Call for Roster

Nepal Environmental Research Institute

Detailed Job description / requirements:

The Nepal Environmental Research Institute (NERI) is a Research and Consulting firm operating in Nepal since 2015. NERI dedicates its activities to provide services through in-depth research, publication, training and consultancy services in the environment and associated sector. Since its establishment NERI has been working with different tier’s governments, its  agencies, non-government agencies, private sectors, and international agencies. 

This call is for the enlistment in our consultant roster to place qualified individual consultants for next two years 2022-2024 in order to expedite  our forthcoming assignments. 

We invite enlistment for mid and senior-level consultants in the following areas of expertise. 

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)/ Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

  2. Public Health and Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)

  3. Engineering (Civil, sanitation, irrigation, agriculture) 

  4. Waste Management

  5. Pollution (Air, Water, Soil, Noise)

  6. Ecology (Forest, Agriculture, Water)

  7. Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)

  8. Livelihood and Poverty 

  9. Food Security and Nutrition 

  10. Statistics and Data Science

  11. Research Survey and Database Management  

  12. Economics (Environment, Agriculture, Forest) 

  13. Sociology and Anthropology

  14. Monitoring, Evaluation and learning 

  15. Adaptation policy and planning 

  16. Climate Data Analysis

  17. Waters Security and Watershed Management 

  18. Urban Planning

  19. Legal (Environment/natural resources)  

  20. Environmental Assessment

Qualifications and experiences

  • Masters Degree or above, in relevant fields according to the selected focus sectors.

  •  A bachelor’s degree with a relevant combination of professional training, certification and experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree;

  • Previous experience with research institutions, government and non-government bodies in project development, appraisal and/or implementation would be an advantage

Interested candidates can submit the CV before 6th  July using the following link.

Please feel free to contact us on for more information. 

Job Overview

Category Consulting & Professional Services
Salary Based on experience
Position Type Contract, Intern, Part Time
Position Level Senior Level, Mid Level
Posted Date 06 Jun, 2022
Apply Before 06 Jul, 2022