Driver/ सवारी चालक

People in Need

Details / requirements:

Location (base): PIN Nepal mission, Kathmandu office

Reports to: Fleet Coordinator

Expected joining date: December 15,2022

Contract Duration : one year with possibility of extension

Probation Period: three months

Department: Operation

No of opening: 1


People in Need (PIN) is a non-governmental, non-profit, international organization founded in the Czech Republic in 1992. PIN arrived in Nepal as part of a humanitarian response to the April 25, 2015 earthquake. Since its inception in Nepal, PIN has had a strong role advocating and addressing the needs of marginalized populations. This includes people who live in geographically remote areas of Nepal, people who are from historically marginalized ethnic groups, and those marginalized because of their age and/or gender identity (women and girls). More recently, PIN has also supported Nepal's post-earthquake reconstruction efforts ensuring that the most vulnerable people are not left behind. PIN is strongly committed for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, including people with disability, in line with its safeguarding framework and child protection policy.

Scope of work

Under the direct supervision of Logistic/Fleet Manager, all drivers will support program team for day-to-day movement in Kathmandu and field office. S/he will be responsible to i) transport PIN goods and staff, and ensure their safety during the transportation; ii) ensure that the assigned vehicle is kept in good condition, in accordance with rules defined, and iii) ensure that all administrative arrangements are made for the assigned vehicle. S/he should always adhere to PIN Code of Conduct and key policies including Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy.

Main Responsibilities/detailed task

Driving and passenger safety

  • Allow only authorised personnel to drive PIN vehicles and report any transgression of this rule to the line manager.
  • Ensure that only authorised persons are transported, i.e.: PIN personnel, persons working (temporarily) for or in collaboration with PIN, and persons requiring urgent emergency assistance, with the prior authorisation of a line supervisor.
  • Ensure that all non-PIN passengers that have been authorised by a line supervisor complete and sign the Discharge of Liabilities form prior the movement.
  • Ensure that any travel in PIN vehicles and any transportation of non-PIN persons and/or goods has been approved by the line manager.
  • Before setting off, inform all passengers that their seatbelts must be fastened, whether in the front or the rear of the vehicle.
  • Must never transport passengers in the back of pick-up trucks, other than in an emergency and with the exceptional authorisation of the line manager.
  • Must drive carefully, comply with the transport rules and the applicable speed limits; must adjust the speed of the vehicle when approaching populated areas, taking into account the condition of the road, the load on the vehicle, the technical condition of the vehicle and the weather conditions, ensuring the safety of both passengers and other drivers.
  • Ensure that all security rules established for the Country Program are followed when passing through roadblocks, customs, checkpoints, etc.
  • Must not, under any circumstances, smoke in or near PIN vehicles and must ensure that all passengers observe this rule.
  • Must be on time and aware of road safety and security situation.

Up keeping of the vehicle

  • Ensure that the assigned vehicle contains the Logbook, Discharge of Liabilities, complete First aid Kit, defined tools (jack, straps, ropes, etc.) and other equipment specified in SOP Movements. In the event that any of the defined equipment is missing or faulty, immediately inform the line manager.
  • Protect the vehicle as much as possible against risks/accidents/theft, ensuring in particular that the vehicle is parked safely (at night, during holidays, etc.).
  • Ensure that the vehicle is always clean (inside and out) and in running condition, in accordance with the instructions applicable.
  • Each morning, perform daily check of the vehicle as defined in the Checklist of Vehicle Inspections
  • Perform or take part in all inspections (daily, weekly, periodic – ABC, etc.) as specified in the Checklist of Vehicle Inspections
  • Check the schedule for periodic servicing, and ensure that the vehicle arrives on time.
  • Add fuel when the level is below half a tank and before each weekend or public holiday.
  • Check that the load is properly secured and distributed, and load/unload his/her vehicle him/herself.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle after it has been used by another driver.

