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Oxfam in Nepal

Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam’s engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment. Over the years, Oxfam has worked in partnership with local civil society organisations and the government to promote rural livelihoods, and vulnerable communities’ resilience to climatic shocks and disasters. It has also significantly contributed to empowering community people, especially women, to; negotiate with people in power, influence decision making processes, claim rights and essential services to which they are entitled, demand accountability on the part of duty bearers and engage larger masses in advocacy efforts. Oxfam also worked closely with UNHCR in providing assistance to Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s. Oxfam and its long term programme partners believe that the underlying structural causes and drivers of poverty must be addressed if improvements in people’s lives are to be broad and lasting. Poverty is not one-dimensional; nor is it purely local in its causes and solutions. Therefore, Oxfam’s work addresses not only material and technical change, but also the related economic, social, institutional and policy changes which are necessary to end poverty and achieve development and wellbeing. The Oxfam Nepal Vision is: The people of Nepal are empowered and work together to attain a life of dignity with justice and equal rights for all. The Overall Nepal Programme Goal is: to improve the well being of vulnerable people through strengthening their participation in development and governance processes and reducing poverty and suffering.

Detailed Job description / requirements:

Title: Consultancy for Project Audit


Proposal Submission Deadline: 14 August 2019


Send Proposal to: 


Terms of Reference (ToR)



Oxfam GB has been working in Nepal since early 1980. Oxfam works with local partners to build their capacity, to promote sustainable development and to alleviate poverty and suffering. Oxfam’s approach is right-based and supportive on service delivery. The Nepal programme contributes to the South Asia Regional Programme and in turn each region contributes to the broader global programme. Oxfam in Nepal has been implementing its programme in three thematic areas:

•Gender Justice Programme (GEJ) 

•Food and Economic Justice Programme (FEJ)

•Humanitarian Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (HTN DRR/CCA) and WASH


Under Humanitarian Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (HTN DRR/CCA) and WASH, The Transboundary Rivers of South Asia (TROSA) is a five year (2017 – 2021) program aimed at reducing poverty of communities in the transboundary river basins of Mahankali. 

The program builds on existing knowledge and program of Oxfam teams, local partners and other regional CSO partners in Nepal. Oxfam and partners envisage that poverty will be reduced for marginalized and vulnerable river basin communities through increased access to and control over water resources and decision making related to water management.


Donor OXFAM NOVIB/SIDA has requirement of project audit. Therefore, Oxfam in Nepal is planning to conduct an independent Audit of its financial statement of expenditure for TROSA Audit of NPLB66 project. This audit will cover the transactions of Oxfam in Nepal and Partner office of Kanchanpur, Baitadi, Darchula and Dadeldhura.


Objectives of the Assignment

1.Examine the evidence and supporting documents to assess the compliance position as required by Oxfam policies, and local laws in line with the donor compliance.

2.Assess the accounting principles used and evaluate the overall financial statements presentation,

3.Assess the risk on programme implementation through partners,

4.Produce an independent audit report. 

5.Complete specific audits and provide audit reports within deadlines provided to enable Oxfam in Nepal meet external deadlines


Specific Responsibilities: 

Oxfam in Nepal Management's Responsibilities: 

Oxfam in Nepal Management is responsible for the financial statement for the specified accounting 

  • Management Letter to the consulting firm,
  • Establishing and maintaining the internal controls over financial reporting, 
  • Complying with Oxfam policies, the Nepal Government’s taxation laws/regulations, 
  • Provide full support and all relevant information and documents to the persons involved in the proposed audit process and
  • Provide Audit Checklist and Donor specific terms of reference for the Donor Reporting completion on time.


Information gathered during the audit process be treated as strictly confidential and should not be divulged to anybody without permission from competent authority of Oxfam unless required legally.

Oxfam in Nepal office time is 9 am to 5 pm and weekend days are Saturday and Sunday. The proposed audit process needs to be planned within this timetable.


The consulting firm shall be responsible to express an opinion on the audited financial statement based on their findings and is not limited to the following:

•Planning, scheduling and staffing,

•Provide client’s checklist,

•Conduct audit in accordance with the international auditing standards and Nepal Audit Standards,

•Perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement,

•Submit a preliminary audit report to the Oxfam in Nepal Management within the scheduled period,

•Upon receiving the preliminary report along with management response, submit a final Audit report.

