Swotah Travel and Adventure

Swotah Travel and Adventure
'Swotah Travel and Adventure'
An adventure-based travel and trekking company

Apply Before: 05 May, 17

Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Position: Senior Tour Officer


  • Creating innovative itineraries, Selling travel products and tour packages;
  • Liaising with travel partners, including airlines and hotels, to manage bookings and schedules;
  • Web editing and promotion (SEO and social marketing);
  • Exploration of new destinations in case of need of clients;
  • Knowledge of domestic and international ticketing;


  • Having at least two to three years of working experience in travel or trekking company as tour officer and technical know-how of ticketing software;
  • Strong skills with MS word, excel and adept in web promotion and graphic designing;
  • Entrepreneurial ability; Sound grasp of written and Spoken English;
  • EXPERIENCE: Any written article, travel history, passionate work example, project or something one is proud of. (Showcase of one's achievement that one is proud of or passionate about);

Drop your CV at: info@swotahtravel.com

Job Overview
Tourism Industry
15000 NRs per month
Full Time
2+ years
Bachelors in Travel / Tourism Mgmt. (BTTM)
06 Apr, 17
05 May, 17

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