Administration and Communication

  • Correctly complete and update the Logbook (mileage, petrol receipts, services, repairs, accidents, other incidents, etc.) and disclaimers.
  • Must be in possession of a valid driving license and check that the registration documents and other papers in the vehicle are up to date; if they are not, inform the line manager in time to renew the documents before they expire.
  • Report all movements as defined by standard SOP movements.
  • The driver must not, under any circumstances use the mobile phone while driving.
  • When making deliveries, deliver the shipping documents to the recipient, check the condition of the goods delivered with the recipient and return the duly completed and signed documents to the logistician.
  • Must remain close to the vehicle and contactable (mobile telephone) at all times; if he/she needs to leave the vehicle, ensure that another member of staff looks after it during his/her absence.


  • In the event of mechanical problems, immediately inform the line manager.
  • In the event of an accident, inform the line manager, program team, as well as the local authorities.

पद: सवारी चालक

स्थान र कार्यालय: पिपुलइन निड (पिन), कार्यलयको रजिष्ट्रर्ड ठेगाना काठमाण्डौ

पद संख्या:

कामको दायरा:

सम्पूर्ण सवारी चालकहरुले लजिस्टिक (logistic) र बेइजिट (Fleet) को अर्डिनेटरको सीधानिगरानीमा कार्यालय प्रयोजनको क्षेत्रमा दिन प्रतिदिन आउने कार्यमा प्ररियोजना समूहलाई काठमाण्डौ र परियोजना क्षेत्रमा आवत-जावत गर्न सहयोग गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ । उक्त चालकको जिम्मेवारी निम्न बमोजिम हुनेछ ।

क) पिनका कर्मचारी तथा वस्तुहरुको आवत जावत गर्नुका साथै यातायातको समयमा तिनीहरूको सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित गर्नु । 

ख) तोकिएको नियम बमोजिम प्रदान गरिएको सवारीलाई कन्डिसनमा राख्नु । 

ग) सवारीको सम्पूर्ण प्रशासनिक प्रबन्ध सुनिश्चित गरिएको हुनुपर्नेछ । उक्त व्यक्तिले पिनको व्यवहारिक आचार संहिताको पालना साथै बाल संरक्षण नीति तथा सुरक्षा नीतिहरुको पलना गर्नुपर्दछ ।

  • SLC/SEE or equivalent preferred.
  • Valid driving license and 4WD/Off-road vehicle driving experience
  • Excellent knowledge of province 3
  • Technical skills to assist in vehicle maintenance, if required
  • Politeness, maturity and honesty
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a driver for NGOs/INGOs
  • Spoken English/local language and First aid course is a plus
आवश्यक योग्यता: 
  • एसएलसी /एसइइ या सो सरह 
  • मान्यता प्राप्त ड्राइभिङ लाइसेन्स र चार पाङ्ग्रावहान तथा दुर्गम ठाउँमा ड्राइभिङ्ग अनुभव
  • प्रदेश नं ३ को उत्कृष्ट ज्ञान भएको
  • सवारी साधनमा सहयोग पुर्याउने प्राविधिक क्षमताहरू
  • विनम्रता, परिपक्वता र ईमानदारी
  • गैर सरकारी संस्थामा चालकको रूपमा न्यूनतम ३ बर्ष काम गरेको अनुभव
  • अंग्रेजी र स्थानीय भाषाको ज्ञान र प्राथमिक उपचारको ज्ञान भएको 

How to Apply

Submit an updated CV, Motivation letter and fill in the information to the following link before 28th November 2022. Please note, applications will be reviewed on a rolling-basis and should a suitable candidate be found before the official closing date, the advertisement might be withdrawn prior to the deadline thus early submissions are strongly encouraged. No phone calls will be entertained.

PIN promotes equal opportunities. Women, Dalit, Minorities (ethnic, sexual & gender), Janajati and candidates from Province 3 are strongly encouraged

योग्य र इच्छुक आवेदकले निम्न लिङ्क मार्फत आफ्ना कागजात (निवेदन, वायोडाटा) प्रस्तुत गर्न अनुरोध गर्दछौँ । 
टेलिफोन कल लिइने छैन ।
प्रदेश नं ३ का महिलाहरु र अन्य आदिवासी र अल्पसंख्यक समुहका उम्मेदवारहरूलाइ आवेदन गर्न प्रोत्साहित गरिन्छ ।


Category Driver
Openings 1
Position Type Contract
Experience Please check vacancy details.
Education Please check vacancy details
Posted Date 21 Nov, 2022
Apply Before 28 Nov, 2022
City Kathmandu