•Verify that expenses incurred below mentioned criteria of eligibility:

 i.Costs are actually incurred, identifiable and verifiable

ii.Expense incurred in compliance with the applicable laws, donor requirements, accounting standards, organization policies

iii. Cost incurred within the project period are booked in the project timeline

iv.Expense incurred is within permissible limit by the budget and in line with program objectives

v.Expense incurred appropriately recorded in books of accounts of Oxfam and its implementing partners

vi.Expenses are charged to correct account codes and budget lines

vii.Expenses are incurred and charged as per the donor specific requirement.


Expected Deliverables

i.The consulting firm will submit an independent audit report and management report containing audit findings for the period ended 30 June 2019 to Oxfam in Nepal along with the management comments by 15 September 2019.


Reporting Line Manager

This work is to be delivered to the Finance Coordinator, Oxfam in Nepal and overseen by the Head of Business Support Department.

Scope outputs will be signed off by Country Director in order to ensure full delivery and timeliness.


Duration: Start date and completion date

The estimated input of the consultant is 15 days. The assignment is expected to start on 26 August 2019 and be finalised by no later than15 September 2019.


Detail Budget breakdown

Budget Summary


Man Days



Amount (NPR)


Audit Partner





Audit Manager










Estimated AUDIT FEE (lumpsum)



DSA of Auditors (field)




Accommodation of auditors




Vehicle Hire




Air Tickets








Lunch at Kathmandu




Printing and Stationery




Total Out of Pocket Expenses (B)




VAT 13%


Grand Total



Terms of Payment

Payments for the assignment will be made after submission of audit report for period ending 30 June 2019 (Project Audit).

Criteria/Minimum Requirement



Score (out of 100)


The partner involved in this independent audit are required to have a membership and certificate of practice issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) 



At least 5 years of practicing experience in undertaking similar assurance service in international organizations.



Experience of Audit of INGO/Development sector

>5= 5,




Audit firm with capacity to deploy adequate staff for timely completion of assignment.


>10 staffs=5

>15 staffs=10,



Financial proposal with complete set of documents



Documents for submission

  • Technical proposal with CV of consultants (during proposal submission)
  • Financial proposal in above mentioned format
  • Roles and responsibilities of each team member with time allocation (during proposal submission)
  • Company Registration Certificate (during proposal submission)
  • VAT registration certificate (during proposal submission)
  • Tax clearance certificate 2074/75 (during proposal submission)
  • References detail of previous 2 clients (during proposal submission)



The Consulting VAT Registered Firm should submit the proposal to Oxfam by 14 August 2019 via mail to, clearly mentioning the title of assignment as "Consultancy for Project Audit" in the email subject line and not exceeding 15 MB.


Confidentiality / Non disclosure

All material issued in connection with this ToR shall remain the property of Oxfam and shall be used only for the purpose of this procurement exercise. All information provided shall be either returned to Oxfam or securely destroyed by unsuccessful applicants at the conclusion of the procurement exercise.

During the performance of the assignment or at any time after expiry or termination of the Agreement, the Consultant shall not disclose to any person or otherwise make use of any confidential information which s/he has obtained or may in the course of this agreement relating to partner organization/Oxfam, the respondents or otherwise.

The consultant will be required to sign a non disclosure / confidentiality agreement as part of their undertaking of this work. 

Intellectual property, Copyright, and Ownership of all prepared information

The Consultant shall retain all rights to pre-existing (background) intellectual property or materials used by the Consultant in the delivery of this study. All arising intellectual property, ideas, materials, processes or processes formed in contemplation, course of, or as result of this study shall be passed to Oxfam without restriction.

The Consult shall warrant that all arising Intellectual Property, materials and/or products produced in pursuit of this study shall be original, and shall not infringe on any third party’s claim. All technical or business information, in whatever medium or format, originated, collated or prepared by or for the Consultant in contemplation, course of, or as result of this assignment shall be transferred to Oxfam without restriction on completion and shall not be used by the Consultant for any other purpose without express written permission of Oxfam’s Head of Programme Funding.

Copyright of all arising documents, data, information or reports produced by the Consultant under this agreement shall belong to Oxfam and will be passed to Oxfam without restriction. Such documents, data, information and reports shall not be used by the Consultant for any other purpose other than in conjunction with this assignment, without the express written permission of Oxfam’s Head of Programme Funding.


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