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HelpAge International Nepal
In Nepal, we are working with local partners to help older people secure a livelihood, access healthcare and claim their rights. We work in 14 districts and 61 villages from the far west, Kailali, to the east, in Ilam and Jhapa.

HelpAge has helped to set up 61 older people's associations across the country. They are local groups run by older people for older people. They help to reduce poverty in rural areas by creating community projects, opportunities for self-employment and solidarity among members. We build evidence of older people's situations through older people's associations and use this to influence social and development issues in Nepal.
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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Terms of References for 
Production of Video and Photo Documentary 
of HelpAge International Nepal’s IDR Project in Nepal 


HelpAge International has been implementing a 2.5 year regional project on Older People-inclusive disaster risk reduction in the countries of Nepal and Bangladesh and also undertaking emergency responses in the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

The Inclusive Disaster Reduction Project (IDR), which forms the purpose of this evaluation, aims to address specific key challenges that result from: increases in disaster risks in the South Asia region; the growing number of older people who are particularly vulnerable to such disasters; and the current lack of inclusion of this vulnerable group in Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) initiatives. 

The key approaches adopted by the project are: working directly with communities to increase their capacity to assess and mitigate disaster risks faced by older people; improving the ability of both state and NGO actors to deliver older people-inclusive humanitarian assistance; and establishing a Regional Emergency Fund (REF) to make seed funding more readily available for low profile natural disasters.

The project is presently at its final stages of implementation, which is delivered by two local NGO partners: Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity (FAYA) in Kailali and Bardiya districts and Community Support Group (CSG) in Pokhara and Tanahu districts, in a total of 18 VDCs in 4 districts. In addition to these project implementation partners, HelpAge International has collaborated with various local and national stakeholders including government agencies, I/NGOs and civil society agencies. 

This project is working to make changes on the lives of older people through the following key outcomes: 

  1. Older people actively contribute to disaster resilience planning and their needs are reflected in community action plans in Nepal and Bangladesh; 
  2. Improved ability of a range of humanitarian actors including local, national and international NGOs, UN agencies, governments and donors in Nepal and Bangladesh to promote and deliver older people inclusive humanitarian assistance; 
  3. Livelihood practices of older people in communities in Nepal and Bangladesh demonstrate greater disaster-resilient characteristics; 
  4. Practical evidence, lessons learned and best practices are generated on the age-inclusive CBDRR model and HOPE training in Nepal and Bangladesh to educate and inform decision makers on a national and international level and 
  5. More low-profile natural disasters in the South Asia region are responded to in a more timely manner. 

Video Production Objectives:
The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a 10-minute short video/documentary and provide suitable supporting high quality photos/picturesthat captures the progress of the IDR Project. In particular, special attention will be given on the experiences, understanding and involvement of older people that relate to the “Age Inclusive” disaster risk reduction actions delivered by the Project with strong emphasis on the aforementioned five outcomes. The video will take at its base and feature best practice approaches, major project achievements,and the level of impacts the project may have produced in the project areas. 

Use of the Video & Photos:
The main outputs of this consultancy will be a 10-minute short video and supporting high quality photographs. All materials related with this, such as all raw, unedited footage, pictures, and other visual and written content, will be owned by HelpAge which will, as it deems necessary, use them for future purposes. The final video will be part of a bigger, regional short-video documentary and all pictures and raw video footage will be used by HelpAge for its global advocacy and communications purposes. 

In part, the edited video and photographs will be used toadvocatefor inclusive approaches with other development and humanitarian actors. The purpose will be in educating and sensitizing on issues relating to older people and the need for age-inclusive community based disaster risk reduction plans and responses.This documentary is to be taken as one of key means of project delivery and success verification which will since be shared with the project’s donor and other HelpAge networks. 

Specific tasks of the consultant/s: 

  1. In consultation with HelpAge, develop an overall concept and scenario of the video-documentary focusing on older people and age-inclusiveness. This will reflect the base line information (recalled method and HelpAge/partners to provide baseline information from the beginning of the project) 
  2. Develop an action plan followed by the concept in consultation with HelpAge and implementing partners.
  3. Interview selected interviewees for the film which will include, but not be limited to, both direct and indirect beneficiaries the project, such as targeted Older People and older people’s associations, communities, concerned government agencies and officials, implementing partners, key program staff of HelpAge (as decided in the concept and sign-off). 
  4. Visit the project sites and interact with the local communities who’ve been engaged and impacted by the projects. 
  5. Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the film (Both in Nepali and English). While developing script, special mandate is to talk to older people and bring the issues of older people and ageing while consulting with other age groups.
  6. Perform appropriate video-shooting/cinematography and interviews and raw footage from all community visits, including selected interviews. The Consultant will be expected to speak with particular focus with identified Older People-beneficiaries and non-older beneficiaries. 
  7. Present both a draft first-edited video-documentary and a raw full version to HelpAge for final editing and sign-off. Final subtitles will also be decided and designed. 
  8. Produce the following deliverables: 

