advocacy and awareness related activities/trainings

4.    Reporting, monitoring and evaluation.


This position  is based on Kathmandu and will perform her/his tasks and responsibilities under the supervision of the Program Manager-Kathmandu. She/He proactively provides support for the development, execution,  monitoring and advocacy of Kathmandu and Nuwakot districts project . The Program officer  supports the consistency and quality of all activities carried out by the implementing partners with MdM support through constant coordination and communication with concerned departments. 

1.     Program management

  • Support program manager Kathmandu in  effective and efficient program implementation, quality delivery of the program activities , in accordance with MdM guidelines and policy,
  • Support program manager in  effective and efficient implementation of the public health and occupational health related activities, quality delivery by all bodies involved and perform regular field visits to ensure the project implementation. 
  • Assit program manager and partners in implementation of sensitization and orientation towards beneficiary. Contribute to the elaboration of content and dissemination of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials on harmful environment and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), including protective measures to mitigate environmental risks to the beneficiaries.  
  • Support program manager to achieve the  project objectives and targets are achieved in a timely manner and that activities are carried out according to MdM standards. 
  • Monitor the context, propose adjustments in all reference documents, plans, schedule according to any relevant changes under the direction of program manager-Kathmandu 
  • Support in development of program proposals/legal documents for grant applications, approvals involve in assessments or surveys, and report to relevant MdM staffs. 
  • Support to organize learning and sharing events on behalf of MdM.
  • Prepare and disseminate meetings minutes, steering committee meetings minutes

2.     Health advocacy and awareness related activities/trainings

  • Develop networking with key stakeholders at local, district and regional levels and participate in provincial, national, regional conferences and events in identified areas of advocacy.
  • Contribute to develop communication and advocacy materials, including in local social media and local media related to project activities.
  • Sensitization and orientation towards project participants/ beneficiary. Contribute to the elaboration of content and dissemination of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials on, harmful environment and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), including protective measures toward environmental health hazards. 
  • Promotion of conducive environment through networking and workshops with stakeholders involving public, private and people (PPP) partners, including local health facilities.
  • Contribute to increase access to quality occupational health services for Beneficiaries through existing health facilities including capacity building of healthcare providers.
  • Contribute to active participation of community members to program activities, build the capacity of local partners to collectively engage local members on identified issues on health issues. 
  • Contribute to advocate for beneficiaries’ and communities’ access to quality health services.
  • Follow occupational health and safety and public health related guidelines designed by MdM Nepal and other reference documents designed. 
  • Collaborate and advocate with local government to develop health related plan/polices/ guidelines specially in the sector of Occupational Health and Safety. 

3.     Reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Plan and conduct regular field visits to ensure the quality of the project implementation and organize the support and monitoring visits from coordination office.
  • Implement and follow up effective monitoring and evaluation system mechanisms in coordination with MdM country coordination team, to ensure that activities of the program are implemented as planned. 
  • Be accountable for ensuring the entering of data in relevant tools, such as Monitool, for Towards more Sustainable Value Chain project activities.
  • Contribute to analyze programs’ results and potential corrective measures to be taken, in collaboration with country coordination team.
  • Contribute to provide guidelines, templates, training, and support to project team members involved in data collection/ evaluation activities,ensure the monitoring tools are operated correctly.
  • Contribute to any relevant reports of project such as: monthly situational report to MdM HQ, report to government authorities, and funding agencies, annual reports, etc., in quality and timely manner.
  • Prepare, implement, and facilitate evaluation process according to the initial project timeline and in coordination with government authorities, donors and MdM coordination team.
  • Play lead role in the documentation of best practices, case stories, innovation, key learning and major achievements of the project for institutional memory, knowledge management and report writing.
  • Coordinate, record and immediately report to program Manager and MdM team in case of any humanitarian emergency situation in field.

4.     Partnership Management

  • Facilitate and guide partners to achieve project objectives and outcomes. 
  • Support partners during planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of projects. 
  • Support in preparing partner’s grant agreement to be shared with Program Manager. 
  • Track the expenditure of the partners every month with catch plan to maintain the BvA. 
  • Contribute in project LPAC/CPAC compliances under the supervision of program manager.
  • Support program manager to design new project agreements with partners/governments and other agencies 


Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organisation whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care.

