Nepalnews Private Limited

Nepal News is Nepal’s first online news portal with a mission to lead and innovate for the advancement of Nepal’s mass media through credible and contemporary practices on information generation and opinion-making. provides in-depth insight into the country and rest of the world. It delivers fresh and credible news, all-encompassing views, and a variety of interactive content that comes together with contemporary multimedia practices.

Detailed Job description / requirements:




  • Gather news from sources
  • Collect information on assigned topics to report accurate and timely news
  • Translate news from Nepali to English
  • Gather, corroborate, interpret and analyze latest news
  • Upload news to website


  • Strong writing skills and ability to convey information in a clear, concise and conversational manner
  • Must be proficient in both English and Nepali language
  • Able to work on a flexible schedule
  • Strong research skills including the ability to navigate online search engines 
  • Excellent computer proficiency (MS Office, Digital editing, Web search, Databases) 
  • Knowledge of website backend is a plus


  • Bachelor degree in related field is a minimum
  • Should have training, internship or work experience in relevant field
  • Ability to follow strict deadlines and fast-check information
  • Strong communication and networking skills along with an aptitude to learn
  • Good observation and deduction skills
  • Minimum 4-5 years’ work experience 
  • Must be below 40 years old.
  • fluency in both english and nepali language.


  • Negotiable

Job Overview

Category Media / Journalism
Openings 1
Position Type Full Time
Experience 5+ years, 4+ years
Education Bachelors in Mass Comm. and Journalism
Posted Date 06 Jul, 2020
Apply Before 05 Aug, 2020
City Kathmandu