Consultancy Service for the Design of Civil Structures

Human Practice Foundation

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Consultancy Service for the Design of Civil Structures

Date of publication: 13th Sept. 2019

Closing Date for Application: 27th Sept. 2019

Type of project: Consultancy Service

Site Location: Taplejung district

Target Applicants: Firm/Individuals

Assignment duration: 3 months with possibilities of extention 

1. Background:

Human Practice Foundation (HPF) is an international, non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2014 and working in Nepal and Kenya. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. HPF has its Country Office in Maharajganj, Kathmandu Nepal and a Project Office in Taplejung district.

In Nepal, HPF has been working in education sector covering school building construction, toilet construction, drinking water construction, school facilities installation and quality education-related work. Activities are aimed towards improving the educational performance of public schools. Currently, HPF has been involved to build 25 schools in Taplejung district while 9 schools have been built already. As HPF's project agreement with the government is being endorsed, the organisation plans to construct 27 more schools and also repair and rennovate 11 schools.

2. Objectives of the work:

The main objective of the design consultancy work is to prepare the typical designs of civil structures for schools that replicate the identity of HPF Nepal in construction works within its working districts

The specific objectives of design of building structures are: 

  • To prepare number of typical architectural designs as per the guideline of HPF
  • To prepare structural analysis and report of the approved architectural drawings.
  • To prepare the detailed estimates of the designed buildings/structures.
  • To prepare the specification of the materials and methodologies to be used in construction works.

All the prepared design should be cost-effective as they would be implemented in the hilly areas where the delivery of construction materials are challenging considering geographical scenario. After the massive earthquake on 25th April 015 and 12th May 015, it now seems necessary to build the civil structures in an cost effective manner that adhere the seismic design with disability friendly content. Keeping this view on the mind HPF Nepal has decided to prepare the design of various civil structure that would incorporate seismically sound construction (earthquake resistant) and disability friendly building construction by using the appropriate materials.

3. Scope of the Work:

The consultant/firm has to carry out following tasks:

Architectural design, detail drawings, structural analysis, cost estimation of 2 story-4rooms- 1 building, 2 story-6 rooms-1 building, 2 story- 8 rooms- 1 building, 2 story-10 rooms-1 building, repair and rennovation of 10 buildings. In case of new buildings, such design should be based on the secondary data and information given by the HPF and for repair/maintenance, the consultant/firm has to visit the actual school site of Taplejung district. While constructing new buildings, HPF adopts brick wall with RCC and CGI roofing in its all the buildings, and for repair and maintenance, school structures are already there and work scope is related to further rennovation.

4. Activities :

For preparing the designs and estimates of the building the consultant/firm is expected to use fitting tools and techniques that ensure quality outputs.

The consultant/firm shall:

i. Develop the appropriate typical drawings in consultation with own technical, HPF  technical and respective RM's technical team.

ii. Prepare the structural analysis and report.

iii. Prepare detailed estimates of the designed buildings/structures as per the district rates

iii. Submit the final approved and agreed drawings and cost estimates to the HPF both electronic and hard copies

5. Expected Deliverables :

Report delivery

  • Inception Report with methodology and work schedule within seven days of contract-3 pages
  • Draft Report with detailed methodology, findings, conclusion-3 pages
  • Final Report incorporating the feedback from HPF Nepal-3 pages

Product delivery:

  • Typical architectural design and detail working drawings for the specific structures.
  • Structural analysis, report and detail structural drawings of the designs.
  • Electrical layout
  • Detail of cost estimation
  • Specification of materials and methodology to be conducted during the construction period.

All report-product must be signed and stamped by the consultant/firm at appropriate places. The product delivery must consists of electronic copies as well.

6. Duration:

The project will start immediately after the agreement signed by both parties and must be completed by Dec. 2019. However, work and designs with new buildings (2 story*4 rooms, 2 story*6 rooms, 2 story*8 rooms and 2 story*10 rooms) has to be can be submitted in a month time period. This will be discussed and agreed before signing the contract. Duration of the assignment may be extended based on the ongoing work progress

7. Budget and Payment

The consultant shall submit budget sheet with detailed breakdown including applicable taxes at the time of proposal submission. The budget covers consultancy fee for the entire work. Travel and accommodation will be provided on actual basis as per the HPF rules.

The consultant/firm shall bear all tariffs, duties, and applicable taxes or charges levied at any stage during the execution of the work.

HPF Nepal will release 25% of the agreed amount upon signing of the contract. Remaining amount will be released upon receipt of the final report with all the documentation as mentioned under above (5-Deliverables). Applicable tax shall be deducted before making the payment.

8. General Qualification of the consultant/firm

Public, private, and non-governmental organizations/ individuals registered with an authorized agency of the Government of Nepal and having proven experience in the field of ‘Designing and Analysis ' are eligible to apply.

9. Composition of the designing team

The applying consultant/firm must outline the designing team with claims that such Consultant/firm has technical capacity to undertake the assignment. CVs of technical persons (structural, Architecture and civil) to be involved to carry out the assignment must be attached with the proposal.

10. Copyright:

Copyright of all of the developed documents shall remain with HPF Nepal.

11. Documents to be Submitted:

The application shall contain following documents;

A. Technical and financial proposal. For technical proposal- Concept note of the approach, methodology and work plan, flowchart and timeline of activities. For financial Proposal- detail budget with breakdown including Tax

B. Detail of the consultant/firms

  • Organization profile with relevant experiences
  • A copy of consultant/firm registration
  • Signed CV of the Team Leader
  • A copy of Tax clearance certificate
  • VAT/PAN registration
  • Audit report
  • Any other relevant documents

The EOI should reach the address below via email or post by 23rd Sept. 2019, 17 Hrs. (Nepal Local Time). Please, enclose the proposal in an envelope, do seal and mark it with “Consultancy Service for the Design of Civil Structures" and send to:

Human Practice Foundation,

Maharajganj, Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: with copy to and

Phone: 014420328

HPF Nepal reserves all rights to accept/reject proposal without giving any reason. If deemed necessary, the consultant/firm shall be asked for modifications on the proposal before approval.

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