For more than 40 years, Médecins du Monde, a campaigning medical organisation committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations here and abroad. It has continued to bear witness to obstacles that exist in accessing healthcare and has secured sustainable improvements in health-for-all policies.

Those working for this independent organisation do not solely dispense care and treatment but condemn violations of human dignity and rights and fight to improve matters for populations living in precarious situations.MdM France currently works in 30 countries across all continents to facilitate access to healthcare through 6 political battles:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Migration, Exile, Human Rights and Health
  • Harm Reduction
  • Environment and Health
  • Humanitarian Space
  • Healthcare system

Since its inception in 1995, Médecins du Monde (MdM) has been steadfastly dedicated to advancing healthcare initiatives in Nepal, addressing a diverse array of critical issues. These endeavors encompass a multifaceted approach, targeting key areas such as tuberculosis and HIV management, sexual and reproductive health education and services, as well as fortifying the healthcare infrastructure in both urban and rural settings. Moreover, MdM has been instrumental in orchestrating swift and effective emergency responses across various provinces of Nepal, ensuring timely assistance in times of crisis.

Presently, MdM has turned its focus towards the realm of environmental health, recognizing the pressing need to safeguard the well-being of vulnerable populations. Specifically, the organization is deeply invested in promoting occupational health standards for informal waste workers and marginalized farmers, who often endure hazardous conditions and are exposed to pesticide risks in their daily routines. This holistic approach encompasses a range of cross-cutting activities, notably the integration of occupational health and safety (OHS) measures within broader health system strengthening initiatives. Additionally, MdM remains committed to facilitating access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, recognizing them as fundamental rights that must be upheld. Furthermore, the provision of emergency health services remains a cornerstone of MdM's mission, with dedicated efforts being channeled into the Lumbini and Bagmati provinces to ensure swift and efficient responses to emergent healthcare needs. Through these comprehensive efforts, MdM continues to make invaluable contributions towards enhancing the health and well-being of communities throughout Nepal.

Because of the emergency relief nature of MDM’s work, working hours may be irregular and employees are expected to be flexible in their approach to working hours under emergency conditions. 

Médecins du Monde - France is a French humanitarian organization, involved in emergency, post-emergency and development programs in Nepal.

The employee shall respect Médecins du Monde - France’s schedule and Terms and Conditions of Engagement for National Staff and is expected to be available anytime in order to quickly respond to an emergency situation and be flexible and available beyond normal working hours if requested.

This job description can be modified according to changes in MDM activities or in the context. It can be amended at any time after mutual consultation, to fit the requirements of the programs.



  • A minimum of 3 years in relevant experience in NGO/INGO, in public health sector, in program implementation, management and coordination,
  • Experience in program planning, preparation of budget and DIP, monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in working with communities and vulnerable / marginalized beneficiaries 
  • Experience working with partners/partner organizations and government authorities 
  • Familiar with waste management, locality and informal settlements of Kathmandu valley and surrounding would be advantageous. 

Education and Skills

  • Bachelors Degree in Public Health, Masters degree preferred
  • Proactive, well organized and ability to manage priorities, adaptable, reliable, accountable and responsive personality
  • Team-working and coordination skills
  • Interpersonal and verbal communication abilities, tact and diplomacy skill 
  • Assertiveness, mediation and negotiation, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills. 
  • Familiar with computer skill including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other communications tools   


Nepali: fluent - both oral and written

English: fluent - both oral and written


  • Status: Employee
  • Contract: Fixed-term contract
  • Duration: one year with possibility of extension.
  • Starting date: August 2024
  • Gross monthly salary: 153,000 NPR
  • Health insurance 

Notes to Candidates:

Nationality: Nepalese 

Duration: 1 Year (renewal)

Duty Station:  Kathmandu

Number of positions: 1

Closing date of application: 28th June 2024

How to Apply:

  • Candidates are requested to Send a letter of interest mentioning position applied with an updated CV in English with two professional references to
  • Fill up the online job application form with all relevant information at the link here 

Médecins du Monde Nepal reserves the right to cancel, postpone or modify the whole recruitment process without providing any reasons whatsoever.

Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an equal opportunity employer. MDM refuses in its action any discrimination for reasons of nationality, race, gender, religion, class, language, origin or political opinion.


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Position Type Full Time
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Posted Date 13 Jun, 2024
Apply Before 28 Jun, 2024
City Kathmandu