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Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam's engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment. Over the years, Oxfam has worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and the government to promote rural livelihoods, and vulnerable communities' resilience to climatic shocks and disasters. It has also significantly contributed to empowering community people, especially women, to; negotiate with people in power, influence decision making processes, claim rights and essential services to which they are entitled, demand accountability on the part of duty bearers and engage larger masses in advocacy efforts. Oxfam also worked closely with UNHCR in providing assistance to Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s. Oxfam and its long term programme partners believe that the underlying structural causes and drivers of poverty must be addressed if improvements in peoples's lives are to be broad and lasting. Poverty is not one-dimensional; nor is it purely local in its causes and solutions. Therefore, Oxfam's work addresses not only material and technical change, but also the related economic, social, institutional and policy changes which are necessary to end poverty and achieve development and wellbeing. The Oxfam Nepal Vision is: The people of Nepal are empowered and work together to attain a life of dignity with justice and equal rights for all. The Overall Nepal Programme Goal is: to improve the well being of vulnerable people through strengthening their participation in development and governance processes and reducing poverty and suffering.

Details / requirements:

Oxfam focuses its activities on providing a comprehensive response to poverty, working cohesively in the four areas that constitute its identity: development cooperation, humanitarian action, faire trade, social mobilization, campaigns and education for global citizenship. 

Oxfam are conducting a Request for Proposal (RFP) process and invites you to submit a proposal to provide Oxfam, within their requirements, for:

 TITLE: Consultancy service on Status of Climate Finance in Nepal

 Oxfam Program:

 Resilience and Climate Justice

 Objective of the assignment: 

 ·         To conduct a comprehensive study on the current state of climate finance in Nepal, focusing on its status, allocation, utilisation, and effectiveness in supporting climate change adaptation and mitigation measures and considering climate resilience

Date :  Estimate Date starting from 10th January 2024 and is expected to be completed on 15th February 2024.

Type of Consultancy: VAT registered Organisation

 You´ll find in the Request for Proposal all the terms and conditions in order to submit your proposal with all required details in the link below.

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RFP/23/010/KTM-NP–Climate Finance+ [Name of the bidder]

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Posted Date 02 Jan, 2024
Apply Before 08 Jan, 2024