DYRE by Bottle

DYRE by Bottle
Bottle is a Nepal based “Retail Experience Design” Company with (technological) research subjects varying across sphere of Machine Learning, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and Web 3.0 but our intention are not entirely based in technology. Bottle is composed of multiple divisions and departments, but we are working a long-timeout to eliminate the notion of psychological hierarchy which is only possible if we have people working, who have no respect for the dumb-down culture that is one of the reasons we build DYRE- To get such people.

DYRE by Bottle

At DYRE, we work on various dimensions of Economy, Politics, Data, Technology, Business & Finance, Sociology & Psychology and follow unconventional modes of research and analytics, yet with a sheer grasp on the foundations of
conventional ways, with the aim of proper insights for decision making at Bottle. Here, you choose any team you want to work with, pick a suitable position for you according to you interests and skill sets, and apply simply by filling a personalized form. The only criteria are you have to be really good at what you do and strive for the best.

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Apply Before: 08 Nov, 18

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Economic Researcher will be responsible for analyzing data from infinite resources and creating data collection and analysing methodology.

Work in the areas of:

  • Economics
  • Target Market
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Finance
  • Government & Governance
  • Politics & Geopolitics

Observant and analytical Individuals with a knack for rigorous work are welcome. Graduate, Undergraguate or anyone can apply, academic qualification is not a must. However one must be really good at his/her work. Also one should have better understanding of Economics and Economy.

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(We can reach you really fast through the above link for application procedure)

Job Overview
Full / Part Time
Please check vacancy details
09 Oct, 18
08 Nov, 18

Special Instructions for Applicants:

One can apply in any work that fits his/her interests and skill sets through the below link:

To apply:

Please note the application procedure mentioned above and apply accordingly.

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