- A promotional trailer (both in English and Nepali, with relevant matching subtitles) of at least 1-2 minutes in length, in high-definition (widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 with minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels; higher resolutions (1920 x 1080) will be deemed preferable;

- One summary promotional DVD of minimum 10 minutes in length in high definition (widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 with minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels); and,

- Raw unedited video footage (around 30 to 60 minutes); 

- Hand over to HelpAge all project-related information products, such as raw unedited footage and all pictures taken; 

•   Capture and submit photos in digital version of success and learning stories of older people, their families and other age groupsand stakeholders related to both the project and have been part of the video-documentary. 

Schedule and Expected Deliverables:

  1. Meeting with the HelpAge team in Kathmandu; discussion of concepts and direction for video-documentary; 
  2. Submit a video-documentary script, narration, and direction/concept points prior to sign-off and approval from HelpAge; 
  3. Meeting with partners, CDMC/LDRMCs and other stakeholders in the field to collect and record data;
  4. Present both a draft first-edited video-documentary and a raw full version to HelpAge for final editing and sign-off. Final subtitles will also be decided and designed. 

After completion of all post-production activities (final video editing, subtitles, designs, credits, and others), present to HelpAge the following: 

  • 2 master copies of the final 10-minute video documentary in final DVD and necessary/practical formats. 
  • 2 master copies of the promotional trailer in final DVD and necessary/practical formats. 
  • 2 master copies of all raw footage taken during the video-documentary work. (With strict adherence to Point ‘H’ in Specific Tasks of the Consultant/s)

HelpAge expects the final submission of all deliverables by 7 June 2017, Wednesday. 

Mode of Payment:
HelpAge expects the Consultant to be paid in the following steps: 

  • 1st instalment - 20% upon signing the agreement (following sign-off of concept, storyboard, narration and script) 
  • 2nd instalment – 40% after completion of all raw, unedited footage and high-quality pictures
  • 3rd instalment – 30% after submission of both a raw full version and a draft-edited documentary version before the final editing
  • 4th Instalment – 10% after submission of all deliverables described in Point ‘E’ in Schedule and Expected Deliverables

Logistical management:
HelpAge will not shoulder any cost of the documentary team. Entire cost should be covered by the consulting firm, except local travel to targeted project communities.  

Intellectual Property: 
All information pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, project documents, etc) belonging to HelpAge, which the consultant/s may come into contact with during the undertaking of this assignment/consultancy, shall remain under the ownership of HelpAge. Requests for future reference/usage of the video-documentary by the Consultant/s will be made exclusively to HelpAge, who will review both requests and their usage.  

HelpAge looks forward to receiving applications from VAT-registered companies with at least 5 years of proven, demonstrable experience in developmental video-documentaries, or human-interest visual materials. All applications must include the following essentials: 

  1. Cover letter of interest with brief summary of the Consultant’s required experiences;  
  2. A detailed proposal with a directive concept of the video-documentary, including a detailed quotation/overview of costs for a professional video team of at least 2-3 members (team leader/director, principal cameraman, assistant cameraman, lighting support, etc);  
  3. Operation and logistics costs for travel to at least 4 villages in the 4 project districts (interviews and travels in Kathmandu should also be considered);  
  4. Submission of recommendations for previous experiences, preferable with detailed online links of previous undertakings on YouTube or other social media; 

How to Apply? 

All candidates who meet the above-defined requirements should apply by no later than 1600 hrs. NST on 30 April 2017, Sunday, via email only to with the subject line: 
For Production of Video and Photo-Documentary with HelpAge

Note: Email or telephone enquiries will not be entertained. Applications received after the closure of the submission deadline and/or compiled/written without adherence to stated requirements will be deemed ineligible. HelpAge International Nepal reserves theright to reject any or all applications.

This consultancy will not be deemed to be an employer-employee relationship. 

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